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Wu Yu knew that he had to be stronger before he headed to the Dragon Immortal Sky.

Previously, Ao Yang had given him a reminder in the Jambu Realm. He knew how difficult it would be to enter the mystical dragon immortal beasts' territory and claim Luo Pin as his immortal dao companion.

This would be a much harder road compared to killing the Ancient Emperor.

Therefore, he prepared to use the Universal Sea Wintry Water to open the Water Aspect Realm.

The Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha would reach the second tier.

His Bodhi Immortal Dao Art had already reached the fourth tier.

Wu Yu had the experience of the Fire Aspect Realm that the Ancient Emperor had developed with the Scarlet Sky Pill.

At the same time, he had the understanding of dozens of immortals. He had already understood the scripture of the Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha to the fourth tier.

"Previously, all I lacked was the starter and sufficient buddha energy. Buddha energy can be supplemented later, but the bridge into the Water Aspect Realm is built with this Universal Sea Wintry Water."

Wu Yu had no money to rent an inn in Snow Feather City, so all he could do was find a corner out in the wild and begin to build.

This had an element of risk.

But with his real body's mystiques back, he could deal with many of the dangers.

"First, put the Universal Sea Wintry Water into your body, then surround it with buddha energy. And then dissolve it into every particle of your body, which are the black buddha images."

Wu Yu's buddha energy was in every particle of his body, which formed his physical body.

Therefore, buddha energy was his physical strength as well.

The Universal Sea Wintry Water was extremely icy. After it entered his body, he was thoroughly chilled, turning purple from the cold. Wu Yu's entire body was shuddering from the cold.

It was a type of pain that was difficult to endure. Ordinary immortals would be unable to bear it.

However, Wu Yu's physical body was strong enough to put this immortal kernel with more than 90 spiritual marks into his body. It was as if one had swallowed the dao calamities of Mighty Wind or h.e.l.lfire themselves.

More, one would then go on to dissolve it into every molecule of one's being.

Buddha energy came from these particles, then the dissolved bits of water would carry the Universal Sea Wintry Water easily into the black buddha particles in Wu Yu's body.

When each particle was infused with the Universal Sea Wintry Water, there was an om sound, and a Water Aspect Realm was created throughout his body!

It was like a new world had been born inside Wu Yu's body. There was a boundless sea inside it, and within the sea was Wu Yu's buddha energy.

Beside it, there was also a Fire Aspect Realm. There, the flames burned strongly, and that, too, was a type of buddha energy for Wu Yu. One was fire aspect Vajra buddha energy, the other was water aspect Vajra buddha energy.

The former was ferocious and intense.

The latter was endless and resilient.

His buddha energy would only grow more and more complete, until it became Nine Aspects Vajra buddha energy!

At that time, he would have nine aspect realms in his body and possess nine different types of buddha energy. When his body burst into action, all nine types would merge as one, forming a perfect power. The limitless nature of the nine aspects lay in the wealth of buddha energy behind it!

After a few days, Wu Yu succeeded.

His buddha energy was still quite weak in the Fire and Water Aspect Realms, and he could not be considered to have 2-Yuan worth of buddha energy. However, Wu Yu's greatest treasure was devouring. As long as he devoured, he could use his two realms to increase his physical body to a terrifyingly strong level.

Right now, his physical body was at the second tier, while his immortal spirit was at the fourth tier. With so many mighty mystiques, he had no equal below the Nine Xuan Dao Realm.

After this was accomplished, Wu Yu finally stopped. He was very satisfied with his two-in-one body, and this was probably the work of the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

His immortal spirit would occasionally look up at the Ruyi Jingu Bang. Its presence allowed Wu Yu to keep his mind clear. He had not felt the urge to devour in a while now.

It was as if he had full control of it.

This was a good thing. If he appeared before the mystical dragons in the Heaven Devouring Avatar's body and demanded to see Luo Pin, they would definitely cast him out.

But now he looked like just an ordinary heavenly immortal.

"Time to go!"

Wu Yu could not wait anymore.

He went to the Well of Eternal Life.

After paying 100 Immortal Recovery Pills, he again entered the Well of Eternal Life.

This time, he wanted to go to the 2,000th level of heaven.

Exactly level 2,000.

This would be a long journey.

After Wu Yu entered this time, there was no disturbance with the Well of Eternal Life either. Therefore, he was even more sure that the first strange encounter had nothing to do with him.

Even now, there were still many people discussing it.

Inside the Well of Eternal Life, the tension was palpable. Everyone hustled along their journey, especially those who traveled alone.

Some were going up, while others were going down.

Wu Yu continued to charge onwards. He was still accustomed to being near the well wall, where he could see the vast worlds outside.

Level after level of heaven.

About half a month had pa.s.sed, and he had already seen a thousand levels of heaven. Each level of heaven had countless immortals, and the sheer immensity of the sky palaces kept him marveling.

Many immortals had come from the mortal domain, but after so many years, many immortals had forgotten what it was like in the mortal domain.

After all, the mortal domain was but a very, very small fraction of their entire lifespan.

Immortals who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years would find it very difficult to remember those first few hundred years.

If not for the sheer length of time, there would not be so many immortals gathered in the sky palaces either.

At about 1,500 levels of heaven, Wu Yu began to feel the pressure from the Well of Eternal Life.

