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Undead Lords would always have some strange habits. The stronger and older the undead, the more this would be true. Even undead would need hobbies to help pa.s.s the endless years. As time pa.s.sed, causing past memories to become fragmented and new memories to become messy, it was only normal for an undead's personality to become somewhat unusual.

"Is this another way of saying that being too isolated will turn you into a pervert? This really is rather convincing, old perverted Roland."

"Shut up, silly cat. How about we calculate the difference in age between us and see who's really the old and perverted one... alright, please put down that innocent eggplant."

This was even more so for Undead Emperors, as they were special undead amongst the undead. Only the most obsessed individuals would possibly reach such a status. I had yet to ever meet an Undead Emperor who was mentally healthy before. They would either have multiple personalities, or be insane, or be extremely obsessed. Basically, they were the type who would do whatever they wanted, and it wouldn't really be strange no matter how ridiculously they acted.

So, I had been really surprised after talking to Sandro to find that he was relatively normal... that's right, surprised only because he was relatively normal.

Sandro's way of thinking was quite logical. He was really reasonable and easy to talk to. It was even possible to joke around with him. Normal communication was perfectly possible, which made me almost want to cry in grat.i.tude.

"What do you mean? You make it sound like all other Undead Emperors are really unreasonable maniacs who want to destroy the world..."

"Ahem, look over there."

Harloys was rather dissatisfied with how I was making fun of all Undead Emperors, but I simply indicated to her that she should look at the devils constantly arriving from the Dimensional Door, which caused her voice to trail off.

Shupnus had once again refreshed my knowledge of how lacking in limits others could be. This Dimensional Door leading to the Death Planes was currently being permanently transformed into a Dimensional Door leading to the Chaos Abyss. As long as things continued, this place would become a new devil territory.

"Is he supposed to be a friendly helper? Shouldn't he know that by this point, even if this land is conquered, it won't become undead territory. Or, does he think that he'll no longer need this land after conquering it... Ahem, I mean that he just wants this land to be entirely destroyed if he can't have it."

Although I was joking, I was actually in quite a bad mood.

I suddenly sensed a powerful devil in the distance. Another Devil Lord had entered the mortal plane.

Normally, those who should have taken the responsibility... I meant the Order G.o.ds who were in charge of slaying demons and devils, were highly unlikely to take action this time.

From a certain standpoint, my h.e.l.l Faction had completely antagonized the Holy Light Faction.

Although we had obtained our independence, we would no longer enjoy certain past benefits.

This time, only the human alliance and the h.e.l.l G.o.ds would be fighting against the devil wave which contained one Main G.o.d and two additional Devil Lords. When combined with the endless devil army, this truly would be a great headache to deal with.

But from another angle, this was also a chance to display our foundational power.

As long as we won here, this would prove that the h.e.l.l Faction was more than strong enough to protect its followers. This was a chance to be viewed as someone worthy to oppose the Order Faction. As long as we survived this, the originally unknown h.e.l.l Faction would receive a ma.s.sive increase to reputation.

This was basically a precipice between heaven and h.e.l.l. One side of the coin was a chance, while the other side was danger. It would depend on how we dealt with this situation...

"He'll have left already if you keep daydreaming."

"Cough, weren't you helping watch him for me? I'm showing my trust in you."

Currently, we were following a bandaged mummy Undead Lord who actually wore a suit.

He was clearly a mummy that wasn't able to move agilely, yet he wore a black suit, round top hat, and monocle, making him seem like a n.o.ble family's butler from 300 years ago, leaving me with quite a deep impression.

This mummy was Sandro's close advisor, Phil. He was no ordinary close advisor, as Sandro had even let him act as his translator since Sandro was inept at using words after not physically speaking for far too long.

Perhaps I would be able to find Sandro himself if I followed Phil.

The gentlemanly mummy walked at a slow pace, which was normal for his undead species. It was quite easy to kep track of him. I decided to appear in front of him once he entered a soul summoning tower.

We were supposed to be allies, after all. The real type, not the fake type. Rather than stalking him, I figured I might as well directly talk to him.

"...Um, Phil?"

That was his name if I indeed recalled correctly. He was surprised and then delighted at my sudden appearance.

"Your Highness Roland... Please, over here, and be careful of others watching."

His words were quite simple but also revealed a lot of information.

