Get Back To You summary:

"Mrs... I 'm sorry. You 're not married now, are you? Ms. Giselle.""I don 't care if you were married, had a kid and got divorced.""You can say that you lost your will to fall in love again. It just doesn 't matter to me. Because we declared our love since way back then at high school."" I 've lived my life as what most people call as a "player". I don 't care about that too. You are here now...

Get Back To You Chapters

Time uploaded
329 Lia's Apology Jul-14-20
328 The Plan! Jul-13-20
325 Turn Of Events Jul-04-20
310 A Cold Stare! May-30-20
301 Holiday Gala May-18-20
300 Final Call May-12-20
288 To Have Hope! Apr-15-20
282 Goodbye Jade! Apr-05-20
281 Taking A Vow Apr-05-20
Chapter 279 Mar-29-20
275 Lucy Struggles Mar-29-20
272 Final Battle Mar-29-20
271 Leaving Soon! Mar-29-20
260 Lia Wails Mar-02-20
255 Jenna's Chase Mar-02-20
250 Frightful Sigh Mar-02-20
249 Wordless Momen Mar-02-20
231 Moving On... Jan-01-20
230 Collapsed Jan-01-20
222 She Is Mine! Jan-01-20
216 Rushing Ou Nov-11-19
210 Reconciled Nov-11-19
206 In Awe Nov-11-19
193 Star-Struck Oct-07-19
192 Melancholy Oct-07-19
190 Brave Attemp Oct-07-19
189 Final Battle Oct-07-19
187 The D- Day Oct-07-19
185 Fitting Gif Oct-07-19
181 'Who Are You?' Sep-18-19
179 Instant Regre Sep-18-19
177 Facing My Guil Sep-18-19
174 Shopping Sep-18-19
171 Let It Flow Sep-18-19
168 Left Alone Sep-18-19
165 Reveal It All Aug-21-19
164 Follow Me, Aug-21-19
163 Bleeding Love Aug-21-19
162 Robby Sings! Aug-21-19
160 Anna's Memo Aug-14-19
158 Let Her Sleep! Aug-09-19
155 Mike's Story Aug-09-19
154 Forced Silence Aug-09-19
153 Needed Answers Aug-09-19
151 Unforgivable Jul-30-19
150 No More Escape Jul-30-19
146 Risking I Jul-24-19
135 Anna's Rage Jul-16-19
132 I Mean It! Jul-16-19
131 New Resolve Jul-16-19
129 A New Day Jul-16-19
Chapter 26 Jul-16-19
127 Planned Visi Jun-17-19
125 Stay With Me Jun-17-19
123 The Suffering Jun-17-19
121 Outcome Jun-17-19
119 Crestfallen Jun-17-19
117 Consequences Jun-17-19
116 Escape Jun-17-19
115 A Caged Bird Jun-17-19
109 Mike Confesses Jun-17-19
104 Mike? Jun-17-19
102 Trump Card Jun-17-19
100 Threatened Jun-17-19
98 Lost My Way Jun-17-19
96 Encounter Jun-17-19
95 Let's Hangou Jun-17-19
92 Faded Feelings Jun-17-19
91 Goodbyes Jun-17-19
90 'Lucky Girl' Jun-17-19
88 Moving On... Jun-17-19
87 Father's Words Jun-17-19
85 Is It Giselle? Jun-17-19
79 Lillian's Reply Jun-17-19
77 "I Love You" Jun-17-19
76 Broken Down Jun-17-19
75 Leaving Jun-17-19
74 The Aftermath Jun-17-19
73 "Giselle" Jun-17-19
72 Chasing Jun-17-19
71 Unstable Jun-17-19
70 Unsteady Jun-17-19
69 Who Is It? Jun-17-19
65 Meeting Jayce Jun-17-19
64 Don't Come... Jun-17-19
63 Lazy Morning Jun-17-19
58 Session Begins Jun-17-19
57 First Day Work Jun-17-19
55 Dramatic Play Jun-17-19
52 Wake Up Mom!!! Jun-17-19
48 Deal!!! Jun-17-19
46 Lia's Father! Jun-17-19
28 Return Back Jun-17-19
19 Plan To Return Jun-17-19
18 Panicked Jun-17-19
11 Back To Work Jun-17-19
10 Back To Home Jun-17-19
9 Midnight Call Jun-17-19
7 Deep In Trouble Jun-17-19
6 Negotiation Jun-17-19
5 The Meeting Jun-17-19
4 The Preparation Jun-17-19
3 Dinner Invite Jun-17-19
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