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Chapter 1813: Depraved Seed

Wu Yu began to devour the immortal buddha corpses, trying to cultivate his golden buddha world's Eternal Wheel.

He was already an eighth tier immortal emperor, his Devouring Apotheosis Realm Eternal Wheel completed. However, his immortal buddha cultivation realm was only at the seventh tier. If he could but create that Eternal Wheel as well, Wu Yu would grow to another level.

This was another tedious process. The thousands of immortal buddha corpses were all devoured by Wu Yu!

During this time, Guanyin Pusa could not rest either. She had to remain vigilant while Wu Yu was devouring, ensuring that he would not be too afflicted by the aftereffects. Once he lost control, she would use the Tightening Cantrip to calm him down.

It was the eternal demon emperor corpse devourings all over again, but now Wu Yu had already built the Eternal Wheel in his apotheosis realm, and had some experience of how to do so.

There were some similarities between immortal buddha and immortal emperor cultivation.

As for the differences, devouring more than 10,000 immortal buddhas soon made up for his lack of experience.

In the next 30,000 years, Wu Yu devoured all of the immortal buddhas.

He could not even differentiate which part belonged to which immortal buddha. They were all a jumbled junkyard of corpses in dismembered states.

It did not matter to Wu Yu, except that each piece he ate lit a fire in his heart.

Xuanzang's Millstone of Life haunted his mind. Herding them into self-destruction - it was too much.

He nursed his rage, and devoured on. His Eternal Wheel was built much faster after he had finished eating them all.

Anger was a powerful motivator, but it made Wu Yu even more susceptible to losing control. If not for Guanyin Pusa, he would not have been able to let himself go so much during his devouring. He reached the eighth tier after the 30,000 years.

Now that both his Eternal Immortality Realm and Supreme Buddha Immortal Realm had reached the eighth tier, he had already started to outcla.s.s Guanyin Pusa and approach Xuanzang and the Jade Emperor's tier.

Wu Yu could not go up against them yet, but with Guanyin Pusa's a.s.sistance, there were many things they could do.

"Guanyin Pusa, I remember you said that you too had been devoured by the Unworldly Abomination, and lost your memories, becoming a puppet."

Wu Yu started to think about his next step after reaching the eighth tier. "How did you escape its control?"

"It's very simple."

Guanyin Pusa answered with a smile. "The immortal and ghostly immortal emperors were all devoured. When the Unworldly Abomination spit them back up, it left a depraved seed in their bodies."

"As long as the depraved seed remains in their bodies, they are the Unworldly Abomination's puppets. And once the Unworldly Abomination awakens, it can use the depraved seeds to control them."

"Now the immortal and ghostly immortal emperors have lost all memory of the war. They are moving as they originally would."

"I was able to purify the depraved seed within me and regained my memories!"

Guanyin Pusa said.

"Is there any way to help them regain their memories?"

Wu Yu asked urgently.

He was really holding out hope for that. If they could just purify the depraved seeds, would they not have many helpers?

Although the Unworldly Abomination might be very strong, but there was strength to be found in numbers too. It was definitely better than the immortal and ghostly immortal emperors being under its control when the Unworldly Abomination awoke.

"Of course, there is a way."

Guanyin Pusa nodded, albeit a little wistfully. "However, my abilities are limited. Just purifying the depraved seed within me already used up too much jade willow dew. It's impossible to purify others. And even if I could, it would be too few, and too slow. There isn't much meaning to it."

"Does Guanyin have any other ideas?" Wu Yu said, troubled.

"I remember that the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon had a Mystique called World Cleanser. It could cleanse an entire world of evil! A pity that back then the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon was gone, and unable to help."

Guanyin Pusa smiled tentatively. "Luckily your wife has the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon's legacy. If she can revive it enough, she might be able to use the World Cleanser Mystique to restore the immortal emperors and ghostly immortal emperors! The chances are slim, but perhaps some few can be saved."

"I see." Wu Yu nodded solemnly.

Their path forward was clear now.

The urgent matter was for Luo Pin to cultivate as quickly as possible and activate the complete legacy of the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon!

This was all that they could do.

Therefore, Wu Yu and Guanyin Pusa together began to nurture Luo Pin.

She was already a third tier immortal emperor, and her immortal buddha realm was the same. But at this level, she could not activate the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon's bloodline. She had to be stronger.

Luckily, Wu Yu had already devoured tens of thousands of immortal buddha and eternal demon emperor corpses. He had gained much knowledge.

Which he could all Impart to Luo Pin!

Again, this was a time-consuming process.

The Imparting ability of the Heaven Devouring t.i.tanic Beast was powerful, but not as powerful as devouring. It would not be as fast as Wu Yu's own rise.

Luo Pin continued to leech experiences and insights off Wu Yu. She took a full 50,000 years before she could properly integrate them and rise two tiers to the fifth tier in both realms!

Next, she would have to build the River of Time in both her apotheosis realm and buddha world.

However, there was no time to do so. As she reached the fifth tier, the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon's legacy bloodline finally allowed her to evolve!

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