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Last day of the week.

Lila stood on front of the conference room doors. This was her last chance to show everyone who Kara really is.

She had waited on pins and needles monitoring the Commander's routine for when he's alone. Now after six days she finally found it.

*Knock * *Knock*

"Come in." Commander General ordered from behind his desk.

Lila took a deep breath before opening the door. She walked to the center of the room, stood and waited for the Commander to acknowledge her presence.


"Umm, I don't know if you know who I am..."

"There are over a hundred thousand people on these s.h.i.+p, sorry if I don't recognize you."

"Yes, I know but considering I'm the one working on the fixing the engines I figured that ent.i.tled me to little acknowledgment."

Lila said with regression in her voice. Being pushed off to the side, after spending the pa.s.s couple of days fixing the engines. She expected a little appreciation on his part, like knowing her name at least.

The explanation why the Commander should know her, pause him from farther reviewing the doc.u.ments in front of him. Folding his hands on the desk. The Commander gave Lila his full attention.

"Oh, you're the little helper Kara asked for?"

"No, I'm the really savior you were looking for. " Lila straighten her body to it's full height and looked him straight in the eye.


Kara was leisurely chatting in the s.h.i.+p's cafeteria with a group of people.

These past couple of days have been a pleasure. While Lila worked on the engines. Kara had been enjoy the comforts of fame.

All the crew knew her name. They looked at her with admiration and respect. She couldn't get enough of it.

She was so lost in the feel of the spot light. She didn't seem to see Pace's long face approaching her from the front.

It wasn't until he cleared his throat and pushed his way threw the hovering crowd that surrounded her; did she see him.

Pace closed the distance between himself and Kara. Lean down, placing his face right next to her's. Giving the feeling of an intimate atmosphere between the two.

Kara highly uncomfortable with him standing too close wanted to pull away. Yet before she could Pace's words stopped her.

"I'm surprised to see you so relaxed here among everyone. While your friend is having a private conversation with the Commander. Considering you did all the work. I wonder what exactly she has to talk to the Commander about?, but you just continue to laugh it up here. I'm sure it's nothing."

Pace pulled away from Kara, and walked out the cafeteria's doors.

Pace's resounding remarks left sweat beading at the top of Kara's head.

'Lila has gone to the Commander. She actually went!'

Lila body shot up. When the people around her saw her frazzle face. They wandered what was said between to two.

"Kara are you alright? Did Pace do something to you?" One of the onlookers asked wanting some gossip.

"No, no I just need to get back to work. I've rested long enough."

The crew knew the deadline the Commander General gave her. So they didn't question her farther.

Once Kara left the Cafeteria she sped down corridors towards the Commander's office.

Calming her breath before opening the door, Kara was able to pick up the conversation from inside.

"You're the savior?...Meaning you're the one fixing the engines, not Kara?"

There was no surprise in the Commander's voice.

"It seems you are not surprise." Lila noticed the casualness of his reply.

"I've had my doubts....but that doesn't mean I believe you." The Commander's eyes sharpen as he stared at Lila, standing in front of him.

"Sir, what if I can prove it?...If I can prove to you that Kara has been stealing my work all long. That it was always me who has been fixing the engines."

Lila eyes was pleading with the Commander for just one chance.

"Alright I'll give you one chance."


Kara listen in on Lila's plan. At first she was going to open the door and stop Lila from saying anything more to the commander.

Yet when her hand touched the door n.o.b another hand clasped over it stopping her action. Frightened, Kara quickly took back her hand.

"Pace..." whispered Kara.

Pace held up his index finger to his lips. Signaling for silence.

Kara didn't know how much Pace had heard. She didn't want to create a scene, notifying the people in the room of her presence.

The two stayed outside the doorway listening in.


Lila's shoulders sagged in relief when he complied with her request. Unfortunately before she could show any gratefulness towards him, the Commander also didn't let side the seriousness of her accusations.

Lila felt cold air sweep towards her. Wrapping itself around her body before slowly vanis.h.i.+ng.

"I don't need to tell you what punishment you will face for lying to I."

Lila shook her head no before being dismissed from the office.

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