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Chapter 616 - How To Hunt A Dragon

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The Dragon and the Colossus kept on fighting to their limits. The Dragon wasn't able to freely fly due to the nature of the cave thus his stamina and agility were limited while the Colossus was getting destroyed gradually.

The only one who maintained a good shape in this exchange is Jon.

The Colossus was now being powered with Jon's Aura and Magic at the same time. The blade attached to the back of its right arm felt twice as long and its sharpness was dangerous even for the Dragon. Whenever the right arm is waved, even large boulders get sliced cleanly.

Vulthuryol had it rough against Jon but he was smart and gradually targeted the weak points of the Colossus as if he had extensive knowledge with them. Jon found it impossible to land a decisive hit on the Dragon thanks to that fighting strategy.

While the two were cracking plans against each other, Vulthuryol used very innovative Shouts that even Job couldn't help but be in awe of.

"Fiik Fax Ilir!" Vulthuryol used this shout to duplicate an indistinguishable illusion of himself which almost put Jon in surprise but l.u.s.t picked on the Illusion easily and Jon destroyed it.

"Yol Dur Nir!" This shout caused the ground to ignite on volcanic flames which started to target wherever the Colossus stepped in. Jon couldn't avoid this one but he used it to start splas.h.i.+ng magma all around the battlefield.

"Gul Gral Dur!" And this shout completely caused stone spikes to fall from the ceiling of the cave and to rise from the ground causing it to turn into pits and traps.

Jon had a difficult time and against the Dragon, the Colossus was getting worn out slowly. Against that, the Dragon was struggling just to pin down that insane Colossus.

The battle of two t.i.tanic beings lasted for a day before it finally neared its end. The cannon arm of the Colossus was torn off by the Dragon and the blade arm managed to stab through the Dragon's abdomen and inflict a deep wound.

Many rocks started to melt in the process and a portion of the ruins was no more. For that, Vulthuryol was angry and felt unfortunate as he was the only Dragon to like the Dwarves and their crafts.

While he was lured out by hearing a chime that wasn't heard in millennia, his rage and pride were the reason he started this fight with the human that invaded the city of the Dwarves and now he felt like it is going to be his demise.

But a dragon knows no fear.


Vulthuryol let out a domineering fire breath which struck the Colossus but Jon piloted it to the side before striking the Dragon's left wing.

The Dragon then should have retreated to avoid further damage but instead, Vulthuryol charged further in using Jon's attack to pin the Colossus down.

"s.h.i.+t!" Jon couldn't control the Colossus in this awkward pose.

Once Vulthuryol approached at point-blank, he continued the Fire Breath and found a weak point in the Colossus' defense. From there, the Flame gushed to the inside of the Colossus.

"Die, Joor!" Vulthuryol was finally sure of his victory as the Flame filled the Colossus from inside and the metal started to melt, burst, and explode.

With its injured wing, Vulthuryol managed to retreat a safe distance as the last explosion completely took the Colossus from the inside out causing it to be no more.

"Impossible!" Far away from the scene, everyone was witnessing the battle between living legends.

The Dwarven death machine is said to have overwhelmed many armies of men and elves, the large Dragon of the deep that was said to rule the underworld of Skyrim, and the Dragonborn of the legend.

A three-way battle ended with the destruction of the Dwarven Colossus and the apparent victory of the Dragon.

But that wasn't the end.

That's merely round one. Alina knew just that since she was in the fight 10 seconds ahead of everyone else.

Those 10 seconds were enough to crown her as the Queen of merciless Spoilers.

"And he's reborn from the flame." She said with a smile filled with awe.

The scene in front of the eyes was that of an explosion growing larger and shaking the cave. Even to Vulthuryol, the explosion was much bigger than what he antic.i.p.ated.

What was going on?

Why were the flames growing?

And why are they taking form?

A roar came from deep within rather than the sound of an explosion. The flames exploded then imploded back into form over the remains of the Colossus to form something completely new.

"LIES!" Even Vulthuryol couldn't help but feel baffled and speak in the mortal tongue.

