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Chapter 1126: Deceit

Qi Zhen had a calm expression, “Giant Alligator King, we do not deny this. But, the reason we killed the Ant King was just to defend ourselves.”

He looked at the threatening beast kings, “Before, the Ant King was fighting with an unknown enemy and then just happened to run into us. It insisted on saying that we were cooperating with the Giant Alligator King to kill it. Then, it started attacking us. We had no other choice but to kill it.”

The Golden Eagle King laughed in anger, “So you’re saying that the Ant King was the first to break the rules and the rest of you are innocent?”

Qi Zhen shook his head, “No matter what happened, the Ant King died beneath our hands. Let things go like this. The Nightmare Clan has no wish to take this matter further.”

“How insolent!” The Golden Eagle King roared, “You killed the Ant King and yet you still dare to distort the truth and reverse black and white. Do you think that we nightmare beast kings don’t dare to slay you all here!?”

He took a step forward, wild strength surging out and locking onto Qi Zhen. It seemed as if a thunderous strike would descend at any moment.

Qi Zhen sneered, “None of you were there when the Ant King died. Since none of you saw, what I said is fact…if you touch me, it would seem that you beast kings wish to provoke a war with the Nightmare Clan!”

These words were rude, but it had an att.i.tude of the larger fist making the rules. The other nightmare beast kings roared again and again, restlessness and rage in their eyes.

The Giant Alligator King’s eyes widened with surprise. Even if this Nightmare Clan descendant had a formidable life-maintaining card in hand, he absolutely shouldn’t still be provoking the nightmare beasts at this time.

Unless this other party had another plan…what was his goal? To start a war? This was a grave matter related to two giant tribes. Even if the Nightmare Clan held the advantage, it wasn’t something that could be determined by a single bloodline descendant.

In other words, it was likely that Qi Zhen was shouldering some sort of mission…if this was true and he managed to ignite a war between the Nightmare Clan and nightmare beast tribe, their goal might be…

As for the reason behind this?

Within the Giant Alligator King’s chest, his strong and mighty heart fiercely contracted. A foreboding sense of wariness and anger washed over him.

Could the Nightmare Clan have sensed something and was deliberately stirring up a war to find a reasonable excuse to tear up the contract and then destroy him?

Taking a deep breath, the Giant Alligator King roared into the skies, “I will fully investigate this matter! Until then, none of you can leave here!”

First he would stabilize the situation and delay for time to verify his guess. If the Nightmare Clan really came here prepared…things would become troublesome.

The Great Alligator King didn’t want to flip the table in case things worsened and everything spun out beyond his control. But, it was clear that the other nightmare beast kings didn’t think the same.

In their eyes, even though the Giant Alligator King hadn’t made a clear statement, it was obvious he was being partial to the Nightmare Clan and their actions.

It seemed that the accusations of the Ant King before his death were likely to be true…the Giant Alligator King and the Nightmare Clan were working together!

But what did the Giant Alligator King wish to do? Did he want to borrow the hand of the Nightmare Clan, eradicating all other tribes and becoming the sole king of the Nightmare Beast Territory?

This wasn’t impossible!

It had to be known that the strength of the Giant Alligator King was infinitely close to the King boundary. If he could truly seize control of the Nightmare Beast Territory and become the only King of the entire tribe, it might be able to get the attention of the abyss’ will, subsequently receiving its approval.

At that time, the Giant Alligator King would borrow this opportunity to break through his boundary and become the genuine King of the nightmare beast race!

The eyes of the beast kings flashed with a cold light. As tribal kings, none of them were idiots.

The Giant Alligator King could clearly sense the atmosphere change around him. The eyes that landed on his back were like ice cold knives.

These idiots! This pack of idiots!

With his strength and status, why would he need to cooperate with the Nightmare Clan? If he wanted to become the true King, he could do so with his own strength. It would just cost more time.

It was because of this that a stable environment was the greatest demand of the Giant Alligator King. He would never destroy the peace and stability of the nightmare beast race during such a crucial time.

These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds actually couldn’t understand such a simple truth…no, perhaps they were well aware and were just feigning ignorance.

A tribe could only give birth to one true King. Once one was born, it would take away the chance from all other beast kings. They would never have a chance to rise again.

The Giant Alligator King’s eyes grew increasingly cold. It thought of the murdered Ant King and the Nightmare Clan…hum hum, he didn’t cooperate with them, but he feared there were other beast kings who couldn’t wait to collaborate with them.

The Nightmare Clan wanted to eliminate him to prevent a true King from being born within the nightmare beast race. As for the beast king cooperating with them, he likely didn’t want his path to become a true King severed like that.

These two sides had a sufficient basis and foundation for joining forces!

Qi Zhen’s eyes flashed. He sensed the strange atmosphere flowing between the beast kings.

He stepped forward and said, “The Nightmare Beast Territory is in a dangerous situation. We must leave immediately and report this to our clan. I ask that the beast kings please do not stop us, otherwise what happens afterwards will all be at your own risk!”

“How arrogant!” The Golden Eagle King roared out loud. It flapped its wings, causing countless golden wind blades to appear in the air and then come howling downwards.

Qi Zhen coldly sneered, “Giant Alligator King, don’t forget the reason for why you have your current status. Do you want to tear apart the agreement with my clan?”

Shua –

All of the nightmare beast kings stared at the Giant Alligator King. Caught off guard, the unexpected anger he showed on his face seemed to verify Qi Zhen’s words.

He really did have a connection with the Nightmare Clan already…and the time when this relations.h.i.+p was established was far earlier than they antic.i.p.ated!

The Ant King’s death was undoubtedly related to the Giant Alligator King!

