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Chapter 1511: Bizarre Tribulation Transcendence

Almost all of the living beings on the battlefield turned toward a certain direction.

A white-robed man stood there with his sword in hand as inky-black blood rain fell upon his body.

It was quite a peaceful scene, but an extremely terrifying sense of intimidation radiated from his body.

Empress Helen had already disappeared, but everyone knew that the mighty Blood Tribe Empress had most likely fallen…

The fall of a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure was mourned by the entire heaven and earth.

All of the Blood Tribe powerful beings engaged in battle were struck by a crus.h.i.+ng sense of grief, and tears flowed from their eyes.

Even though Ada, Jin Ling, and Jin Yao were not part of the same army, they too shed tears at the sight of the blood rain falling from the sky.

Helen was their former master, so it was impossible for them to hold no attachment toward her. However, their paths and pursuits diverged, and as a result, they could only oppose one another on this battlefield.

The Kingdom of the Nine States United Army was also struck by a wave of sorrow, but that was mostly because they swayed by the mourning cries of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth.

“Is this what it looks like when a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure falls? This is the first time I’ve seen it.” Ye Ling faltered in her footsteps as she looked around at the blood rain falling from the sky.

Xuanyuan Cheng extended a hand to catch some of the rain droplets. “Each and every drop of the blood rain falling from the sky contains a story, as well as Helen’s observation of the dao. Her dao has fallen upon the living beings of this world, so it hasn’t actually disappeared…”

Su Qianyun nodded. “This must be a special type of inheritance. It feels like how flowers wilt away only to fall into the dirt and become fertilizer for the subsequent flowers to grow there…”

In comparison, Da Bai’s eyes were filled with a scorching light. “I had thought that it was already super bad*ss for Big Brother An to be able to chase Empress Helen around. Who would have thought that he would actually be able to kill her? That’s a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure… Woof!”

If a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure wanted to run away, it would be very difficult to kill them. However, An Lin had done exactly that, and thus, Helen became the first Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure to fall on this battlefield!

The Blood Tribe, Void Spirit Tribe, and Heavenly Human Tribe armies were all struck by even more despair.

In contrast, the Kingdom of the Nine States United Army seemed as if they had collectively taken performance-enhancing drugs! All of them began launching more brutal and more powerful attacks upon their enemies, as if they were packs of ferocious beasts.

The tides had turned far too quickly.

All of the Great Generals and generals of the Heavenly Human Tribe had fallen. Only one Void Spirit Tribe mighty figure managed to get away, while the rest of the Blood Tribe and Void Spirit Tribe mighty figures had all perished. Now, even a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure had fallen. The Heavenly Human Tribe United Army now had no chance of victory.

Emperor Yi Deng had been scared sh*tless. He had only just recovered from the brutal purification effects of the holy blood when he was greeted by the sight of Helen’s demise. Helen was supposed to be even more powerful than him, and she still perished! This was not a place he could afford to stay at!

He immediately continued to flee without any hesitation!

However, Tina suddenly produced a tiny little vial of blood with a dainty smile on her face.

She took the cap off the vial with an enticing smile on her face. “Don’t go. I’ve got holy blood here! Don’t you want to drink it? If you stay here, I can give this to you…”

The blood emanated extremely alluring energy fluctuations.

Emperor Yi Deng would have been able to easily continue in his escape prior to coming into contact with the holy blood, but now, he found that he was extremely sensitive to the energy fluctuations emanating from the holy blood!

No! Don’t turn back!

He knew that this was a trap! She was just trying to prevent him from escaping!

Emperor Yi Deng roared in his heart, but he still turned around involuntarily with scorching light in his eyes before swallowing at the sight of the vial of holy blood in Tina’s hand.

The temptation of the holy blood had far exceeded anything he could imagine!

One had to realize that the reason why Emperor An Mang was forced into insanity was because of the internal conflict between his pride and his overwhelming urge to become An Lin’s slave after accepting the holy blood.

