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Chapter 615 - A Different Scale

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It wasn't like anything he ever saw before, the Dragon exclaimed deeply in his thoughts and realized that his ears were tricked.

The sound… of course it can't be them.

It can't be the Dwarves.

For all he knows, the deep ones haven't appeared for years as he slumbered…




He, who is a dragon, a creature whose essence is based on Time, chose to wait in a long slumber until the time comes and the Dwarves return.

Among his kind, he was the one who preferred to dwell into Nirn the most. The Dark King of Fire, Vulthuryol, was the kind of dragon that preferred caves, subterranean areas, and dark places. He also quite liked the volcanic activity deep underground and that was something he shared with the Dwarves.

But that's too long ago that he even lost the concept of time.

Seeing that it was a human who was messing around with the toys left by the Dwarves, Vulthuryol could only display his anger and lash out towards the man who was standing on top of a broken Dwarven Colossus.

But the man was swift and smart so he jumped into that head of the Colossus and fortified himself inside.

Not that it would matter anyway. The moment Vulthuryol's fire breath touches the Colossus, the man will be cooked alive.


Vulthuryol wasn't a merciful soul and his fire breath was on a totally different level compared to other dragons. His fires had a hint of darkness and he was very confident that he could melt a mountain with his breath alone.

However, that confidence only lasted until Jon shattered it thoroughly.

Inside the Colossus, Jon was in a state of total focus as he finally managed to draw out the King of Blackreach.

His staff, Pride, was held backward as its head was now replacing the Colossus' core and Jon chugged on a high-grade Magicka Potion to keep its regeneration all-time high.

With the head of the staff as the core, Jon was easily able to take control of the Colossus through Power and Fate. The magic of Pride alters probability and so it found its way inside one of the most complicated circuits of a Dwarven Machine.

This strange reaction caused the Colossus to respond to the power of its new core and to ultimately submit to the master of that power, Jon. And for the first time in thousands of years, the power of a Dwarven Animunculi displayed itself in the blue aethereal color of Magicka rather than the usual red grim color.

Even the power wielded by the Colossus changed from Fire to pure Magicka and Lightning.

The Colossus and its pilot Jon faced the Dragon's breath with an innovative answer. With the ability of the left cannon arm of the Colossus, Jon ama.s.sed a high flow of Magicka and created a burst of electricity that traveled like a missile facing the dragon breath and exploding to release a high amount of Magicka that blew the Dragon's attack away and caused it to be stunned.

Jon didn't wait for the Dragon to recover and with the right arm of the colossus, he punched a large piece of the ruin causing a big chunk of a pillar to collapse before shooting another Magical Burst of energy at it which made the large chunk of stone fly straight at the Dragon.

Vulthuryol was still recovering from the unexpected counter-attack but seeing that large stone flying at him put him in a rage mode. He didn't cower from it and with tremendous physical power, the dragon decided to use his horns and ram the large rock out of his way with his head.

Using his legs as a base, Vulthuryol managed to display his physical might to its max before redirecting the rock to the side effortlessly.

This fancy move, however, came at a cost he did antic.i.p.ate. The Colossus didn't just send the rock at him but also moved after it and with a raised fist, the punch landed on the Dragon's head the moment his balance was shaken the most.

It was easy to imagine how two beings of equal size fought and how strong the impact would be. While some imagine large beings who fight each other to be perceived as slow and colossal to the smaller beings surrounding them, these two have already made this small exchange in a couple of seconds and they moved just to destroy.

While the punch of the Colossus was effective, Vulthuryol managed to counter right after and with a body spin, the dragon struck the Colossus with his tail causing obvious damage to the already damaged metal giant but Jon was grinning at that moment.

"In a real fight, you don't turn your back to an enemy."

He was already aiming the left arm of the colossus at the dragon's back and fired another burst of energy.

Now hitting a dragon's a.s.s with such an attack was indeed painful to the beast and so both humiliating and aggravating. While the dragon was forced away by the last attack, he used this force and spread his wings to spin in the air and flapped towards the Colossus attempting a spear attack.

Jon made the Colossus do a risky move and instead of receiving the attack, he slowly attempted to make the Colossus jump sideways while aiming the left cannon arm at his movement's opposite direction and firing towards the high ruins. His calculated move created two effects. First, the recoil of the left arm cannon is simply insane that it would take the entire bodyweight of the colossus to keep it from toppling over, thus as he jumped with the colossus, the recoil boosted his evasion out of the dragon's way. Second, the ruins he aimed at collapsed and fell towards the rus.h.i.+ng dragon who was rus.h.i.+ng with a blinding speed.

