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Chapter 1339: Since the First Move Didn’t Work, There’s a Backup Plan

Ning Shuqian was just in the midst of flipping through the reports about the jewelry exhibition, still clad in the light purple nightgown that hung loosely on her body, exposing her fair, porcelain skin and her voluptuous cleavage.

Ning Shuqian’s face was still rather swollen from the five hard slaps that Wen Xinya had given her. When she first suffered the slaps, she felt a stinging pain in her face, though they did not look too gruesome or severe because she had covered the marks with thick concealer.

Although Ning Shuqian immediately put on some medicated cream as soon as she returned home last night. After an entire night, the swelling had subsided but the marks still looked rather daunting. Her sultry good looks suddenly became unbearable to look at.

At this moment, Ning Shuqian grimaced after reading the reports about her in the newspapers and magazines.

Not only were there reports about her conflict with Sun Xiaorou, but there were also some about Wen Xinya accusing her of stealing the jewelry. The writer sounded contemptuous and even put her on the same level as Sun Xiaorou.

Ning Shuqian almost dug her eyes out. Although she was vicious and wicked, she felt that she was not as shameless and promiscuous as the s.l.u.tty Sun Xiaorou.

“It’s all that b.i.t.c.h Wen Xinya’s fault!” Ning Shuqian barked before ripping the newspapers into shreds and pus.h.i.+ng them onto the ground.

She initially thought that the chandelier incident would be shocking enough to overwrite the news about her. However, things turned out to be nothing like she had imagined.

At this moment, Wen Haowen walked towards the living room, clad in dark blue silk pajamas. Upon sight of Ning Shuqian who had a menacing expression on her face, he questioned, “What nonsense are you getting up to bright early in the morning?”

Sensing the annoyance in Wen Haowen’s tone, Ning Shuqian retorted in exasperation. “What nonsense am I getting up to? Take a look at what the reports are about.”

Wen Haowen and Sun Xiaorou’s photos were published on the news. Although Wen Haowen felt embarra.s.sed, Ning Shuqian was the most ashamed about it, for she had been made a laughing stock by everyone. Look… this is the retribution for being a homewrecker and s.n.a.t.c.hing Mo Yunyao’s husband!

She could not believe that she had let Sun Xiaorou get in between her and Wen Haowen. Sun Xiaorou was utterly shameless in the eyes of everyone.

How dare that shameless and cheap Sun Xiaorou insult me like this!

Wen Haowen took a seat on the couch and picked up the newspapers and magazines from the ground. After looking through the reports, his face grew sullen, for the reports about the exhibition and Mo Yunyao’s designs were all positive. The writers had even sung praises about Wen Xinya.

To his utmost dismay, there were also plenty of reports about him and Sun Xiaorou, which included graphic photos that left much to the imagination. They even speculated if he was her next boy toy.

Wen Haowen grimaced in anger and hollered. “Bulls.h.i.+t! Nonsense!”

Despite being filthy and s.l.u.tty, Sun Xiaorou was appealing in a certain sense to some men, including Wen Haowen. However, Wen Haowen was still rather rational and knew that his reputation would be ruined if he were to get involved with Sun Xiaorou. Hence, he only had fantasies about Sun Xiaorou and never once thought of getting intimate with her in real life.

“Is it really nonsense? Don’t you harbor any designs on Sun Xiaorou at all?” Ning Shuqian gibed sarcastically.

Ever since Wen Haowen initiated a divorce, she had completely given up on him. Hence, she knew clearly how lecherous he was.

Feeling awkward about being exposed, Wen Haowen quickly adjusted his emotions and said coaxingly, “Qianqian, what are you talking about? Sun Xiaorou is a filthy woman who has been bedded by plenty of men. Even if I’m desperate, I wouldn’t harbor any designs on her!”

Ning Shuqian said apprehensively, “Oh, is that so?”

Wen Haowen pulled Ning Shuqian onto his lap and stuck a hand into her nightgown. Smiling lecherously, he teased. “Little vixen, are you getting jealous? You’re my only baby and I can’t wait to serve you all the time. How could I have the energy to serve other women?”

He was telling the truth. Nowadays, Ning Shuqian was getting more and more liberal in bed and was no longer as restrictive towards him as she used to be. Whenever she was happy, she would even arrange for them to have a threesome or group s.e.x. That heavenly feeling was…

That was the reason he had stopped thinking of having extramarital affairs.

Ning Shuqian smacked his hand away and chided. “Indecent. I have something to tell you.”

While groping her, Wen Haowen said, “Go ahead, I’m listening.”

Ning Shuqian could not be bothered to stop him. She said, “Haowen, the jewelry exhibition has ended. You must get the last sum of funds released as soon as possible. Wen Xinya’s sales strategy is clearly going to be the next important project for the Wen Corporation. By then, everyone would be paying attention to the proposal and G.o.d knows how long the funds will be delayed for.”

Despite being filled with resentment, Ning Shuqian was well aware that she couldn’t go toe-to-toe against Wen Xinya and that the most important thing now was the entertainment city project.

She could only take revenge on Wen Xinya after the entertainment city project had been completed.

Wen Haowen’s face grew sullen and he said, “Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

Ning Shuqian nodded and continued, “The old man organized the jewelry exhibition, all because he wanted to persuade the shareholders to let Wen Xinya establish her own jewelry brand. Although we couldn’t kill Wen Xinya or ruin the exhibition, we can’t sit back and do nothing. Contact some of the reporters whom we’re closer to and get them to make an issue out of the chandelier incident so as to ruin the reputation of the exhibition.”

She had already contacted the media and press agencies that they were close to yesterday and got them to report about the chandelier incident controversially. Only by blowing the matter up would everyone focus their attention on the matter. It would then seem like the Wen Corporation had failed to hold a successful exhibition and hence, the Wen Corporation would be greatly affected.

The launch of the heirloom jewelry series would be unsuccessful too and hence, Wen Xinya would not be able to establish her own brand.

Wen Haowen’s eyes lit up and he kissed Ning Shuqian’s cheek forcefully. “Qianqian, you’re really smart.”

He didn’t think of that at all.

Ning Shuqian said with a sigh, “We couldn’t kill Wen Xinya yesterday, so there’s going to be plenty of trouble from now on!”

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