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The One Bodhi Realm was achieved by the Ancient Emperor.

Wu Yu was able to reap what he hadn't sown as he gained enlightenment of the One Bodhi Realm easily.

The Bodhi immortal energy within the Bodhi Seed could be used as he wished.

Although there was only a single Bodhi Seed, the immortal energy within was immense.

Wu Yu started to research the second tier of the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art.

In this aspect, he was definitely better than the Ancient Emperor. This was because he possessed the dao of many immortals. He could use the perspectives of several dozen immortals to see the same issue.

"Perhaps a certain problem might be too difficult for me or even dozens of immortals to solve. However, there is always someone who has a solution for it.

"It is especially so for a 7-Yuan heavenly immortal like Liu Yuanqing when tackling an issue for a 2-Yuan heavenly immortal.

"Different perspectives add great value for me!"

This didn't just apply to the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art. It also applied to the Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha. His ability to understand and perceive issues had reached a frightening level.

This was equivalent to having several dozen people tackling the same issue, among which was a 7-Yuan heavenly immortal.

Many issues he faced could be resolved swiftly.

Second tier, third tier, fourth tier!

Within the short span of a few days, he completely overcame the first four tiers.

This was how the Ancient Emperor had advanced previously. Using his knowledge as a 5-Yuan heavenly immortal, tackling Dao Querying Realm questions would be easy and enabled him to advance swiftly.

In terms of cultivation level, Wu Yu reached the fourth tier, the Mortal Bodhi Realm, in just a few days. At this point, he was similar to a 4-Yuan heavenly immortal.

As for the 27 Bodhi Seeds that he had formed, they appeared a little dull as they didn't have sufficient immortal energy to support them.

Previously, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had enormous energy remaining within its body. However, even when all that energy was directed into the Bodhi Seeds and with Wu Yu consuming the large number of Immortal Recovery Pills he had, it was sufficient to light up all these Bodhi Seeds.

At this point, he was only left with 100 Immortal Recovery Pills that he had obtained from Liu Yuanqing.

This was the toll fee that Wu Yu had kept aside to look for Luo Pin.

"Once I get rid of all the immortal treasures that I have no use for, I should be able to get some Immortal Recovery Pills."

As for the fifth tier of the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art, Wu Yu studied it for a while and found it to be a little difficult. With the immortals he had devoured to this point, he was still lacking a little perception. He needed more time and couldn't advance as swiftly as before.

Moreover, the effects of Immortal Recovery Pills were limited. Although the 27 Bodhi Seeds had lit up, they weren't fully filled. At this point, Wu Yu could choose to rely on devouring to double his Bodhi immortal energy!

Cultivation level was just a frame and immortal energy was the crux.

As for the Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha, Wu Yu had studied it for several days. He had also fully understood the scriptures for the first four tiers. However, the cultivation of the Buddha art required a "starter." For example, the Scarlet Sky Pill was the starter for creating the Fire Aspect Realm. Therefore, even if he chose to devour, he could only strengthen the buddha energy of his Fire Aspect Realm. However, he couldn't achieve the Water Aspect Realm.

He still required a starter for the Water Aspect Realm for him to make an advancement in this field. Regardless, devouring could still strengthen him. Wu Yu's Fire Aspect Realm had not reached its limit.

"I'm starting to realize that the devouring of dao is more important than the devouring of power."

Devouring dao enabled him to tackle issues of cultivation level from multiple aspects, while devouring power could only strengthen him to a certain extent.

Perhaps this was the true objective of the Ruyi Jingu Bang reconstructing his body. By limiting the Heaven Devouring Avatar, he ended up becoming more perfect!

At the moment, he could stack the power of the Fire Aspect Realm with the Mortal Bodhi Realm. It was just that the Bodhi Seeds weren't fully matured.

"With both Longevity Arts, four Heaven Dao Mystiques, and the various abilities that I have devoured, I should be able to match a 9-Yuan heavenly immortal!"

Wu Yu was confident that he was invincible among those below the Nine Xuan Dao Realm.

Now he had substantial capital. Moreover, as he had regained the Somersault Cloud, his ability to escape had also increased.

Wu yu was standing in front of a mirror and observing himself.

His black hair was the most surface layer. If one moved the surface layer aside, one would see the silver hair.

As for his eyes, the red was hidden within the black. The Heaven Devouring Avatar had not vanished but was similar to having evolved into a more perfect state.

"The devouring of dao is the most frightening of all."

This was the conclusion Wu Yu came to.

Looking at himself in the mirror, his dominant, tall, and strong build and sharpness were a little similar to the Unparalleled Monkey King.

If he used his Immortal Ape Transformation, he would likely resemble him more.

However, if he morphed into his white-haired, red-eyed form, he would have a different demeanor.

Devilish, cold-blooded.

Therefore, he was a fusion of both currently and was a little different from the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

Perhaps this was the difference between equalling heaven and devouring heaven.

"Alright, stop getting excited over your looks shamelessly. Now that you have become an immortal, when are you going to search for a way for this lady here to be reborn? As grat.i.tude, it wouldn't be an issue for me to ‘wait on you’ a few times."

"Don't think too much about it. I'm not interested in you." Wu Yu chuckled.

Now the grey clouds that were over him had dispersed.

Ming Long was safe and sound too.

"Aiya. So you have grown up and gotten arrogant? You would refuse me when I offer myself to you?"

"I'm not interested in a spoiled brat like you," said Wu Yu.

"d.a.m.n. When my b.r.e.a.s.t.s were larger than your head, you weren't even born!"

Although they were just joking, Wu Yu noted it as his second objective.

