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Chapter 1506: Return to Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm

For each other, for their future, for eternal life.

All that they had endured so far counted for nothing.

In this world, that there was just one other person in tune with oneself in everything - it filled one with courage to fight on.

Mutual love was the strongest motivation in this world.

No matter how much they suffered, how tired they were, with someone by their side to go through it with, it filled one with strength and hope.

All the difficulties before them counted for nothing.

He had ascended from a mortal to an immortal. In the vast expanse of the sky palaces, the tides of trouble had come in wave after wave, and now the ultimate tidal wave of doom was impending. But with someone beside him facing it together, Wu Yu was heartened.

As for Luo Pin, with Wu Yu beside her, she could not help but be confident as well.

Although the dangers this time were great, but both of them were relaxed.

After straightening out the details, and imagining every possible scenario that could happen, they also thought of hundreds of ways to deal with them. Wu Yu and Luo Pin stepped onto the path back to Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. This time, they would fight on the same field!

If they succeeded, they would have escaped certain doom, and won a long period of peace.

If they failed, then all was for naught. Chifeng Immortal Lord's ident.i.ty would be exposed, and they were doomed.

Of course, Wu Yu held great hopes for their success.

Especially with Luo Pin accompanying him. That made things look even brighter.

It was another few months before they were back at Dragon Immortal Sky. In this time, he had received a few more urgings from Sky Will Dragon King for him to quickly kill Wu Yu and bring Luo Pin back. They all wanted to know what state Luo Pin was in.

News had gotten back that she had defeated Tian Jian Dragon Lord, and many were astounded by this news.

Sky Will Dragon King delivered an ultimatum.

"If you cannot deal with this, I will send other dragon kings."

Now that Luo Pin had changed, she might be regarded as a prodigy among prodigies. To Sky Will Dragon King, this mortal domain husband Wu Yu was a complete burden, and best killed off.

He had also warned Tian Jian Dragon Lord not to hurt Luo Pin.

After this immortal message talisman came, Wu Yu replied that all was dealt with, and he was returning with speed. His reply was brief, and his words did not carry any sign of despair or indecision.

Given Tian Que Dragon King's nature, he could not give any forewarning of such a big matter, especially since it was his own responsibility to deal with. However, in order to protect Luo Pin, Wu Jun and the others had to be present at that time. As to when the news would be revealed, and how, they had thought it all out.

Appearing on Dragon Immortal Sky territory, both Wu Yu and Luo Pin were completely different now.

Wu Yu was already Tian Que Dragon King, dressed in white, his aura ethereal and unique. His eyes were no longer wooden, but deep and cold.

However, because of the significant matters that had happened, his eyes were a little wild, and he was solemn and moody. Of course, there was some uncertainty and frustration there as well. It was a masterful delivery of Tian Que Dragon King's mood.

As for Luo Pin, she could not give the game away either. She had tried to convince herself to imagine that Wu Yu was truly dead, immersing herself in those feelings. On the outside, Luo Pin was numb and listless. She was not angry, and it was difficult to see how devastated she was.

This pair made for a strange sight as they appeared at Dragon Immortal Sky.

At the Well of Eternal Life at Dragon Immortal Sky, many mystical dragons saw the Hundred Empires Dragon Kings' Sky Will Dragon King's eldest son, the eldest grandson of the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor. They sank to their knees in respect.

They could feel the dark mood of Tian Que Dragon King, and did not dare to get close.

"Tian Que, haha, what a coincidence seeing you here." Before they had taken two steps, someone recognized him. Wu Yu looked up to see that it was Golden Fate Dragon King, who ruled Dragon Immortal Sky. He was often found within Golden Fate Dragon City, seeing to affairs.

The last time Tian Que Dragon King had left, he had lingered here for a day to drink and chat with Golden Fate Dragon King. Tian Jian Dragon Lord and the others had been present as well. Golden Fate Dragon King saw that Tian Que Dragon King had brought Luo Pin back, and was also clearly not in a good mood. His smile faded, and he came to Tian Que Dragon King's side. "Old brother, what is going on? Where are Tian Jian and the others?"

Wu Yu waved him off. "Something has happened. I have to go back to Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm to see father. Let's talk again."

Saying thus, he dragged Luo Pin a little forcefully, leaving a dull air behind him. He did not stop, and left Golden Fate Dragon King and the others exchanging looks.

"Boss, Tian Que Dragon King is......" The other immortals asked quizically.

Golden Fate Dragon King said: "Something big has happened. He has never been this grave before. I remember the last time they said they were going to chase a guy called Wu Yu, on Tian Ming's behalf. And now only Luo Pin and he have returned. Could Tian Ming have met with trouble? Or the other two, perhaps......"

"Tian Ming Dragon Lord?! That's huge. The son of the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor......"