Even the most powerful Holy Disciple in history had fallen to such an extent, how was Emperor Yi Deng supposed to resist?

Just as Yi Deng’s footsteps faltered.

Dark clouds suddenly appeared in the sky followed by explosive Golden Void Lightning.

“Those are tribulation clouds!”

“And that’s Golden Void Lightning!”

“My G.o.d, is someone making a breakthrough to the Return to Void Stage?”

Everyone let loose cries of surprise upon seeing this.

All of them turned toward a certain direction, where a male cultivator in a crimson robe wore an expression of elation and ferocity.

“Hahaha… I have no more regrets in my life!”

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to get away from here, but he was still very happy!

It had been a lifelong goal of his to progress to the Return to Void Stage.

“Is he making a breakthrough because he attained enlightenment from Empress Helen’s demise?” another Blood Tribe said as he speculated with an envious expression.

All of a sudden, the tribulation transcending Blood Tribe cultivator was thrust into the limelight.

“Hahaha… you focus on your tribulation transcendence, Klein! We’ll protect you with our lives! We’ll make you our Blood Tribe’s newest mighty figure even if we die!” A Blood Tribe powerful being wielding twin axes laughed heartily.

“That’s right, we’re here for you!” Another Blood Tribe woman stood guard beside him.

Many Blood Tribe powerful beings surrounded Klein like stars surrounding the dazzling moon. All of them had abandoned their futile efforts to escape in order to protect and witness this final spectacle!

Klein was extremely touched. “Thank you, everyone!”


Golden Void Lightning tore through the tribulation clouds and began to fall!

An expression of unyielding determination appeared on Klein’s face. “Come!”

The Golden Void Lightning hurtled toward Klein’s head, only to suddenly change direction in mid-air and strike the dual ax-wielding Blood Tribe powerful being.


The Blood Tribe powerful being’s entire body was charred black, as if the Golden Void Lightning was going to tear apart every inch of his body.

He turned around with a confused and hurt expression toward Klein.

Klein was also extremely confused.

“You… You…” The dual ax-wielding Blood Tribe powerful being’s expression was filled with incredulity, and his eyes rolled over as his body fell to the ground, completely devoid of vitality.

All of the surrounding Blood Tribe powerful beings were scared sh*tless!

The tribulation lightning wasn’t striking Klein, but instead, it struck a powerful being beside Klein? What the h.e.l.l was going on?!

Before they had a chance to recover from their shock, the second bolt of Golden Void Lightning fell from the sky with vast power.

Klein was just about to resist the tribulation lightning when it changed direction again to strike a female Blood Tribe cultivator standing guard around him…


Her body was zapped into charcoal amid a bloodcurdling cry.

Klein: “…”

All of the Blood Tribe powerful beings: “…”

Never had any of them seen a bolt of tribulation lightning that could bend around corners!

Was this Klein some sort of manifestation of ill-fortune?

The third bolt of Golden Void Lightning had already fallen, and it was still not targeting Klein. Instead, it was hurtling directly toward the Blood Tribe powerful being closest to him.

This Blood Tribe powerful being was at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage. He was very powerful, and he unleashed a blood s.h.i.+eld with an almighty roar that looked like it would be powerful enough to block this bolt of divine lightning.

However, the Golden Void Lightning’s power was suddenly drastically amplified during its descent, much to the astonishment of all bystanders!


The Golden Void Divine Lightning tore through the blood s.h.i.+eld and reduced that Blood Tribe powerful being into a piece of charcoal as well!

Klein would never forget the rage and resentment in his eyes before he died, as if to say: I’m f*cking helping you out of the kindness of my heart, but you’re directing divine lightning to strike me?!

All of the Blood Tribe powerful beings standing guard around Klein moved away from him. Some wore disdainful expressions, some were resentful, and some were extremely enraged.

“No…” Klein felt as if he had been stabbed in the heart upon seeing this. At the same time, his expression was filled with confusion.

What was going on?

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