"I'll look around, there's bound to be a way. Rest a.s.sured. My primordial spirit was so fragile and similar to you previously. Yet I survived."

She was the equivalent of a tiny and weak immortal spirit. Therefore, Wu Yu felt that this was possible.

"Alright, I shall be compa.s.sionate and be with you for a while longer. Once I'm reborn, I have no time for you."

The truth was, Ming Long was really delighted. She was delighted for Wu Yu.

If she wasn't, she wouldn't be joking.

Previously, when both of them were hiding in Ruyi Jingu Bang, it was tragedious to stare at each other.

However, it was because of her companions.h.i.+p that Wu Yu had tided over a difficult period till he had the opportunity to kill the Ancient Emperor.

"What are your plans moving forward?"

"I'll sell some immortal treasures to get some money before heading to the Dragon Immortal Sky."

The Dragon Immortal Sky was the 2,000th level of heaven and where the mystical dragon immortal beasts resided. Luo Pin should be there.

"You are indeed going to find your girl! What a stinky man that pays more attention to a lover than friends!" Ming Long wasn't too happy.

"Why not? She's a lot better looking than you."

"Aiya. Are you trying to p.i.s.s me off to my death? I've noted this down. When the time comes, I'll definitely hinder your relations.h.i.+p. I'll separate you guys. At that time, let's see how you will get!"


Wu Yu took the looks of Liu Yuanqing before entering Snow Feather City. Snow Feather City was just like before.

Immortal Su Sang had just been sent to her mentor and was cultivating at this moment. When she returned, she would realize that the Ancient Emperor and Xue Yi were gone.

Moreover, they were gone forever.

Perhaps she would search for both of them, but they would never return.

However, this had nothing to do with Wu Yu. It was destined that he would never encounter Immortal Su Sang again, whom the Ancient Emperor had desired to be with dearly.

Even though he once thought she might be his mother.

Looking at her now, the spoiled daughter of an immortal couldn't be his mother....

The Ancient Emperor was really shameless to weave this lie.

As for the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, they were still cultivating with 10 times the amount of time in the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da.

The Ancient Emperor was a pauper - there was barely anything other than the Ancient Soul Tower in his Sumeru Pouch.

Although the Ancient Soul Tower was rather impressive, it still couldn't match the Ancient Immortal Tomahawk. Wu Yu had the intention to sell both of them.

At this point, the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da was still shrouded in mysteries. Even now, Wu Yu still couldn't fully form a blood bond with it.

And it only had 10 times the amount of time currently.

Both of them remained within the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da. Using the immortal qi of the sky palaces and the resources of immortals that Wu Yu provided, they were making vast improvements.

When Wu Yu sold the immortal treasures and received roughly 2,000 Immortal Recovery Pills, they happened to withstand the Heaven's Thunder and successfully entered the fourth tier of Dao Querying.

Moving forward, their improvements would be quicker.

After all, they were in the sky palaces. A little bit of immortal qi would be equivalent to several tens of thousand units of spiritual qi.

Immortal qi didn't belong only to immortals. It didn't have any attributes, so Ye Xixi could use it for cultivation as well. Immortal qi was also present in h.e.l.l. It was just that the ghostly immortals referred to it as ghostly spirits.

Wu Yu loitered around Snow Feather City for a little longer.

He hoped to find a starter he could use to create the Water Aspect Realm.

With roughly 2,000 Immortal Recovery Pills, he should be able to afford it.

"Who would have thought that all the immortal essences, precious artifacts, and immortal kernels had spiritual marks?"

This was something that Wu Yu had discovered after arriving here.

Immortal essences shared the same name that they had in the mortal domain. They were plants that were grown between heaven and earth.

Precious artifacts were referred to as precious treasures in the mortal domain. They were created by the world. Examples include metals, rocks, and precious materials. Basically, all immortal treasures were made from precious artifacts.

There were also immortal kernels. In the mortal domain, they were referred to as essences of heaven and earth. They were formed naturally and had unique elemental attributes such as water, fire, wind, thunder, and others. For example, Heaven's Thunder, h.e.l.lfire, and the Mighty Wind were all immortal kernels.

The truth was that the Heaven's Thunder, h.e.l.lfire, and the Mighty Wind of the three dao crises had spiritual marks too. It was just that mortals couldn't see them.

The immortal essences, precious artifacts and immortal kernels in the sky palaces all had at least 10 spiritual marks.

It was said that those with over 100 spiritual marks were formed over a very long period and had immense strength. They were referred to as ancient immortal essences, ancient precious artifacts, and ancient immortal kernels.

Those immortal treasures that Wu Yu had were basically forged from ordinary precious artifacts.

After searching for a few days in Snow Feather City, he finally found it.

It was a kind of immortal kernel with 98 spiritual marks, very close to being cla.s.sified as an ancient immortal kernel.

Its name was the Universal Sea Wintry Water.

This was the core water of the oceans on the Universal Wintry Sky Place that was on the 3,000th level of heaven.

Having been nourished for over 100,000 years by immortal qi, 98 spiritual marks were eventually formed.

Wu Yu was satisfied with the Universal Sea Wintry Water. It shouldn't be an issue to create the Water Aspect Realm with it.

The only problem was that it was too expensive, costing 2,000 Immortal Recovery Pills. Wu Yu had just received the same amount after selling several immortal treasures. Yet he spent them all and was left with 100 Immortal Recovery Pills the next moment.

This was the toll fee for heading into the Dragon Immortal Sky.

The Dragon Immortal Sky was on the 2,000th level of heaven. One needed to have the strength equivalent to a 9-Yuan heavenly immortal to reach that place.

It just so happened that Wu Yu just made the cut.

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