"Lies?" Jon's voice sounded, "I told you before. The Dov greet one another as Dov. What's with the halfhearted att.i.tude?"

Jon walked on the flames which took their final form and in his hands were two parts of a torn magical scroll. This was one of the scrolls Nurina gave him when he returned to Skyrim.

And what's the spell?

Both Jon and Nurina prided themselves on their love for Conjuration. This, of course, is a conjuration spell. One that is good enough to shock a Dragon.

Conjure Flame Dragon Atronach!


"What is that?" Wulfur couldn't help but ask.

"Master Nurina has servants in Oblivion as well." Alina replied, "Remember Jon and Xikil?"

"The Daedric t.i.tan? Yeah."

"Master Nurina has a Flame Monarch Atronach that I witnessed her conjure once. However, I didn't know it could be turned into a Dragon unless…"

"Unless you combine Nurina's ability with Jon's apt.i.tude."

Two Dragons, one Dragonborn.

Jon was h.e.l.lbent on overpowering Vulthuryol. There was no honor when absolute beings like those gathered in one place.

"Mortal!" Vulthuryol called in a sound and calm tune, "You think this poor imitation of a Dovah is enough to match the real thing?"

"I think not." Jon replied, "Nothing matches the strength of a real Dovah. Luckily, nothing matches its pride either."

"What do you mean?" The Dragon asked.

"Simple. In front of this poor imitation, you would be shamed if you retreated or tried to live to fight another day. All you'll do is to prove to your own ego that you're a superior being that can defeat a poor imitation. While doing that, I'll slay you plain and simple."

"And if that doesn't work?" The Dragon asked as it loaded itself with more arrogance.

"Don't worry about that. I have more poor imitations for you to play with."

The moment Jon said that, a huge boulder came flying through the cave hurling towards Vulthuryol. The trajectory was obvious but anyone with transcendent senses like a Dragon can accurately predict where it will land and Vulthuryol didn't have to move since it was basically not going to hit him.

The boulder landed and everyone looked at it before turning to the direction it came from.

"Work! On! Your! f.u.c.king! Aim!" Jon spoke every word with clear vexation as he yelled at Xikil.

"Ah… sorry!"

"YOL TOOR SHUL!" Vulthuryol couldn't stay put any longer with the number of his enemies increasing that much and launched a Fire Breath at Jon.

The Flame Dragon Atronach effortlessly rose to air and gracefully blocked the Fire Breath with its body without taking an ounce of damage. A Flame Atronach is simply immune to Fire after all.

That aside, the appearance of the Flame Dragon Atronach was graceful beyond sense. With the normal Flame Atronach looking very elegant by default, the Flame Monarch has a higher sense of elegance which reflects on any shape it takes. That's why this elemental daedra was popular among Conjurers.

The two renowned horns of the Flame Atronach blended well with the dragon head that lacked the upper half of its features as it was enshrouded in flames. All its wings were made of fire and the stone exoskeleton was so sinister which gave it a life-like a.s.sociation to the Dragons.

But that, of course, is not the real thing at all.

The power of a Monarch Atronach is nothing to laugh at any day of the week but even the average Joe among dragons can pack a heavier punch. This Flame Dragon Monarch, on the other hand, had a different purpose in this fight.

No matter how many times Vulthuryol attempted to attack with Fire Breath, it had zero effect on the Flame Atronach Dragon. It was also faster than Vulthuryol who is injured and can't fly properly.

With Xikil throwing rocks from every angle, the situation of Vulthuryol became frustrating beyond anything it has ever experienced.

Just where is he? Where is the human that is controlling this battle?

If Vulthuryol can just get his fangs on him, he would grind that human to nothingness and wouldn't have to fight against those absurd things.

"WULD NAH KEST!" Vulthuryol had to make up for his lack of speed with his Shouts so he moved away but the vexing Atronach Dragon was on his tail using its mouth to breathe out fire in mockery of the real dragons.

