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Chapter 1510: Fall of the Dao Integration Stage Super Mighty Figure

Ever since Helen tasted An Lin’s blood, her body became quite strange.

She didn’t want to hurt An Lin as she felt like it would be blasphemous to attack a living being with such perfect blood.

She was even struck by a sense of grief by the fact that she was An Lin’s enemy.

“Why… Why are we enemies…

“Why can’t we be friends…”

Helen fled as she spoke with a grief-stricken expression.

The perpetually aloof and icy beauty now had tears welling up in her eyes and an extremely vulnerable expression on her face.

Even An Lin was astonished upon seeing this.

Wasn’t Empress Helen’s reaction a little too vehement? Was his blood this powerful?

All of the cultivators chasing down the opposing army had also seen this.

All of them were even more astonished.

“Holy c.r.a.p! Sect Leader An Lin is chasing Empress Helen around with ease!”

“He’s not just chasing her around, he’s even making her cry! As expected of Sect Leader An Lin!”

“Gasp… How terrifying!”

All of the cultivators were exclaiming in amazement as they looked on from afar.

For some reason, they were feeling even more elated now!

Another resounding boom erupted in the sky above.

A ma.s.sive battles.h.i.+p had already appeared over Nan Chao City, and one of its cannon barrels was exuding a scintillating light.

“Eat this! Thirty-Six Thousand Degree Corkscrew F*ck You Up Cannon!”

Liu Qianhuan’s energetic voice sounded from within the battles.h.i.+p.

Boom boom boom boom…

A relentless barrage of cannon blasts erupted forth.

Purple cannon blasts tore through the sky like shooting stars, rotating at an extremely high speed and tearing through the air like conical vortexes imbued with extreme kinetic energy.

All of the cannon blasts hurtling toward Emperor Bei Xing had sealed off virtually all avenues for evasion. Emperor Bei Xing’s body suddenly shrank before its power of the divine dao enshrouded its sharp spikes, upon which its body violently expanded again and inky-black spikes shot forth.

“Grief Spikes!”

The sharp spikes whistled through the air, each of which was aimed at a cannon blast with unerring accuracy.

The twisting power imbued within the cannon blasts was unable to twist those inky-black spikes.

A series of violent explosions erupted in the sky.

Emperor Bei Xing cackled in an unsettling voice. “So long, suckers!”

A burst of bizarre wind suddenly erupted from its round body as it spoke.

“Grief Wind!”


The wind carried Emperor Bei Xing into the distance.

“You’re not getting away!” Liu Qianhuan let loose a determined cry as the Starfire Battles.h.i.+p unleashed another devastating salvo toward Emperor Bei Xing. However, Emperor Bei Xing’s movement techniques were extremely agile, and it was able to gradually open up more and more distance between itself and the Starfire Battles.h.i.+p.

This was the main flaw of the Starfire Battles.h.i.+p. As a behemoth that specialized in attack and defense, it simply lacked the agility to chase down a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure who was determined to escape.

At the same time, the light of guidance descended from the sky before enshrouding all six Heavenly Human Tribe Great Generals within.

“The guidance of the Heavenly Dao is upon us, how do you expect to keep us here now?” A Great General turned toward Xu Xiaolan and the others with a hint of loathing on his face.

“Anyone who dares to oppose the heavens will die an extremely gruesome death.” A mocking expression appeared on another Great General’s face. “This is just a temporary victory that will only allow you to struggle on the brink of death for a while longer…”

The six Heaven Pioneer Stage mighty figures recovered their high and mighty demeanors as they looked down upon the super mighty figures around them as if they were G.o.ds looking down upon the ants of this world.

An enraged and indignant expression appeared on Zhu Xuze’s face upon seeing this golden light. “It’s this accursed light again!”

The light of guidance was imbued with the laws of the Heavenly Dao and could keep all powers at bay!

It was the preferred method of escape for all Heavenly Human Tribe Heaven Pioneer Stage Great Generals. Even Dao Integration Stage attacks would be unable to reach them now, and everyone could only look on as they were teleported away.

Even though the Heaven Crus.h.i.+ng Techniques could break through the powers of laws, they were still not proficient enough in their Heaven Crus.h.i.+ng Techniques to be able to break through the light of guidance.

