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After Lu Lijun went upstairs to Jiang Yuyan's room, Xiao Min sat back on the sofa, frowning while the butler kept looking at where Lu Lijun left. The moment Lu Lijun entered the living room and the way he talked, it reminded the butler about a certain someone, and he couldn't stop but kept looking at him.

"He is just like his elder brother," the butler mumbled.

Xiao Min, who was already frowning, gave a displeased look to the butler. "You saw him for the first time. If you knew him personally, you wouldn't have said the same thing. He is nothing but trouble for our boss while Lu Qiang….." Xiao Min couldn't sum up the words. In his eyes, the way Lu Qiang loved Jiang Yuyan, no one can ever love someone like that. No wonder his boss couldn't forget him even after so many years.

"To me, he looks no less than him," said the butler.

"You are really old now. It would be best if you get an eye check-up done now," Xiao Min countered.

"Seems like he had troubled you a lot," Butler smiled and left, leaving sulking Xiao Min alone.


Hour pa.s.sed by, but Xiao Min was still in the living room. He couldn't sleep thinking how his boss would react when she would see Lu Lijun here. She didn't want anyone to know this place and come here to visit her. It was the only place that isolated her from the entire world, and she could spend her time alone with old memories.

Other than the butler, Xiao Min, San Zemin, a driver, and a few servants, no one was allowed to be there, not even San Zemin's men. It was as if, entry of someone extra would affect this place from retaining its old self the way it was in the past.

After an hour of Lu Lijun going to Jiang Yuyan's room, Xiao Min thought to check on his boss. He knew Lu Lijun was there to take care of her, but still, he couldn't stop worrying about her. Moreover, Lu Lijun knew nothing about how to deal with if something happened.

Xiao Min slowly opened the door and looked at the couch to be prepared to face the fourth young master in case he scolded him for coming to check on her, but no one was on the couch.

In the dim but visible light of the room, Xiao Min's sight moved towards the bed only to get the shock of his life. Lu Lijun was sleeping in Jiang Yuyan's bed, under the same quilt and holding her in his embrace.

In shock, Xiao Min took a step back and closed the door slowly to not make any sound. Not knowing what to think about it, Xiao Min came downstairs and sat on the couch, looking all tense.

'He must want to comfort her. Nothing else, Xiao Min comforted his disturbing thoughts.

'But, is she aware of it? Doesn't seem like it,' Xiao Min knew Jiang Yuyan would never allow it, 'If she wakes up and sees him, she might turn furious.' Worry took over his mind as he ran his hands through his hair. He would not want Jiang Yuyan to get angry in such a condition.

The butler came out to the living room, who too couldn't sleep and wanted to check on his mistress. Like Xiao Min, he was also used to it and could never stop worrying about Jiang Yuyan.

"Are you still awake, Mr. Xiao Min?" the old butler asked.

"Hmm," Xiao Min nodded, who was still dazed.

"I will check on the Young Mistress," said the butler.

Xiao Min immediately looked at him, "No need. I have just checked, and she is fine."

"I need to make sure personally. Here it's my responsibility to look after her," the butler stepped towards the staircase.

Xiao Min followed behind him, "She is fine, and moreover, the fourth young master might not like it if we disturb boss's sleep by going there."

Butler stopped and looked at him. It was unusual for Xiao Min to act like this. He had never stopped the butler from doing anything, but he did today.

"What is it?" the butler asked.

Xiao Min gave him a nonchalant look as if there was nothing, "There is no need to climb these stairs and go there when the fourth young master is there to care for her."

"I can never forget my responsibility then whatever and whoever is in the way," said the butler and stepped to go upstairs.

Xiao Min didn't stop him. He knew the butler had taken care of Jiang Yuyan like his own daughter after his boss had pa.s.sed away. Whatever mess she created in the home in her anger or when she was not sober, he had cleaned it all by himself and never stopped her.

Xiao Min followed him. When the butler opened the door, he saw the same thing that Xiao Min saw. The butler was shocked for a moment as it was totally unexpected, but soon his expressions turned normal.

He felt the room was a bit cold. He adjusted the temperature in the room and turned to leave as he closed the door back.

It surprised Xiao Min. When they returned to the living room, Xiao Min spoke, "Don't you have anything to say."

"Mr. Xiao Min should sleep now. It's late," said the butler and turned to leave.

Xiao Min didn't know why butler was still calm, and if he were not worried about what would happen if Jiang Yuyan were to see Lu Lijun next to her.

'I think I am the one overreacting,' Xiao Min thought and lay on the sofa instead of going into his own room.


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Lu Lijun woke up by dawn and saw the woman next to him still sleeping soundly in the same position from when he accompanied her in the bed late in the night. Her head was resting on his arm as she slept facing the ceiling. His one hand was still resting on her abdomen as he fell asleep by caressing it.

He stared closely at her face and smiled, 'How deep one can sleep not to realize who is beside her. Was she always like this? The next moment he grinned, 'Whatever! It's good for me. Sleeping beside her is so comforting,' he thought.

He had only a few hours of sleep after arriving there late at night, but still, he felt like completing his sleep and felt fresh.

He pulled his hand back that rested on her stomach and slowly moved to pull his hand from below her head. He gently rested her head on the pillow and, with light movements and stepped out of bed.

He put on the shoes that he removed the previous night before getting into the bed.

He fixed the misplaced quilt on Jiang Yuyan and leaned down to peck on her forehead as he whispered. "Take care."

He stepped outside of the room and closed the door lightly. When Lu Lijun reached the living room, Xiao Min was sleeping on the sofa. He heard the sound of footsteps and woke up.

Though he didn't like Lu Lijun's presence there, he couldn't act rashly and stood up to greet him. "Good Morning, Fourth young master."

"Morning," Lu Lijun greeted back and instructed, "I was never here."

"Huh?" Was it because of sleep, or he couldn't understand what was going on in Lu Lijun's mind? Xiao Min looked at him feeling puzzled to know what he meant.

Lu Lijun stared at him, "Also, you were the one who told me she is not well."

'Huh? What did he mean by this?' Of course, I am the one who told him but only when he asked me about my boss.

Not explaining further, Lu Lijun was about to leave. The butler who saw and heard it all bowed to Lu Lijun to greet him, "Good Morning, Fourth young master."

"The temperature in the room you later changed was perfect. Keep it the same tonight," Lu Lijun spoke and left, leaving the two men dumbfounded.

'So he knows we came to the room,' Xiao Min thought.

The butler looked at Xiao Min, smiling pleasantly, "Just like his brother."

Butler again reminded Xiao Min about his previous words when he said Lu Lijun is like his brother.

Xiao Min frowned, "You really need an eye check-up," and went to his room while the butler could only smile.

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