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Chapter 1338 – Young And Enthusiastic

A giant city floated in the sky and long streets wound through the place. The city was known as Dark Hole City, and it was the most powerful trading city. Every day, many cultivators would come here to trade and the business allowed other industries to grow and thrive.

For instance, in order to prevent crime, Dark Hole City had a strict curfew system. Every night the city shut down for two hours and a large self-examination array would open. No one would be allowed to enter or exit.

This meant that every cultivator who entered Dark Hole City would have to find a place to stay. From there, their ident.i.ty and background would be checked. This helped to reduce the risk of crime in the city.

Qin Yu was in Dark Hole City, on a certain street. He was right before a counter at an inn…no one would have known that the Bounded Zero Place entrance was situated right here.

Mysterious Clan men and the World of Darkness cultivators stared at each other fiercely. However, Qin Yu knew that they would not fight. At the very least, they would not dare to fight here.

The cultivators from the World of Darkness who arrived later smiled, “Why don’t you give the Spirit Array to us. These people in front of you will not make trouble for you anymore then.” He snapped his fingers, “We can definitely pay a price you will be satisfied with.”

A low chuckle came from the green-robed cultivator, “We have never let anything we set our eyes upon go. Make your decision after considering this carefully. Don’t be rash and lose your life. The Spirit Array…is ours!”

Stone PaG.o.da suddenly made a wave of communication with him.

Qin Yu was surprised by this.

His voice was soft and he said, “It is not entirely impossible to give the Spirit Array to them. It can live longer in that way.”

Qin Yu always felt that Stone PaG.o.da kept many things to himself. That wave of communication had killing intent! However, since he did not say anything further, Qin Yu did not ask him about it after second thought. Instead, he said, “How can I easily go back on my words? It is a small trouble, at the most, I will just change my ident.i.ty.”

Before coming here, he knew that the World of Darkness was one of the two leaders in Bounded Zero Place. As the person who ruined Black Turtle and killed Thousand Saint, Qin Yu would not tour Bounded Zero Place with his own ident.i.ty.

He was already a fake and changing his appearance was nothing. Look at seventh apprentice sister. She changed her face every day but she could still live happily.

Stone PaG.o.da said, “Since that is the case, I will channel an illusion into your body. Place the Spirit Array in it and it will not be discovered.”

“Great, let’s do that!” If he was going to offend both parties, he needed an alternative method. Qin Yu did not want to waste time with them.

Ignoring the two camps of Mysterious Clan and World of Darkness cultivators, Qin Yu turned to the counter staff and said, “I want a room.”

As he said that, he opened his palm. Light flashed and a token appeared.

A glimmer crossed the counter staff’s eyes and he said, “A familiar customer! Please take room number three.”

Another staff member smiled and bowed, “Please come with me. I will lead the way.”

The moment he turned, he was stopped. The green-robed cultivator glared coldly, “Perhaps you do not know who you have offended.”

He was interrupted before he could finish. Qin Yu expressionlessly said, “Although it is my first time here, my elder at home did not inform me that I could be threatened here. Is this a new rule?”

The staff member smiled, “No way. As an inn, we definitely will not allow such a thing. Please rest a.s.sured.” As he said that, he turned around, “Please do not make things hard for me. If you cause trouble, we will also be dragged in.”

The green-robed cultivator sighed deeply. He took a step back, “Good, very good! You better pray that you will not meet us in the future.”

Qin Yu nodded, “I will.”

The World of Darkness cultivators laughed together. This laughter was an irritation to Qin Yu’s ears.

These people were mocking the Mysterious Clan and they were adding fuel to fire. They were not bothered about his position and they were using him as a chess piece from the start. For the Mysterious Clan, they did not care whether Qin Yu lived or died.

This made Qin Yu very unhappy. He suddenly stopped, c.o.c.ked his head to one side and asked, “Sorry, what?”

Qin Yu lightly said, “Did no one tell you how disrespectful laughing out loud in a public setting is? Some random hooligans, how embarra.s.sing.”

His tone was neither loud nor soft, but everyone could hear it. The tired-looking counter staff’s eye twitched as he looked at Qin Yu. This customer was unordinary. Hopefully, he had good luck and he would be able to save his life.

“You want to die?” The cultivator from the World of Darkness roared.

Qin Yu glanced at him, “So uncultured, what a b.a.s.t.a.r.d.” He placed his final judgment on him.

