Supreme Emperor of Swords Chapter 1165 - Chapter 1165 Searching for Hades True Immortal

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Chapter 1165 - Chapter 1165 Searching for Hades True Immortal

Chapter 1165 Searching for Hades True Immortal

“There is indeed a connection between Hades True Immortal and the Hades Ghost Sect. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any traces of Hades True Immortal in the Hades Ghost Sect this time around.”

Ding Hao felt a little regretful when he left the Westernmost Land.

In his conversation with the Bright Moon Immortal, Ding Hao had received an important piece of information- when the world could not tolerate the existence of immortals, any creatures with the immortal power would wither and die like malnourished plants. They would be subject to the rules of heaven and earth and could not exist in the world.

However, at the end of the era of the Eight True Immortals, someone created the method of self-destruction. When the immortals sealed their cultivation and fell into a strange state, they could avoid the sanction of the rules of heaven and earth.

Bright Moon Immortal speculated that Hades True Immortal might have survived the previous epochs in this way.

The tides of the Spiritual Qi between heaven and earth had not yet grown to the point where immortals were allowed to exist, so Hades True Immortal was definitely in a weak state. If Ding Hao could find the real body of Hades True Immortal now, he might be able to kill him with his strength.

Ding Hao was a stunning master of dual meridian cultivation. Although he had not yet reached the Immortal Realm, his combat capability was enough to fight against an immortal.

According to the advice of the Bright Moon Immortal, now was the best time for Ding Hao to kill Hades True Immortal.

Once he missed this opportunity, when the heaven and earth returned to the peak of the Spiritual Qi and the complete era of the rules, Hades True Immortal would be able to quickly unseal his power. When that happened, no one would be able to fight against him, and this world would fall into eternal darkness.

Therefore, it seemed that Ding Hao had been cultivating in seclusion all these years, but in fact, he had been secretly investigating the whereabouts of Hades True Immortal.

It was a pity that this terrifying lord of dark power, who had controlled almost all the history of the Land of Infinity and the Land of Divine Grace after the Immortal Period, had never revealed his real body. Ding Hao got to the end of the clues he tracked, but there was no further information.

Ding Hao’s visit to the Jadefall Immortal Sect this time was because of the Hades Ghost Sect that had appeared after the Divine Palace of Sky and Netherworld had split up. Ding Hao guessed that the Hades Ghost Sect might have something to do with Hades True Immortal.

After getting the location of the secret headquarters of the Hades Ghost Sect from Liang Feixue, Ding Hao personally went on an expedition to break into the Hades Ghost Sect and obtained countless pieces of information. He confirmed that the Hades Ghost Sect was indeed a branch of Hades True Immortal’s power and also knew a secret.

It turned out that the Divine Palace of Sky and Netherworld had been a force secretly controlled and supported by Hades True Immortal. It had ruled the Eastern Continent of the Land of Divine Grace for countless years. In its heyday, it was almost famous all over the world and produced countless heroes. Later, there was a world-shaking genius who inherited the position of the lord of the Divine Palace. He was unwilling to be controlled by others and once fought against Hades True Immortal.

No one knew how the battle ended, but the final result was that the Divine Palace of Sky and Netherworld quickly dissolved, and then G.o.d’s Palace replaced it. It became the number one force on the Eastern Continent, entered another era, and became famous for countless years.

After the division, the Divine Palace of Sky and Netherworld split into the Jadefall Immortal Sect and the Hades Ghost Sect. They fought fiercely with each other, which was respectively the evolution of the power that supported the world-shaking genius and the power that fell into darkness.

Unfortunately, the Hades Ghost Sect only occasionally received orders from Hades True Immortal, and even the current Sect Master and dozens of the Highest Elders of the sect didn’t know where Hades True Immortal was. Moreover, the True Immortal had never made a move in person, otherwise, the Divine Palace of Sky and Netherworld would have been destroyed a long time ago.

Although Ding Hao had learned a lot of secrets when he broke into the Hades Ghost Sect, he still could not find the real body of Hades True Immortal.

“The Divine Palace of Sky and Netherworld and the Hades Ghost Sect are just of Hades True Immortal. He must have many more like this. He was to survive the chaotic battles between immortals in the Immortal Period and the killing tribulation of heaven and earth. It means that his might and wisdom are top-notch. When he is weak, he will definitely protect himself and would not be so easily found!”

Ding Hao got a bit anxious.

If he couldn’t find Hades True Immortal and kill him when he was weak, the consequences would be unimaginable when he recovered.

A day later, Ding Hao came to the Divine Capital of G.o.d’s Palace on the Eastern Continent.

The G.o.d’s Palace had gradually regained its vitality. The Third Divine Prince, the Fourth Divine Prince, and the others were all world-cla.s.s heroes and the cream of the crop. In the past, they were just overshadowed by Bai Wuji, Ding Shengtan, and other amazing figures. But now, after Ding Shengtan and Bai Wuji’s glory dissipated, they were still the strongest ones.

Under the governance of these men, the strength of G.o.d’s Palace was growing day by day.

Hua Mojian, the successor of the Southern Underworld Ignis, had also been well-trained in the Divine Capital. His strength had improved by leaps and bounds, and he had reached the Semi G.o.d Realm. He was called the Young King by the people in G.o.d’s Palace and was now a figure with real power. His style of doing things was quite similar to Ding Hao’s. Some people even privately called him Little Ding Hao.