He was Sandro's close advisor, yet he told me to be careful here. Be careful of who, and why?

Ten minutes later, we completed our exchange at night... what I meant was, our information exchange as "spies".

As I had pretty much expected, Sandro had already made a break with Shupnus before the previous ambush on the human allied army. Sandro had even taken most of the undead with him.

He had left Phil behind specifically in order to provide information to the human allied army. Even if I didn't meet him here, he would have voluntarily contacted the humans to provide them with information.

"So sly."

"Indeed, really sly."

Harloys and I had the same a.s.sessment, which made Phil rather awkward as this sort of counted as talking trash about his boss right in front of him. Yet, both of us were Undead Emperors that he couldn't afford to antagonize.

Sandro was indeed quite sly. He was basically someone who could sit around and do nothing in the undead army. n.o.body would be able to command him to do anything on the battlefield. He then intentionally... it was obvious that he intentionally argued with Shupnus, which would give Sandro an excuse to "join" the human side. This would also help Sandro declare that "I'm not with Shupnus, so don't count Bardi's grudge against the undead on me."

After that, we would also help to introduce Sandro and have all of human society accept him.

The only victim here was probably Shupnus. Even though he had clearly just won a battle against the humans, he would find that everyone had suddenly betrayed him overnight.Shupnus had worked so hard to obtain a victory, but not only did his allies betray him, they even took away his source of soldiers and food, while leaving him alone to face the enemies he had made. This was quite overboard, so it was understandable why he was so angry that he called for Chaos Abyss reinforcements capable of destroying the world.

"Isn't this selling out a teammate? It's a bit underhanded."

"It is selling out a teammate! It's super underhanded."

Phil felt even more awkward now, as these two venerated Undead Emperors weren't saying anything else at all. Although everyone knew that this was the truth, it wasn't exactly nice to say such things in front of Sandro's subordinate. Was Phil supposed to tell Sandro such things or not? If he told Sandro, it would sound like he was being petty, but if he didn't tell Sandro, he would feel a little like he wasn't being loyal.

Of course, I wouldn't care about what Phil thought. I simply felt that meeting him here had saved me quite a bit of effort.

I then intended on escaping…

Challenge the undead and devil allied army by myself? I had no intentions of dying young with a gravestone calling me "foolish and overconfident" as the reason of death. I felt that Harloys and the others would definitely make such a gravestone for me.

I would have to escape from here. I could have tried something if the situation was different, but Sarwenstan the Lord of Tyranny was right here, and I didn't want to try challenging a Main G.o.d to single combat again.

Although others felt that I was able to beat back Sophocles the Deceiver and instantly kill Seraphim Winton due to my personal power level, I knew quite well that I was still quite far away from a Main G.o.d's level. I had only been able to accomplish what I had due to my special powers, as I had prepared special weapons against demons, angels, and devils…

"By the way, devils are also a type of Chaos creature. They should also be countered by my special weapon. Should I try it…"

A courageous (suicidal) idea suddenly appeared in my mind. Perhaps, with my combination of abilities, and preparing against the unprepared, I could indeed do a little something.

And if I failed?

I was quite confident in my ability to escape. At the most, I would run for three thousand kilometers or something.

Was I afraid of being hunted down by the devils after antagonizing them?

What a joke. I had already completely antagonized them. The Lord of Tyranny probably wanted to kill me more than any other mortal. If he won the battle here against Bardi and conquered this area, no, if he only managed to carve out a stable territory for himself in the mortal plane, he would come hunting me down no matter where I was.

"Since success or failure are both acceptable (as things couldn't possibly get any worse), then I might as well try it."

After making up my mind, I smiled in a friendly manner (in my opinion) to Phil while ignoring his breach of etiquette as he suddenly took a huge step backwards. Now was the time to rely on a local power.

But, first…

I instantly teleported to the familiar black land of h.e.l.l.

"I should first ask his previous teammate. Little Tias, that housewife of yours… erm, I meant the Lord of Tyranny, what powerful abilities does he have? What are his weaknesses?"

While other protagonists might have a grandpa's spirit with them or something, I had Sarwenstan's former teammate, Kamiltias the Lord of Lies. Teammates were to be betrayed in this day and age, so I might as well prepare a nice little welcoming surprise for Sarwenstan.

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