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Chapter 1512: Installing a Hack for the Lightning Tribulation

Klein’s tribulation transcendence to Return to Void Stage was a spectacle that had caught the attention of many surrounding living beings.

As such, many of them witnessed the bolts of his tribulation lightning changing directions in mid-air.

The Kingdom of the Nine States United Army was initially astonished before erupting into raucous cheers. In contrast, the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army’s morale had truly fallen to rock bottom.

Even though this tribulation transcendence wasn’t going to sway the course of the battle, it was at least something to celebrate about in this dire situation. But now, the tribulation divine lightning had somehow turned into friendly fire…

What a ma.s.sive blow to morale!

Klein felt like he was about to be driven insane! He had finally achieved his lifelong dream and welcomed this tribulation, only to have his divine lightning striking his allies? He felt like the heavens had given him a ma.s.sive slap to the face!

This was supposed to be the pinnacle of his life, but it had since become one of the worst moments of his life.

Were the G.o.ds playing a prank on him?!

Klein’s tribulation transcendence was receiving even more attention now. Unfortunately, there didn’t appear to be any allies who wanted to stand guard around him anymore. All of them had fled into the distance.

After all, dying in battle and dying from being struck by an ally’s divine lightning were two different things.

Everyone had come to protect him, but he was repaying their kindness by blasting them with lightning! No one was going to continue protecting him now!

Klein was extremely depressed.

The fourth bolt of divine lightning fell, and it changed direction again to strike toward a Blood Tribe powerful being who was in the process of running away.

“No!” the Blood Tribe powerful being roared with tears of grief and indignation in his eyes.

He had escaped to several hundred meters away, why was the Golden Void Lightning still following him?!

Thus, another Blood Tribe powerful being was blasted to death by divine lightning.

Many people felt an indescribable chill running down their spines upon seeing this.

This seemed to the final straw that had completely crushed the last trace of battle intent the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army had. They felt like even the heavens had turned its back on them and completely renounced them.

Klein was in complete despair. He didn’t even know how to resist or struggle. All he could do was stare blankly up at the lightning flas.h.i.+ng in the sky, wondering just where he had gone wrong.

He had initially thought that he would leave a lasting impression on others during his final stand. Now, he really was leaving quite a lasting impression. In fact, this impression would probably stay in people’s hearts longer than a normal tribulation transcendence would!

He was the first man in history to blast his allies with his tribulation lightning! He was a pioneer!

The fifth bolt of divine lightning fell and slew another Blood Tribe brethren.

The Divine Phoenix Maiden pursed her lips as she looked down at An Lin, who wore a sinister grin on his face, and she muttered to herself, “What a twisted mind…”

She knew that An Lin possessed lightning manipulation abilities, so she immediately suspected him. The shameless expression on his face vindicated her speculation.

Many of the other cultivators around were also beginning to slowly come to a realization.

The t.i.tle that had once been renowned across the entire continent began to surface in their minds.

The Lord of Transcendence!

This was the legendary man who had managed to significantly increase the probability of successful tribulation transcendence using his mysterious control over lightning! He could make you with divine lightning, so he could naturally also break you with divine lightning!

Many cultivators were already beginning to turn toward that white-robed man with reverence in their eyes.

Klein was on the brink of losing his mind as he witnessed one Blood Tribe brethren after another being slain by his divine lightning. However, he too came to a realization after a short while, and he turned toward An Lin, upon which everything became clear to him! Irrepressible rage and hatred appeared in his eyes.

“It’s you… It was you all along…”

“I’m going to kill you! Ah!!!”

Klein charged toward An Lin while screaming frantically.

An Lin shook his head at the sight of his a.s.sailant.

At this moment, Golden Void Lightning fell again upon Klein.

This time, it did not switch direction in mid-air. However, its power was significantly amplified during its descend, and its incandescent light lit up heaven and earth.

Klein was given a ma.s.sive fright upon seeing this, but he soon mustered up his fighting spirit as he raised his head to the sky and laughed heartily. “Come! Let me see just how powerful you are!”


The Golden Void Lightning instantly tore through Klein’s defenses and blasted him to death.

Klein’s smile was frozen on his face, but his tragic life had come to an end in an extremely brutal manner.

When the tribulation lightning he had yearned for finally fell, he couldn’t even endure a single bolt. A tragic story like this would surely bring tears to the listener’s eyes.

An Lin shook his head. “I only installed a small hack on the Golden Void Lightning. What a noob…”

The entire Heavenly Human Tribe United Army was filled with grief at the sight of Klein’s tragic demise.

At this moment, Emperor Yi Deng, who had been stalled by the impossibly alluring holy blood, had now been surrounded by the phoenix-riding Xu Xiaolan, as well as Zhu Xuze and Situ Feng of the Vermilion Bird Sect, thereby well and truly placing him in a dire situation.

“Wahaha… Waah… Farewell!” Emperor Bei Xing chortled and wept as its body crashed through the Great Heaven Incinerating Cage Formation.

It was moving extremely quickly, and none of the Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures present had a chance to stop it.

The vast heaven and earth appeared before its eyes.

However, right at this moment.

A white figure appeared overhead with a divine seal that seemed to encompa.s.s heaven and earth in his hand. The divine seal was exuding a paramount divine light as well as an overwhelming power like that of a crus.h.i.+ng divine mountain.

“Celestial Thearch Seal, Realm Sealing Palm!”

A voice imbued with heavenly might erupted in the heavens.

Emperor Bei Xing’s entire body had been enshrouded by this Celestial Thearch Seal, sealing off all avenues for escape and evasion.

Its sharp spikes stood up on end, and it screamed, “You’re… the Celes… Ah!!!”

The ma.s.sive Celestial Thearch Seal fell upon its body before it had a chance to finish its sentence, as if a ma.s.sive hand had fallen upon a tiny rubber ball, bending or snapping all of its spikes.

Shockwaves erupted forth for several hundred kilometers.

Extremely terrifying sealing power crashed down with an unstoppable force before pressing Emperor Bei Xing firmly into the ground!

Millions of living beings stared blankly at the man clad in an imperial robe in the distance.

This was another man who should have been dead, but he had somehow come back to life.

This was the most powerful being in the Kingdom of the Nine States as well as the mighty being who had founded the Heavenly Court.

Tears of excitement flowed from Emperor Chang Sheng’s eyes upon seeing this man. “Celestial Thearch, you’re finally back!”

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