"THRAL VAAN KREN!" (Jump, Soar, Break)

To catch the Atronach, Vulthuryol used the leaping shout which is mostly used by humans to make up for his injured wing but just as he was about to bite the Atronach, Jon showed up and rammed the leaping Dragon with his body midair which forcefully stopped him. The Atronach Dragon then waved with his wings and created storms of flames that engulfed Vulthuryol with pain which allowed Jon to escape to wherever he was hiding.

"VIK!" The dragon didn't shout but rather cussed out loud when Jon vanished but he intercepted a rock falling towards his head at that time so he rammed it away and spat out a fireball by a shout.

Where the attack landed was on Xikil but the Daedric t.i.tan was so resistant to fire that it walked out unscathed and found another rock to throw back at the dragon.

Vulthuryol couldn't bear it and waved his tail at a stone pillar to hurl it towards Xikil but it was suddenly hit on the head by a large cat's paw. He immediately retreated and tried to counter the last attack but Jon showed up behind him and used Telekinesis to send back the pillar towards the Dragon.

The Dragon wanted to rush at Jon but the Flame Dragon Atronach landed on its back and tried to dig its claws and fangs in the back of Vulthuryol. Jon disappeared and the Dragon tried to ward off the Atronach but Xikil showed up from the side and started to bite the Dragon's wing.

"FUS RO DAH!" Vulthuryol was only able to use the Unrelenting Force in order to push away the Atronach Dragon for a second and used brute force to ward off Xikil but the large cat showed up again and kicked his face before disappearing.

Vulthuryol wanted to focus on one enemy but as it chased off the weakest visible target (Xikil), his good wing was suddenly torn vertically.


A deathly scream followed as the Dragon experienced a dreadful coldness for the first time and watched as a giant made of bones dragged a large bone blade off his wings.

The Sin of Wrath, Odokoru, waved his blade once again but Vulthuryol barely evaded or so he thought as he found the blade elongating to hit him badly.

Phase 2 of the plan to bring him down was not just obvious but clearly working and taking an obvious effect.

The first phase of the plan was to wear him down with the Dwarven Colossus and its absurd defense. The second phase was to use the fact that he was drained to completely smash him down. Then the third phase is obvious and it is where Jon is hiding.

*Padum Padum Padum Padum*

The exceptional senses of the Dragon could pick up a strong heartbeat coming from a place that is veiled beyond vision. Jon was ready to strike but he was nowhere to be seen. Only his tonal resonance was clear and his killing intent was sharp and focused.

A Hunter… a True Hunter.

The Hunter and his Hounds were playing the large Beast with both cunning and skill that there was no point in resisting. But a cornered beast is still dangerous. There was this stage that Jon was aiming for and it is the best time to strike.

And here it came.


The Dragon fell into a frenzy.

Without much care about his wounds or preserving his life, he had to go all out. He swung its tail and brought down the Dragon Atronach, he used his torn wings to push away Wrath, he threw his body with all its weight on Xikil, and he tried to use his fire breath at the large cat but she was nowhere to be seen.

Vulthuryol looked around with rage in that second and felt as if his frenzy was almost working so he called.

"Joor Lir! Bo ahrk luft zey!" Calling out Jon as a mortal and a worm then asking him to fight face to face was all it could do at the moment.

Nothing could quell his rage at this moment more than the sight of the human getting consumed with fire but at the edge of his vision, he noticed some movement.

A small black cat jumped on the rubble and sat on the head of the broken-down Dwarven Colossus as she licked her paws and cleaned her face in absolute calmness.

"You see… that's the thing about mortals, Dragon. They won't play fair." Nefert.i.ti said.

Seeing that this cat-like creature was talking, the Dragon became positive that she is related to the large Cat that attacked him with the other beasts and fire started to brighten up from behind his fangs as he gave a death glare towards the cat but…

*Swoosh* *Slash*



The Dragon barely felt his neck being able to support his body and all the fire inside him died down. The rage felt his head and lingered but it all went cold… so cold it couldn't even believe he experienced coldness this way.

Cold as if time itself stopped.

The lingering vision of the remnant of his soul only saw the cat jumping down and coming nearer and nearer.

"Told you." She said then she was lifted up by two hands.

The Dragon then felt nothing and was no more.

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