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Chapter 1343: Sweet Times (3)

Everyone in the military knew that General Lu had a sweet little wife at home, whom he loved and doted upon very much.

Hearing this, An’an smiled, her red lips blooming like a lovely flower.

Lu Yan kissed her on the cheek. “Have a bite and see if it’s sweet.”


An’an escaped from his embrace and ran over to her vanity. She pulled open the last drawer, which contained all the little trinkets he had given her over the past three years. Rare ones, expensive ones, common ones, all sorts.

Pink, blue, yellow, they filled an entire drawer.

They were all the girlish gifts he had ever given her.

An’an had not gone out to work over the past three years, but was now a primary school teacher in a school within the military compound. She spent her entire day with innocent young children, teaching and educating them.

After cla.s.s, she would rush home to make dinner for Lu Yan and their children. As long as he was at the army base, he would always come home no matter how busy he was. This was their unspoken agreement. Also, no matter how late he was returning home, she would leave a light s.h.i.+ning for him.

Before he had An’an, Lu Yan had nowhere to call home. It was only after he had An’an did Lu Yan finally have a home.

From the tender age of 21 to 26 now, An’an had never thought about leaving his side and going back out to the world outside. She had given him all of her youth. She lived her entire life for him solely.

On his part, he doted upon her, loved her, and pampered her. This drawer full of little presents and trinkets showed just how much like a princess he treated her.

An’an lovingly placed the little sweet doll into the drawer.

Reaching out, Lu Yan pinched her little cheek. “You can’t bear to eat it? Just eat it, I will buy another one for you when I have time.”

“No need, just one is enough.”

An’an closed the drawer and took off her cardigan. “Let me draw a bath for you.”

Lu Yan had just returned from the base and his uniform and boots were full of dirt and dust.

As An’an headed toward the bathroom, Lu Yan’s eyes narrowed. She was wearing a cardigan earlier and he didn’t notice, but now that she had taken it off, her black dress was revealed to him.

The dress was not short as it went over the knee, but as it was very slim-fitting and perfectly accentuated her slender, womanly figure. Most importantly, there was a diamond cut-out at the waist area, which exposed her smooth white skin.

She seldom wore such s.e.xy outfits anymore. Firstly, it was because they were in a military compound. Secondly, it was because he didn’t allow it.

The only reason she was wearing this black dress was because they were going to attend Gu Mohan and Tang Mo’er’s party.

Lu Yan strode over and entered the bathroom.

In the bathroom.

An’an tested the water temperature. “General, the temperature is just right. You can bathe now.”

She started to leave.

The moment she came out from the gla.s.s mosaic door, she immediately saw Lu Yan. He was standing by the sink with his upper body already bare. Wearing just his military pants, he pulled off his belt.

An’an averted her eyes, not daring to look at his steel-like chest muscles and that incredible eight-pack abs.

Even now, he had a great physique. Just that tight, v-shaped waistline was enough to make any woman blush.

He used to be the Capital’s walking aphrodisiac, exuding strong male hormones from all over his body.

She wanted to go out.

“An’an.” Lu Yan promptly grabbed her slender wrists.

An’an halted and turned to look at his handsome face. “General, what is it?”

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows. “Let’s bathe together.”


What? An’an gasped. She reached out randomly and took hold of a handkerchief, before flinging it at his face. “In broad daylight! Shameless!”

It was the afternoon and he had specially taken leave to come home early. The other soldiers were still outside training hard. He was a high-ranking general after all, he should be ashamed of himself!

Lu Yan didn’t duck. The handkerchief dropped to the floor after hitting his face. He smirked and stared at her with blazing eyes. Then he even had the audacity to add, “I really am shameless!”

This man!

An’an’s face grew hot and her breathing became uneven. “General, don’t fool around. Mo’er is waiting for us and our children are outside… They might come in at any time.”

She pushed his hands away and turned to flee.

Before she could even take two steps, Lu Yan reached out one long arm and pulled her soft body into his chest. With a lift of his arm, he easily raised her off the floor and walked under the shower head.

Warm water rained down from the shower head.

“Ah!” An’an cried out. “My dress! My dress is wet! Did you do this on purpose?”

Lu Yan held her shoulders and pushed her against the wall before pressing himself onto her. With one hand, he pulled down his pants zipper. “Didn’t you put on this dress for me?”


An’an also still retained some of her martial arts skills. She was very angry and wanted to kick him.

But Lu Yan was no pushover. He used his knee to press down on her slim thigh, to the point that she could not move.

Licking his dry lips, he then bit her snow-white earlobe, while murmuring in a low voice. “I already warned you not to wear any clothes that reveal the thighs, chest or b.u.t.t. Men of an advanced age are unable to withstand the excitement. You excited me, and so I have to punish you.”

“I didn’t… General, you’re so crude and hold such old-fas.h.i.+oned thoughts. You’re even physically abusing your wife. I’m going to report you to your higher-ups!” An’an bit her lower lip.

Lu Yan narrowed his eyes. The crows’ feet at the corners of his eyes deepened. For a high-ranking man in his forties, the appearance of crows’ feet presented an undeniable charm and allure.

“You don’t scare me at all. I’m not your student, Teacher An’an!”

He emphasized heavily on the words ‘Teacher An’an’. The mockery in his voice was obvious.

Hearing this, An’an was even more angered. “General, you have committed another offense. Insulting a teacher!”

But Lu Yan only lowered his gaze and s.h.i.+fted his hand onto the back of her collar. He tore it downwards with a loud ripping sound. “Teacher An’an, I just learned a new English word today. Can I ask you what it means?”

Her dress! Goodness, it was torn up just like that?

“F*ck? What does it mean?”

An’an fluttered her lashes. What did he say?

Lu Yan furrowed his brows and gave a low laugh by her ear. “Teacher An’an, I am going to f*ck you!”

The bedroom door was pushed open and Little An’an ran in. “Daddy, Mama?”

Little An’an looked around. Eh, why was Daddy and Mama not in the room?

Where did they go?

“Sister, Daddy and Mama are busy with something. I will bring you out to play first.” Little Yan led Little An’an out.

An hour later.

An’an changed into a long floral dress. The fresh-looking flowers accentuated her radiant little face.

Since she was still angry, she blatantly ignored Lu Yan. Nevertheless, she still helped him into his black s.h.i.+rt.

“Teacher An’an, may I ask you a question. How do I coax a wife who is angry?”

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