The Giant Alligator King sensed the killing intent in the eyes of the other nightmare beast kings and couldn’t help but roar in his heart. Why would Qi Zhen know about this!?

Sure enough, this junior had come into the Nightmare Beast Territory under the command of high level figures in the Nightmare Clan. He was deliberately trying to provoke a war.

No! He could not allow the Golden Eagle King to kill Qi Zhen, otherwise the Nightmare Clan would have an excuse to tear apart the contract and launch a large-scale invasion of the Nightmare Beast Territory!

At that time, he feared his death wouldn’t be far away.

Bang –

A giant alligator tail swept out, countless afterimages following in its wake. The golden wind blades that flew through the air were smashed into pieces.

The Golden Eagle King soared into the skies, launching its wings that spread over 3000 feet wide. Its golden feathers burned with dazzling flames. In terms of appearance alone, it somewhat resembled the legendary G.o.d beast phoenix.

It screeched in rage, its expression filled with killing intent. “Giant Alligator King, you have abandoned the nightmare beast race and no longer deserve to be a nightmare beast king! Make way, otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite!”

The Giant Alligator King restrained his anger and shouted, “Golden Eagle King, calm down for now! If you kill this Nightmare Clan descendant, the entire Nightmare Beast Territory will suffer total destruction!”

At this moment, a shadow howled in from the distance. When it was some distance away, because of its escape velocity, it crashed down into the earth and created a terrifying pit.

Everyone was immediately distracted. The beast kings widened their eyes and subconsciously cried out, “Black Wolf King!”

The one that was smashed deep into the ground and covered in b.l.o.o.d.y wounds while gasping for breath was none other than the Black Wolf King.

Just what had happened? The Giant Alligator King’s trusted subordinate was injured to such an extent?

Seeing the arrival of the heavily wounded Black Wolf King, the Giant Alligator King was first angry and then rejoiced. He thought it was lucky that the Black Wolf King had come at such a time, otherwise if the Golden Eagle King were to lose his reasoning, he would find it difficult to deal with the fallout.

He wasn’t afraid of tearing apart all pretense of face, but if he were to fight with the Golden Eagle King before he clarified the situation, he feared he would fall into a trap.

Now, with things having been interrupted by the Black Wolf King, there might be a favorable turn.

But this joy lasted for less than a breath of time before it was thoroughly crushed by the Black Wolf King’s words. “My King! The Blue Eagle King cooperated with the Nightmare Clan to attack your cave. All of your bloodline descendants and all of the elites of the alligator race have been killed!”

“What!?” The Giant Alligator King roared, his giant body appearing in the pit. His giant tail grabbed the Black Wolf King and brought him close, “Black Wolf King, say that once more!”

The Black Wolf King cried out, “My King, the Blue Eagle King held me down while the Nightmare Clan helped him. I was only able to escape and report this matter to you after risking my life. I beg your forgiveness for my uselessness and the trust you placed in me…the cave has been destroyed…your bloodline…has been broken!”

Hou –

The Giant Alligator King crazily roared. A terrifying aura smashed the surrounding s.p.a.ce, causing cracks to spread outwards.

His children…his people…had been killed…all of them had been killed…

“Blue Eagle King…the Blue Eagle King cooperated with the Nightmare Clan…” The Giant Alligator King stared at the feathers the Black Wolf King held in his mouth. Although they were broken, their aura could not be faked.

Moreover, the Black Wolf King had indeed suffered severe injuries. His crystal nucleus was almost smashed apart…so, the Giant Alligator King believed him.

In truth, the Giant Alligator King normally wouldn’t have been fooled so easily. But not long before this, he had thought that a beast king had cooperated with the Nightmare Clan to place him in a death trap.

Now, they destroyed his cave and killed off his bloodline and the elites of his clansmen. Wasn’t this to cut the gra.s.s at the roots? However, they had underestimated the Black Wolf King and allowed him to run all the way here.

If not for that, he would likely still be kept in the dark…Gold Eagle King, it was actually him!

He should have thought about this earlier! Before the Giant Alligator King rose up, this old golden eagle was the de facto ruler of the Nightmare Beast Territory.

After being defeated by the Giant Alligator King and having his status captured, the Golden Eagle King certainly wasn’t willing to see him become a true King.

This explained everything!

Cooperating with the Nightmare Clan and killing the Ant King, that had to be the Golden Eagle King…just now the Golden Eagle King deliberately attacked Qi Zhen…how could he not know the consequences of this?

After all, all of the nightmare beast kings could clearly sense the formidable aura emanating from Qi Zhen.

The Golden Eagle King had intentionally done this in coordination with the Nightmare Clan. It was all to provoke them into a war so that they could all join together and kill him!

Hateful! How hateful!

Fiercely flicking his tail, he flung the Black Wolf King far away. Then, he looked up, locking his blood red eyes onto the Golden Eagle King in the air.

This time, it was the Golden Eagle King’s turn to be left speechless. When did he order the Blue Eagle King to attack the Giant Alligator King’s lair? Even if he wanted to stamp out this source of trouble, he would kill the Giant Alligator King first, right? Was he so stupid he was supposed to do this sort of thing where he put the cart in front the horse?

The Giant Alligator King actually believed this idiot. Could his big skull be filled with nothing but tofu? How could he be so brainless!

Feeling the cruel killing intent coming from the Giant Alligator King, the Golden Eagle King roared out, “Giant Alligator King, this matter has nothing to do with me!”

“Die!” The Giant Alligator King roared. The ground disintegrated and the heavens immediately darkened. A giant alligator phantom over ten times his size blocked out the skies.

At this time, the giant alligator phantom opened its jaws and bit down at the Golden Eagle King without hesitation.

Bang –


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