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Lu Lijun couldn't help but smile widely as he saw the way Jiang Yuyan ran away after getting the meaning of what he said.

'She is my wife. What's there to run away...but it's fun to tease her,' he thought and continued lying in bed as he closed his eyes and thought about how good it felt when he slept holding her. It felt even better than sleeping holding a huge soft toy when he was a kid.

'I should sleep like this every night. After a long time, I had such a relaxing sleep. She is my sleeping pill.'

He remembered her sweet smell when he back hugged her and how soft she felt when he held her at the stomach. Everything was messing up with his senses at that moment, but he preferred to sleep, or he didn't know what he would do with her.

Remembering all this, it had started affecting him again, and he frowned as he buried his face in the pillow while clutching it tightly.

'This is more difficult than I thought. I need to get back to my room, or I will go crazy.'

Lu Lijun immediately sat in the bed to step out of it, but just then, the bathroom door opened, and Jiang Yuyan came out. Without a delay of a moment, Lu Lijun pulled to quilt over him. 'Why is she out so early?'

Jiang Yuyan averted her sight from him and went to the wardrobe, "Why are you still here?" she asked, not looking at him and acting as if she didn't notice why he covered himself with the quilt.

"I was contemplating whether I should go to my room or have a bath with you?" Lu Lijun teased.

Jiang Yuyan gritted her teeth. She maintained his dignity by not showing she knew why he was like this, but he could only act like a pervert in return.

"Can I?" Lu Lijun asked.

Jiang Yuyan frowned and threw the towel in her hand on Lu Lijun angrily that she had just pulled out from the wardrobe, which dropped on his head. Getting another towel, she went to the bathroom.

Lu Lijun pulled it down as the towel messed up his hair, and he called her, "You forgot to take your clothes. Do you want me to bring it for you?"

She turned to look at him and shouted angrily, "Get out of my room."

"Now?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Yes now,"

"As you say." He held the quilt to take it off of him, and Jiang Yuyan turned around not to look at him.

He smiled and said as he couldn't make her feel more embarra.s.sed. "Take your clothes and go. I will leave later."

Jiang Yuyan hurried towards her wardrobe to get clothes and then went to the bathroom in a hurry, holding her breath that she let go out only when she closed the bathroom door.

Lu Lijun threw the quilt aside and stepped out of the bed as he thought, 'When the wife is stubborn, only a cold shower can help,' and went to his room.


At the breakfast table.

Lu Lian didn't come for breakfast, and Ning Jiahui informed everyone that she was not feeling well.

Jiang Yuyan went to see Lu Lian while Lu Lijun waited for Jiang Yuyan to return.

When Jiang Yuyan went to Lu Lian's room, she saw her still sleeping and covered in the blanket.

"Mother said you are not feeling well," said Jiang Yuyan as she could see Lu Lian was awake.

"I want to be in bed," she replied and looked at Jiang Yuyan peeking out of the blanket.

"Take rest but make sure to eat something," Jiang Yuyan instructed.

Lu Lian nodded, and Jiang Yuyan touched her forehead to check if she had a fever or anything.

"I am fine, Yuyan. I don't want you to worry about me when you already have a lot to worry about."

"Good to know you are fine. Not going to the office?" Jiang Yuyan asked.

"Don't want to," she replied sadly.

"You can take a break today. But one should not leave their work and responsibilities midway," said Jiang Yuyan.

Lu Lian nodded. "From tomorrow, I will resume it."

Jiang Yuyan agreed and left.

When Jiang Yuyan came out of Mansion, Lu Lijun was waiting for her. "I have an important meeting to attend outside. You can go to the office."

"Need my a.s.sistance, President Lu?" Lu Lijun asked.

"I don't wish you to s.n.a.t.c.h away Xiao Min's job," she commented and stepped towards her car only to hear Lu Lijun, "I plan to s.n.a.t.c.h away his boss."

Jiang Yuyan sighed and mumbled, "He can never get tired of it."

She sat in her car, and Lu Lijun went to his car to go to the office.


Jiang Yuyan reached Wen's corporate office, where Xiao Min was already present, waiting for his boss.

"Good morning, boss," Xiao Min greeted as he opened the car door for Jiang Yuyan.

"Morning. Did you bring that file?" Jiang Yuyan asked as she stepped out.

"Yes, boss!" The two stepped inside Wen's corporate building.

"Boss, are you sure about it...I mean the fourth young master has already sorted out everything with Mr. Wen, so there is no need."

"Do I need to teach you again how business relations.h.i.+ps work?" Jiang Yuyan interrupted him.

"But this is important…."

"Nothing is more important than him," Jiang Yuyan interrupted him again.

Just then Wen Zac arrived to welcome Jiang Yuyan, "Morning President Lu. Nice to have you here."

Jiang Yuyan accepted his greeting and walked with him to the private elevator. Everyone present there was surprised by the sudden presence of President Lu there and couldn't help but use this chance to see her closely. It was not an everyday thing for them to see this extraordinary lady.

Jiang Yuyan went to Mr. Wen's office as Wen Zac guided her way. Jiang Yuyan entered Chairman's office where Mr. Wen was sitting in his chair behind the work table.

Seeing Jiang Yuyan, he stood up to welcome her. "Nice to have you here, President Lu," and went towards the couch gesturing for her to sit.

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