Just as everyone looked on, at a loss for what to do, a bolt of golden lightning suddenly fell from the sky, lighting up the entire heaven and earth.

It was imbued with paramount divine might and crashed into the light of guidance.


An earth-shattering explosion ensued.

The light of guidance was shattered by the bolt of golden lightning.

The six Heaven Pioneer Stage Great Generals were dumbstruck.

Zhu Xuze and Situ Feng were also dumbstruck. They turned around to discover a white-robed man chasing down Helen in the extremely far distance. There appeared to still be residual golden lightning crackling around his fingertips.

“Did he do that?” Zhu Xuze was in disbelief.

Even the Heaven Pioneer Stage Great Generals were completely incredulous. Their perpetually calm and collected demeanors had given way to unadulterated shock, and even their voices were trembling.

“He, who is he? Is that a human? How can he use the spell techniques of the heave… Ah!!!”

Before the Heavenly Human Tribe Great General even had a chance to finish his sentence, he was brutally slain by Xu Xiaolan.

Zhu Xuze and Situ Feng also came to their senses upon seeing this, and they immediately launched a barrage of devastating attacks upon the Heavenly Human Tribe Heaven Pioneer Stage Great Generals.

Five Heaven Pioneer Stage Great Generals were no match for four Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures. All of them were soon reduced to nothingness with the exception of the rain of pure white blood, which cascaded down from the sky.

All of the Heaven Pioneer Stage Great Generals had fallen!

Emperor Yi Deng’s face turned deathly pale upon seeing this, and he fled even more quickly.

However, all of a sudden, every single cell in his body began to become hyperactive, and destructive power wreaked havoc within his body.

“What’s going o… Ah!!!” Emperor Yi Deng cried out in pain before he could even finish his sentence.

At the edge of the phoenix cage.

Empress Helen was riddled with wounds, and her aura was flickering in and out of existence.

Her beautiful features were stained by blood and grime, and a few strands of inky-black hair adhered to her cheeks, which were pouring with sweat. She dragged her wounded body through the air and continued to escape with grief and humiliation in her eyes.

She had already had over ten thousand sword wounds inflicted upon her body and been on the brink of death about a dozen times. However, her insane life force allowed her to survive all those close calls, and she continued to flee into the distance.

“Dancing Lotus Sleeves!”

She waved her long sleeves through the air, and they swept forth before blasting a ma.s.sive hole in the phoenix’s wall of Divine Flames.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you leave…”

An Lin heaved a forlorn sigh upon seeing this, and he tightened his grip on his Evil-Slaying Sword.

All of a sudden, heaven and earth were robbed of all colors!

Helen suddenly discovered that she was situated in a realm of absolute darkness with no sense of s.p.a.ce.

As she stood alone in the darkness, boundless horror washed over her like a tidal wave. Her eyes widened with dread and terror as she instinctively tried to defend herself.

Helen didn’t have much power left, and her body was also on the brink of collapse.

At this moment, a voice sounded beside her ear.

“Evil Sword Technique, Eternal Night…”

Helen’s bloodcurdling cries reverberated throughout the absolute darkness.

Countless living beings were still battling on the battlefield around them.

It had been bright and sunny just a moment ago, but dark clouds suddenly appeared in the sky in a radius of over one thousand five hundred kilometers.

This was the unique phenomenon that would occur following the death of a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure.

Xu Xiaolan was adamant that An Lin hadn’t perished as she had not witnessed this phenomenon. However, An Lin’s jade badge of life had cracked, and he had disappeared off the face of the world, so everyone had thought that the Heavenly Time G.o.d had slain him using some sort of special method that prevented this phenomenon from taking place.

On the battlefield, the Great Dao resonated as inky-black blood rain fell from the sky, as if the very heavens were sobbing with grief.

This black blood rain was imbued with the paramount true intent and observation of the dao of blood. Even those who didn’t cultivate in the dao of blood would attain enlightenment toward life. This was the final reciprocation Empress Helen was giving back to heaven and earth following her death and the collapse of her divine dao…

Almost all living beings were struck by an indescribable sense of grief, as if they had lost something extremely important.

The fall of a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure was mourned by the entire heaven and earth!

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