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Anna and Jake were in their kitchen, busy as bees and their two hands seemed insufficient to the mountain loads of tasks laid in front of them. With pa.s.sing time, their fears in pulling this feast together began to weaken. Nonetheless, they moved their hands to work efficiently.


Anna kept herself occupied in the kitchen since morning. Apart from certain dishes prepared ahead, she made pumpkin soup, baked mac and cheese, especially for Lia, finished with two pies: pumpkin and pecan for desserts. By the time she completed, it was lunch hour.

Jake had gone to the office in the morning for a special gathering and returned home for lunch to join his wife.

Exhausted from their packed morning, both took a short nap and woke up before the evening arrived. Anna insisted on getting ready early while Jake remained in his sweatpants as he intends to help Anna.

One after the other, the frozen dishes got sent to the oven to get reheated before the guests arrive.

Jake was busy chopping greens roughly for the salads while Anna moved like the fountain in all directions. She kept mash potatoes for later and worked faster to boil the potatoes while keeping an eye on the other dishes.

Turkey is in the oven after perfectly thawed, the gravy was simmering on the stove, the ca.s.serole just got out of the oven before placing the turkey, scorched to the heat and caramelized on top. Finis.h.i.+ng the final touches of the salad with its oil dressing, Jake moved to his last task, reheating the frozen cranberry sauce that he made all by himself from scratch with only Anna's instructions. Despite his great effort, he still called for Anna to taste test it one last time.

Among her mult.i.tasking, Anna moved to Jake to test his dish. The sauce was still in the saucepan, sizzling bubbles.

Anna simmered the flame to dip her pinky into the hot pan. It was super hot that Jake worried about her finger, but it never bothered Anna as she is been cooking for years now. Over time, she got used to the pipping heat, and her taste bud adjusted to testing seasoned food without getting hurt.

Anna licked the sauce to savor it slow and focused. She needed another sample to confirm. Finding a spoon nearby, she collected a sufficient amount of sauce into the spoon and blew the steam before taking it to her mouth.


"It's delicious. Perfect, Jake, " she nodded graciously to find Jake gaping at her nervously.

"What?" Anna asked after noticing his contorted face in horror.

Jake, afraid to open his mouth from revealing the situation, lifted his index finger to point the direction of trouble.

Anna followed to lower her face and found a dot of bright magenta color from the cranberry sauce on her white silk dress. Her eyes dilated from the sight as a wave of shock sent to her brain cells and she let out a loud screech.

"Calm down, honey."

"Just go change into another dress. It will be fine, " Jake pursued to soothe his wife before she goes into a rage.

"It's okay, " he kept saying nonstop until Anna's anger-filled gasps returned to normal yet her glaring gaze never left. Jake carefully led her out of the scene.

"Turkey is in the oven, let it be. The rest of the dishes are done already. About potatoes- let me handle it. After all, I made the perfect cranberry sauce without your help- I meant with only by your instructions."

Jake suggested Anna put him in charge of preparing the mash potatoes.

Hearing this, it did cheer the troubled wife and she explained the steps before leaving to change.

Upon returning after several minutes, Jake saw Anna in her Givenchy floral short dress and a matching peach-colored high heels. She kept her hair and makeup the same with only subtle touch up to wipe off the light smear from reacting to the earlier incident.

"You look stunning, Anna, " Jake said to welcome her in good mood.

"Look, I just have to add the milk and it's ready. I'm surprised myself that I nailed it on the first try, " he bragged.

Anna still held a worrisome expression on her face.

"Why are you so worried? Everything is back to normal. Cheer up, Anna, " Jake tried to encourage his distressed wife.

"How can I not worry? It's been a long time since we all got together. Last time-" Anna paused bitterly.

Last year the couple didn't celebrate Thanksgiving due to Anna's miscarriage that happened two months ago. Anna fell into depression and never showed interest in holding a Thanksgiving dinner. Jake allowed her to be so and stayed by her side until she got better to attend the Christmas party at her in law's place.

"I know, and before that, your dear friends couldn't make it, " Jake pointed out, quickly distracting her.

"Yes, Diego's mother got sick, and before that Lillian had work. And that is why I want this to be perfect, so I don't mess this up, " Anna cried and prayed at the same time.

"You have me. How can you mess up?"

Jake almost sounded too perfect that moved Anna to a blus.h.i.+ng smile and a look of relief.

"Alright. Potatoes are ready. Come here and taste it- be- be careful this time. You may have lots of dresses but I'm kind of tired of helping you out. I can't handle another temper of yours."

Anna playfully punched him for his straightforward remark.

This time, Anna cautiously had her eyes open to taste the potatoes, and indeed, they were perfectly cooked.

"It's so yummy, " Anna finally smiled brightly to the success that satisfied her husband.

With that everything is ready except for the turkey that still is in the oven and it will be done soon.

Anna let Jake take a quick shower before the guests arrive. She moved to decorate the table and made fresh drinks in a big batch. In the remaining time, Anna also added hot chocolate to welcome the guests coming from the cold weather.


Lillian is out, visiting a wine shop. Dressed in a casual-cool look, she wore blue straight jeans with a grey sweater and added a long brown coat for the weather. She went to the salon to set her hair into wavy locks and had light makeup done to her face. She wanted to look presentable to her host and to the fellow guests, more likely she had done it all for Giselle's sake, to impress her.

Aware of the tease that Anna might partake in this venture, Lillian couldn't care less. She chose to get a nice present to celebrate the dinner and decided to stop by the wine shop to get her gift, already packed and wrapped in a neat box. Lillian placed the order weeks ago and made sure that it will be ready on time. Visiting the shop, she paid and collected her souvenir.


Diego lived a couple of blocks from Jake's. Despite it, the holiday traffic got him locked up for a long time. He crossed halfway through and had his mother on the speaker as they spoke.

"I am going to miss you this year, Diego, " Donna Eberto, Diego's mother said in a weak tone.

"Mom, I'll miss you too, but come on, it's Anna that I'm visiting. It's been a long time," Diego said in his defense, trying to persuade his precious mother.

"I know. I know."

Donna's bold voice matured to a gentle sound over the years as she aged. The dinner parties they used to have together with Anna's parents and Edwin are no longer active since Edwin moved to his wife's hometown. And the kids grew to become adults with their own lives. Donna worried for both Lillian and her son, Diego, and steadily questioned them when they would have families of their own. Anna having married already received great blessings from all. Meanwhile, the other two dodged these topics to their disregard.

"Mom, I'm getting another call, " Diego said to see the cars moving forward and noticed his phone vibrating.

"Alright, give Anna and Jake, my wishes, and have fun. Happy Thanksgiving, " Donna spoke fast in a hurry.

Diego wished his mother and cut the call, promising to send her blessings to Anna and Jake.

"Yeah, " he said, answering the new call.

"Happy Thanksgiving. So, where are you, Lilly, " Diego asked.

It was Lillian who called Diego and she called to ask him where he was.

The two shared their locations and surprisingly they were near. Lillian pleaded Diego to pick her up on the way, to which Diego agreed happily. He drove his car impatiently, with much eagerness to meet Lillian Grey.

It has been years since the trio reunited at once for a celebration and everyone could hardly wait to meet each other.

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