The counter staff hurriedly tried to lead Qin Yu away as he broke out into cold sweat. After so many years, the number of people who had dared to provoke the group of cultivators was tiny.

He knew that not many people were daring, and after they died, there were even fewer left. After all, no one dared to provoke these people.

Turning back to look, he saw the stiffened expressions of the men from the World of Darkness. There was also a cold glare in the eyes of that cultivator from the other group. When he finally brought Qin Yu to his room, he said in a low voice, “You should try not to head out too soon, or you should leave tonight and abandon your plans this time.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands, “Thank you for the reminder.”

The staff member knew that Qin Yu did not take his words to heart. He shook his head and did not say anything else. Similar things had happened in the past and the staff had seen many people similar to him. If they did not listen to advice, they eventually paid the price.

After sending the staff away, Qin Yu entered the room. It was a regular inn and the room size was not large. As such, it felt stuffy.

If he had not verified his token, Qin Yu would still be doubtful over whether this was the entrance of Bounded Zero Place.

Stone PaG.o.da’s voice rang, “Master, I will need roughly half an hour to prepare the illusion.”

Qin Yu nodded, “Go ahead.” He waved his hand and a ball of light appeared, “Spirit Array, you saw everything earlier. I will do what I promised you.”

The light shadow s.h.i.+fted and a voice came, “Thank you Lord Qin Yu.” After some hesitation, he continued, “I can sense a very strong array on the man you met previously. It was because of this array that he felt my existence. Although I am not sure of the use of it, it is very strong. Please be careful, Lord Qin Yu.”

This was surprising news. The strong array on the group of cultivators from the Mysterious Clan was probably used to detect Bounded Zero Place.

He b.u.mped into clas.h.i.+ng factions before he even went in. This was not a good sign no matter how he looked at it.

His eyes flashed as he took in this news. It would be best if he never needed this information. However, it might also have implications he did not know now.

“I understand. When the illusion made by Stone PaG.o.da descends you can enter it temporarily.” Qin Yu reached forward and the Array Spirit shrunk into a small light dot that disappeared into his hand.

After half an hour, Stone PaG.o.da announced, “Alright!”

An illusion appeared before Qin Yu and the light dot of the Array Spirit entered from his hand.

Buzz –

The illusion faded.

Qin Yu stood up and walked towards the bed. Light flashed as the token that the Spring Master gave him appeared.

Closing his eyes, a burst of light suddenly exploded in the depth of his consciousness. A wide scene of the world seemed to open up in his mind.

Wreckage, wind howling, and clouds parting…a towering gate stood within.

Loud booms of thunder roared through his ears, “Do you wish to enter this world and walk under me?”

Qin Yu was alert as he replied, “Yes!”

The moment that he replied, the token in his hand suddenly burst out with light, enveloping his entire body within.

As the light dissipated, dazzling light flashed before his eyes. Within the glow of light, Qin Yu disappeared.

The light was not enough to cover the entire guesthouse. The s.p.a.ce was not large and the ceiling was so close, it made people feel oppressed. Everything was different from before.

The staff member behind the counter frowned slightly. He glanced at the guestrooms area and shook his head silently. Which old guest was so blind to choose an ignorant youngster as his heir? The token would be useless.

A pity, what a pity!

Of course, the way he felt did not matter. He was just in charge of guarding the door and he would not interfere in things.

He had seen many things after so many years. Those who came here would be prepared to die.

Ding dong –

The door to the inn was pushed open. The ancient bell attached to the gate made a loud and clear sound.

The counter staff looked over and frowned. It was another new face. To meet two new people in one day was very rare.

Soaring Sky entered and walked towards the door. He paused before taking out a token, “I am here to stay the night.”

The counter staff was purely in charge of guarding the entrance. He would not ask questions to those who had keys. Simply put, he only acknowledged keys. Hence, even though he was surprised, he did not let this show. “Alright, please head over to…the guestrooms.”

It was another token of an old face. However, this had not appeared for a long time. He thought that he had disappeared, but it was handed to a new person.

This was a good thing for the counter staff. If more people went in, there was a higher probability that…he could recover from the small incident that previous person caused.

The past events in recent years had proven that once tokens landed in the hands of that clan, they would not see the light of day again.

He estimated the time since the previous person went in…sigh, young and enthusiastic. He was truly young and enthusiastic!

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