As he continued to head up, he felt like he was moving through mud.

The higher he went, the harder it got. Until finally he needed to use his immortal energy and buddha energy, straining to go higher.

He gritted his teeth and pressed on!

When he looked up, he felt how almighty the Jade Emperor was. He was not only crus.h.i.+ng Wu Yu - all the immortals who were challenging their limits were being suppressed.

It was like a spirit design that permeated the entirety of the 8,000 Sky Palaces, pressing down on the heads of each immortal, telling them: Rigid Limit.

That's right, the limit was rigid.

All the immortals were divided into different levels, and only the strongest of them deserved to stand at the top of the tower.

As for the heavenly immortals, they were the most numerous. They swarmed around the base and had the most average of immortal qi and scarcest of resources. They were often bullied.

If you wanted things to change, you could only claw your way upwards!

As for the Well of Eternal Life, it was what drew the boundaries.

Who was an elite immortal? Who was an ordinary heavenly immortal? The Well of Eternal Life determined all.

This was also why Wu Yu was interested in challenging it. He did not believe in cowardice.

Within the Well of Eternal Life, everyone wished to continue ascending forever, finally reaching the Spirit of Heaven Jeweled Hall.

"When standing there, one can look down on the whole Heavenly Domain.

"If I can reach there in this lifetime, and no longer have all these Xuan immortals, immortal lords, and immortal kings above me, I can change my fate at will.

“If I can stand there and have eternal life like the Jade Emperor, that would be the greatest."

This was what Wu Yu looked forward to immensely. It was also his ultimate goal. He had this wish.

Before, he chased longevity. Now, he chased eternal life. Moreover, he would stand at the pinnacle of the Heavenly Domain and be invulnerable.

"Of course, that's too far from where I am. I can only dream for now."

He was still struggling towards the 2,000th level of heaven.

The 2,000th level of heaven, the Dragon Immortal Sky, was a unique place.

It was territory that belonged solely to the mystical dragon immortal beasts. As long as one was a mystical dragon immortal beast, even a newly ascended 1-Yuan heavenly immortal could be here.

This was a heavenly rule from the Jade Emperor himself.

However, other immortals would need to be 9-Yuan heavenly immortals and above in order to reach it. Therefore, more than 99% of the people in the Dragon Immortal Sky were mystical dragon immortal beasts.

Other immortals could enter by obtaining a Dragon Immortal Pa.s.s. It allowed one to stay in Dragon Immortal Sky for 100 years at most. After which, the pa.s.s would lose its effect, and one would have to leave.

If you wished to stay, then you would have to fork out a huge amount to cover the "staying fee." The longer you stayed, the larger the amount you paid. All in all, it was not worth it.

Therefore, if there was no special reason, immortals seldom chose to take up residence at the Dragon Immortal Sky. After all, there were many other places within the 8,000 Sky Palaces.

Wu Yu fought against the Well of Eternal Life's pressure, forcing his way upwards past the resistance.

"Almost there."

He knew that Luo Pin was at the Dragon Immortal Sky.

"Mystical dragon immortal beasts that attain immortality have a mystical dragon who goes to escort them personally to the Dragon Immortal Sky. This is unlike ordinary immortals, who have to ascend by themselves. When they reach the Ascension Platform at the first level of heaven, no one cares about them."

This was the immortal beasts' way. It was said that other immortal beasts did the same as well. For example, the phoenixes. In the future, if Nangong Wei managed to reach immortalhood, she, too, would be escorted into their folds in heaven.

After all, she was an eternal phoenix, which was also an elite bloodline amongst the phoenix immortal beasts. It was as valuable as a Primordial Immortal Dragon.

1,800th level of heaven!

1,900th level of heaven!

At this point, he was already drenched in sweat, and his breath came in ragged pants. Many people stopped to rest, even at the cost of paying 100 Immortal Recovery Pills.

But Wu Yu persisted. The Dragon Immortal Sky was indeed not easy to reach. And it was scary to think that there were still 6,000 levels of heaven above. But Wu Yu was prepared for the difficulty, and he embraced it consciously.

To meet her!

For the vow of meeting in the sky palaces!

2,000th level of heaven!


Wu Yu was bathed in sweat, but he broke into a relieved smile.

"How touching. In order to copulate once, you charged from the mortal domain to the sky palaces. This story is finally nearing its conclusion," the Full Moon of Nanshan whooped.

"This is a love story that would make the ghostly immortals weep!" For a frolicking lover like himself, he naturally did not know what "love" was.

However, it did not matter. Love was not a prerequisite for cultivation. In fact, a bad romance might even crush some.

But Wu Yu had made his choice, and he would not back down. Right now, he could think of nothing else but her, and he was in no mood to even cultivate.

"But the Dragon Immortal Sky is so huge. How difficult will it be to find a mystical dragon who has just ascended? I had better be prepared for a difficult journey!"

Wu Yu left the Well of Eternal Life.

"Another immortal? Don't come and trample about our Dragon Immortal Sky for no reason. Take it, take it!" When he arrived, a Dragon Immortal Pa.s.s was thrust into his hands.

"Get out of the way." There were a few mystical dragon immortal beasts at the mouth of the Well of Eternal Life, and they were in dragon form, shooing Wu Yu away.

As expected, they did not welcome immortals in their territory.

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