Ding Hao went straight up to the divine mountain and met with Ding Xinghua, Ding Xingxue, and other higher-ups of G.o.d’s Palace. He had a conversation with them and gained something.

“It’s a pity that you’re not a member of the Ding family, otherwise…” Ding Hao looked at young and vigorous Hua Mojian and felt a little regretful.

Among the younger generation of G.o.d’s Palace, Hua Mojian was a top-notch junior. Ding Hao appreciated his talent, cultivation, wisdom, and style of doing things. If he was a descendant of the Ding family, the position of G.o.d Emperor would be inherited by Hua Mojian in the future. Ding Busan and Ding Busi enjoyed being idle and had no intention of leading the army and power.

After cultivating in seclusion on the divine mountain for ten days, Ding Hao left again.

He didn’t leave the Divine Capital immediately. Instead, he went to the headquarters of Shengyuan Bank in the capital and showed the other two Purple-golden Cards. When the chief manager of Shengyuan Bank saw these two Purple-golden Cards, he almost bit his tongue.

As Ding Hao expected, each Purple-golden Card had a different meaning, which was extraordinary.

If one had three Purple-golden Cards at the same time, it meant that the owner of the cards was the real owner of Shengyuan Bank.

In the past few years, the chief manager of Shengyuan Bank had been working very hard and did not dare to slack off at all. Shengyuan Bank had a great influence in the Land of Divine Grace, and its influence even exceeded that of the Eastern Continent, which involved the territories of the Birdmen and the beastmen. It was undoubtedly the No.1 Bank in the Land of Divine Grace. Except for the Sea Clan in the Seven Seas where the environment was different, most of the other clans had contact with Shengyuan Bank.

The real owner of Shengyuan Bank had a mysterious ident.i.ty. Even the chief manager himself was not clear about this.

He was quite shocked to see Ding Hao today. He did not expect the owner of the bank to be such a young man.

Ding Hao did not give much explanation about this.

After some simple verifications, Ding Hao completely took over Shengyuan Bank.

However, he didn’t change anything, nor did he carry out some changes in power as the chief manager had imagined. Instead, he still entrusted everything to the chief manager, showing that he would not interfere in the specific operation of the bank.

Ding Hao only instructed the managers to have the branches of Shengyuan Bank secretly pay attention to the auras of the dark power and track them down while secretly investigating the whereabouts of Ding Tong.

After doing all this, Ding Hao left without even checking the accounts of the bank for the past years.

“Hey… the owner is too casual, isn’t he?” The youngest manager in charge of the headquarters of the bank was a little puzzled and displeased.

The chief manager glanced at him and knew that the young manager was always ambitious. He was also looking forward to the arrival of the bank owner this time to adjust the power structure of the bank and take advantage of it to get a higher position. Unfortunately, Ding Hao’s indifferent departure disappointed him very much.

The young manager’s talents were stunning, and he did things in a radical manner. He was an open-minded general. If it wasn’t for his great ambitions, the chief manager would have promoted him a long time ago. These past few years, the chief manager had purposely suppressed him in order to temper his character. Only when his character became a bit more stable would he be placed in an important position.

“I’m afraid that the owner’s background is quite shocking. It’s not that he’s too indifferent, but that the entire Shengyuan Bank doesn’t matter to him much, so he doesn’t care. Moreover, this kind of indifference comes from the bottom of his heart, so he wasn’t being pretentious…”

The chief manager glanced at the other managers and continued, “Only such a person can have a broad mind. He has not been involved in the affairs of the bank for so many years. You should work harder in the future and don’t be arrogant. You should know that although Shengyuan Bank is extremely rich, to the real supreme masters like the Saber and Sword Addict Ding Hao, it is just a slightly beautiful flower which they can pick up at any time whenever they want!”

The managers all had solemn expressions on their faces.

The young manager’s eyes lit up and he asked, “Do you think… the bank owner is Ding Hao, the Saber and Sword Addict?”

All the manager’s hearts skipped a beat.

The chief manager also thought the same, but after thinking for a while, he shook his head and said, “It seems that way, but I don’t think so. The bank has been established for countless years, but Ding Hao’s rise was only in the last 50 years…”

When Ding Hao went to the bank this time, he slightly changed his appearance.

As such, they did not really recognize him.

Ding Hao left the Divine Capital.


After half a day, he appeared in Stone Mouth City.

The military town at the border, which had broken down because of the compet.i.tion for the Immortal Artifacts in the past, had become more magnificent and firm than before after reconstruction. In recent years, G.o.d’s Palace had focused on supporting and operating the city, making it more prosperous than ever.

When Ding Hao came here again, he lamented in his heart.

Back then, the chaos in the Land of Divine Grace had been stirred up in this place, and the waves had spread to the whole world.

He visited the Heaven Sound Pavilion and the Earth Sight Pavilion in succession.

These two most peculiar intelligence agencies seemed to have a mysterious origin and were seemingly omniscient. Ding Hao wanted to try to find information about Ding Tong and Hades True Immortal through them, but unfortunately, he was disappointed. Neither the Heaven Sound Pavilion nor the Earth Sight Pavilion could provide him with the information he wanted.


Ding Hao then left.

“Although the two forces are strange and seem to know everything in the world, their ability is limited after all. The world is so big that there is no lack of strange people and sects. Although they have established the Heaven Sound Pavilion and the Earth Sight Pavilion, they still can’t really see everything in the world.”

Ding Hao also knew that it was a little hasty for him to pin his hopes on the two forces that sold intelligence.

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