They were all guessing. Golden Fate Dragon King had been about to go out, but now he changed his mind. He would stay in Dragon Immortal Sky and see how the situation developed.

Over on this side, Tian Que Dragon King had already dragged Luo Pin into Golden Fate Dragon City, pa.s.sing through the entrance to Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. All the mystical dragons hurriedly bowed in respect when they saw that it was Tian Que Dragon King. Wu Yu's dark mood was too strong, and they were all left curious as he pa.s.sed.

Before long, there were many inquisitive glances fixed on Wu Yu's back, as he dragged Luo Pin after him into Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm! As they entered, they headed straight for Sky Will Empire.

He entered and sent an immortal message talisman, reading: "Father, I have returned. I am headed for Sky Will Empire immediately. Something has happened. Do not tell uncle and aunt first."

This was what Tian Que Dragon King would rationally do when trouble happened.

After sending it out, Luo Pin also sent out an immortal message talisman, saying "I am in Sky Will Empire. Help me...... Wu Yu killed Tian Jian, Aurora, and Tian Ming. I have been brought back by Tian Que Dragon King. Wu Yu is dead......"

This was too important a matter. Although Wu Yu did not want to keep Wu Jun and the others in the dark, but ultimately they were not too familiar with Wu Yu. They still could not be trusted with the truth about the Heaven Devouring t.i.tanic Beast, and so there was a need to keep the truth from them as well.

They too must believe that Wu Yu was truly dead.

Otherwise, it remained a vulnerability for exposure. Therefore, Wu Yu could only apologize to them in his heart. Perhaps one day they would be able to understand.

Right now, Wu Yu needed them to protect Luo Pin. Otherwise, she would indeed be in danger.

Luo Pin's immortal message talisman had also been sent while Tian Que Dragon King was distracted, and he had been too late to stop her. Ordinarily, Tian Que Dragon King would have taught Luo Pin a lesson, but there was no one else around. Therefore, he suppressed her with the Tian Que Dragon Palace and continued onwards to Sky Will Empire!

Next, the real show would begin!

Wu Yu was fully in Tian Que Dragon King's character now. He knew that Luo Pin had sent out the immortal message talisman, and so he must hurry ahead to speak to Sky Will Dragon King first. This matter could not reach Sky Shadow Dragon Queen or Sky Chariot Dragon King first!

A streak of white light flew towards Sky Will Peak, where Sky Will Dragon King was. After receiving the immortal message talisman, he also sensed that something had happened.

Although Tian Que Dragon King had wanted to cover things up, but his return had drawn attention, and many dragon kings also called out to him. However, Tian Que Dragon King ignored all of them.

Even after entering Sky Will Empire, he was still the same way, and this raised the suspicions of many dragon kings.

"What's wrong with Tian Que? He's so bothered."

"Something's not right. He looks quite nervous. Something big must have happened. He isn't even answering our greetings."

"Didn't he go out with a few younger siblings? Why did he come back alone? That mystical dragon with him isn't Aurora Dragon Lord, right?"

"No idea. Should we follow him? Seems like he's headed for Sky Will Peak."

"Let's go. Nothing else to do anyway."

The faster "Tian Que Dragon King" moved, the bigger the stir he created. It showed how fl.u.s.tered he was. If he had been composed, he would have returned more discreetly.

This "haste" of Tian Que Dragon King was also a considered act that Wu Yu had created.

The real test was here!

He took a deep breath and exchanged a look with Wu Yu. The two of them saw the strength in each other's eyes, and then they concealed it again. One was Tian Que Dragon King, through and through. The other was a listless Luo Pin, bereft of Wu Yu.


The two stepped up to the battlefield.


Tian Que Dragon King, with Luo Pin in tow, breezed into Sky Will Peak. This was the largest mountain in the entire Sky Heart tribe, and exceptionally high. Ordinarily, only Sky Will Dragon King would be here.

On the peak, a huge white mystical dragon was coiled up, encircling the entire peak. After receiving Wu Yu's immortal message talisman, he had already roused himself from his cultivation, and now turned to face Wu Yu with a chilling look.

Wu Yu immediately felt the enormous pressure. He dragged Luo Pin before Sky Will Dragon King. He was currently in his Primordial Divine Dragon form, and only slightly smaller than Sky Will Dragon King.

Actually, Sky Will Dragon King had been quite satisfied with this son of his all this while. However, some irritation had sprung forth recently, and now it seemed like something bad had happened. Seeing him return in such a fl.u.s.tered state, and with only Luo Pin in tow. Sky Will Dragon King's heart jolted. He could often guess the general picture from their expression alone.

Luo Pin bereft, listless.

Tian Que Dragon King, trying to keep it together, but his mental state frazzled beyond his composure.

Sky Will Dragon King lifted his huge dragon head to regard his "son". "What is it that has undone you thus?"

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