Jon didn't end it here and started weaponizing the weapons at the back of the colossus causing a huge arc of electricity to run through it before a burst of multiple magic missiles flew in blue arcs and descended on the rubble that fell on the Dragon.

There was another dust screen blocking vision but the Magic Missiles descended like live bombardment and obliterated whatever was standing.


Jon didn't know from where did this roar come from but he was shocked beyond his senses.

He fought up to 9 dragons this year and killed 7 so far but this one seemed on the level of Onikkeindrog, one of the four pillars of the Dragon Cult.

With the vibrating power of this roar, Jon almost slipped up and lost control over the Colossus and this was the opening Vulthuryol needed to put the head of the Colossus between his dark maws.

Jon immediately found his face at the dragon's throat and it was brightening up with fire. He was pinned and had no defense at this moment other than to abandon the Colossus which he acquired after meticulous scheming.

If it is one on one, Jon doubts greatly that he can take on such a lively dragon on his own. He needs the Colossus.

With the right arm of the Colossus, Jon managed to grab the dragon's upper jaw but the left arm of the colossus was a full cannon and had no hand and fingers thus it made the situation a lot more difficult than it would be. Even if he tried blasting Vulthuryol with the cannon at point-blank, it would be impossible to even phase him in this state. The dragon seemed to have realized that Jon is relying on the Colossus to wear him down and so he wanted to chase Jon out of it immediately.

Jon had to make a bold move.

He instantly kicked the head out but the jaws of the dragon were still cracking on the other part surrounding the head but that wasn't what Jon was after. He was right between the upper and the lower jaws of the fighting Wyrm.



Jon immediately negated the Fire Breath of the Dragon with a Fire Breath of his own.

The power of Jon's shout was surely powerful but the impact of its flame wasn't what pushed Vulthuryol back but rather the shock from the human's shout.

It flew back immediately and kept eyeing the man from a distance.



The two exchanged words for the first time and to Vulthuryol in particular, this was one of the few words he directed to an actual mortal man in ages. The last he spoke to was a Dwemer from Blackreach and it was a man he considered a rival no less. For such a dragon who has the word "Thur" in his name, seeing a joor, a mortal, in such light or even speaking to one is beyond what they would ever do.

"Tinvaak, mun! Hi in dilfahliiluv kronimaar, fos los hi?" The dragon asked the human that wielded the machine of the dwarves what kind of a creature he is.

"Dovahkiin." And to that Jon replied with his ident.i.ty.

"Dovahkiin? Dovah hinzaal ganog wah relahmik miil?" Yet, Vulthuryol wondered if such a thing was really possible or if it was a dragon that courted a human woman.

"…" The question which Jon found baffling even by his own baffling standards.

If the Dragon was living under a rock since the age of the first Dragonborn…

Wait! That dragon was actually living under a rock all that time?

"Dov gruz naal yol. Tul, hi ni koraav Dovahkiin us?" Jon said that by ancient tradition the Dragons must greet one another with fire but then he started mocking the dragon for not knowing what a Dragonborn is.

"Bormah dur!" The dragon replied saying that it is the tyranny of the dragon father Akatosh is that makes a Dragonborn.

From the exchange of words, both Jon and Vulthuryol didn't seem to be working out a peaceful negotiation but rather speaking to a foe they recognize to be dangerous.

"Joor! Hin dukiin los lov." The dragon was no longer interested in exchanging words and raised his head to release a shout towards Jon.

Jon cast Telekinesis and raised the head of the Colossus back to cover the hatch he stood in then returned to the core. He also smashed a number of Grand Soul gems on the core and directed their energy through the staff.

Seeing that the Dragon still had a lot to display, Jon realized he has to make some sacrifices if he is to bring down the King of Blackreach.

"MUL NAH GAAR!" Vulthuryol released a powerful burst of wrath energy that seemed to have put him in peak condition without effort through the Dragon Rage shout.

On the other hand, Jon released his Aura while controlling the Colossus. This caused the aethereal colored energy of the Colossus to be corrupted by red and black as a hint of Draconic might was mixed within.

Two roars sounded from the two sides and Jon switched the Colossus to release the short blades on the right arm. While short, these blades were covered by Jon's Aura which shaped the aura to be shaped into an even longer blade.

"Sir, lir!" The Dragon charged ahead towards the Colossus but Jon still had one last surprise for the wyrm.


The Colossus moved faster than what it ever could before as it raised its blades at the Dragon.

That night, earth tremors were felt, shaking the entirety of Winterhold.

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