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Chapter 1340: The Queen Is Brilliant!

Xu Zhenyu was jolted awake by the call from Han Mofeng, bright early in the morning. He finally found out about everything that had happened during the jewelry exhibition. Although he was not present during the exhibition, he could guess from Han Mofeng’s description that the situation was extremely dangerous. He immediately turned pale.

One of Han Mofeng’s sentences stuck with him the most was: “Xu-er, you deserve to lose. Ever since Wen Xinya reunited with the Wen Family, she had been having a tough time and even though she was living in luxury, there were plenty of unpreventable and unpredictable dangers around her. Yet, the man that’s always by her side after every ordeal is Ninth Si! After yesterday, I realized that we will never be able to imagine how much Ninth Si does for Wen Xinya!”

Xu Zhenyu hung up the call silently after hearing those words.

He had no choice but to admit that everything Han Mofeng said was true.

He actually knew better than Han Mofeng what Si Yiyan had done for Wen Xinya.

However, he wanted to do something for Wen Xinya too!

He just didn’t have the chance to do so!

Where was he when Wen Xinya was facing a near-death mishap on the runway yesterday?

He was at the base camp and was preparing for a military drill. His mobile phone had also been switched off. After being promoted to a Colonel, he had gotten much busier and had to go through plenty of training on top of taking part in missions. He would spend the rest of his time learning.

Since he was a Colonel, he had to be mindful of his own image and he could not be casual with his behavior. Hence, he had qualms about rescuing Wen Xinya during the Wen Corporation’s jewelry exhibition and appearing in front of civilians.

He was the second young master of the Xu family and the heir of a military family. After six years of being in the army, he became a colonel and many suspected that he had a bright future, all thanks to the Xu family’s influence in the military.

Plenty of people were green with envy and waiting to find faults with him, or collecting some evidence against him. They were waiting for a chance to accuse him and he had to be very careful with every action of his while keeping a low profile.

He understood better than anyone else that the more outstanding he was, the more likely he would become the target of those who harbored ill intentions.

However, he regretted it!

He regretted choosing not to attend the jewelry exhibition together with Han Mofeng and the rest. As a result, he couldn’t rescue Wen Xinya when she was in danger.

Just like in his dream, he could only watch Wen Xinya suffer and meet with mishaps while being unable to help or rescue her.

Suppressing his complicated mix of emotions, Xu Zhenyu headed to the Mo Family home to visit Wen Xinya.

Wen Xinya was in the midst of reading the jewelry design notes that Teacher Ji s.h.i.+han had given to her. Glad to see Xu Zhenyu, she said, “Hey, hey, who made our Colonel Xu angry again this time? Your face is so sullen.”

Wen Xinya could not help but insult Xu Zhenyu whenever she saw him.

Xu Zhenyu’s face grew even more sullen and he glowered at her. “All you do is insult me. Can we still be friends? After finding out that you got injured, I took the time out of my busy schedule to visit you. You ought to show that you’re grateful!”

Xu Zhenyu was actually rather worried about her at first. However, he felt much more relieved after seeing how rosy her cheeks were and how energetic she was.

Wen Xinya snorted and said, “Since you’re my friend, isn’t it only right for you to visit me when I’m injured? Why do I have to be grateful? Trust you to have the cheek to say that. By the way… did you bring any gifts along?”

Wen Xinya laid on her bed sluggishly, appearing cheerful and energetic. She did not look like she was injured at all.

Xu Zhenyu was at a sudden loss for words and he almost flew into a rage. What kind of a society are we in now? Where’s her dignity and morals? What has happened to humans? Have I stayed in the military for too long and became out of touch with society? Or have I been eliminated by this world?

I came to visit her out of goodwill and yet, she took it for granted!

She even asked me for a gift so righteously!

Aren’t etiquette and manners the most important in China?

Why are things so different with Wen Xinya?

Seeing that he had come empty-handed, Wen Xinya chastised. “You didn’t bring a gift!?! Colonel Xu, you’re a Colonel. It’s a Chinese tradition to bring gifts along when visiting your friends. How can you come empty-handed?”

She sounded extremely reasonable.

I’m speechless!

Xu Zhenyu cringed and pretended to go all out. “I don’t have any gifts, but you can take my life!”

He rushed to visit Wen Xinya as soon as he received a call from Han Mofeng because he was worried about her injury. Hence, he was too concerned to even remember to bring a gift.

He wished he could lash out at her.

Wen Xinya snorted and said, “Your life is too precious, I wouldn’t dare to take it!”

As a Colonel, he had to serve the country and have a pa.s.sion for serving his fellow countrymen. Xu Zhenyu’s life was extremely precious and it belonged to the nation and the citizens.

Xu Zhenyu somehow felt like his spirits were lifted. “How’s your injury?”

Wen Xinya answered, “It was just a minor sprain. It’ll heal after a few days of rest. Don’t worry.”

Xu Zhenyu finally felt a sense of relief. He flicked her forehead and said, “Chick, do you think… you committed too many sins in your previous lifetime? Do you think that’s the reason you’re so unlucky in this lifetime? There were so many models at the exhibition, but why did the chandelier fall from the ceiling when it was your turn?”

The thought of it made Xu Zhenyu’s face grow petulant. He did not think much about the incident previously because he was too busy worrying about Wen Xinya. However, he suddenly realized that things were not as simple as they seemed to be on the surface.

Wen Xinya’s face grew sullen. If it weren’t because of her ankle sprain, she would have really kicked him. “Get out, leave. Goodbye, end of friends.h.i.+p!”

I may not have been severely injured, but the injury still hurts. Not only did he not comfort me, he still rubbed it in. I really feel like beating him.

Xu Zhenyu hurriedly leaned close and coaxed with a sheepish grin. “Don’t be like that! How could you end our friends.h.i.+p just like that? Wouldn’t it be a pity!?! Just take it that I was spouting nonsense!”

Xu Zhenyu felt the need to investigate on the matter thoroughly and find out why the chandelier fell from the ceiling. He would not feel safe unless he got to the bottom of the truth. Ever since he had that dream, he had been feeling like someone was out to harm Wen Xinya.

Wen Xinya raised her head and pretended to be condescending. “I shall not hold it against you this time. I’ll forgive you!”

Xu Zhenyu immediately pretended to be grateful. “You’re brilliant, Queen!”

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