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Chapter 589 Set Foot on The Summit

In a dark and endless s.p.a.ce, a mirror with full of cracks was suspended there.

A bright light flashed through the mirror, and then the pale and confused face of Jing Xin emerged.

“Where am I?”

“It is the s.p.a.ce in my real body! Tut. The mirror surface of Reincarnation Mirror comes back in this way.”

Black Lotus appeared from the darkness. Although he looked like a human, his pupils were both white, and there was a black lotus between his eyebrows. His body was somewhat transparent. Clearly, he was a spirit instead of a human.

“How are you going to treat her?”

Another voice came from the other direction. Jin Xing turned around and saw a small odd-shaped beast striding towards her.

The beast reminded Jing Xin of the huge monster that she had met in those years. Her face turned pale instantly.

Black Lotus smiled, “Silly, she seems to recognize you.”

Little Beast of Reincarnation lied in front of the mirror surface and licked his paws, “I gave her the ability to control the world of Reincarnation Mirror. She certainly can recognize me.”

“You are…the real mirror spirit!”

Jing Xin could not stop trembling, because she was the fake. Since now the true spirit had shown up, her fate could be imagined.

“Master ordered not to hurt her.”

Black Lotus gave a strange sound, “She, a ruthless person, could even be soft-hearted. She was almost cheated on…”

“Black Lotus, I guess you need some divine thunder.”

When Su Li’s faint voice sounded, Black Lotus was so scared that his face turned green. He severely slapped himself and piteously begged, “Master, I’m wrong.”


Little Beast of Reincarnation could not help but laugh out aloud. Then, it immediately covered its mouth, and its face was extremely red.

“After you devour the mirror, if you do not show something special, I will consider changing a blood refining treasure.”

Now, Little Beast of Reincarnation could not laugh as well. It lowered the tail and nodded.

After the voice faded away, Black Lotus rubbed his face and muttered, “d.a.m.n it! She could really see the s.p.a.ce in my real body. Since when?”

Thinking that Su Li probably watched him all the time, Black Lotus s.h.i.+vered. He swallowed the coming words and slapped on the head of Little Beast of Reincarnation, “Hurry up. Master is waiting for us.”

Little Beast of Reincarnation shrank its head and thought in the mind, “You have never acted this way before.”

It slowly threw the Reincarnation Mirror Ring from its mouth. The mirror ring immediately integrated into the mirror surface. White lights appeared from the cracks and then drowned the face of Jing Xin.

Shortly after, the white light dispersed. A complete cla.s.sic bronze mirror was there.

“Although it’s not complete, it is recovered at face value.”

Black Lotus wanted to touch the surface of the mirror, but Little Beast of Reincarnation interrupted his attempt by ingesting the mirror.

“It needs me to grow.”

Seeing Little Beast of Reincarnation close its eyes, Black Lotus clapped his hands and said nonchalantly, “Who cares that mirror? Remember not to digest that girl, otherwise Master will punish you.”

“I know the consequence.”

Little Beast of Reincarnation glanced at Black Lotus and then closed its eyes again.

Black Lotus sighed. He peeked into the dimmest corner in the s.p.a.ce of the ring.

“Has she seen those stuff?”

It was the third day since Shengxian Mountain opened. At noontime on the summit.

The wind was blowing with extreme cold. A girl’s skirt was dancing with the wind like a black b.u.t.terfly was flapping its wings.

“Is this the destination?”

Su Li carefully checked the place. As soon as she determined that there were no pitfalls, she set her foot on a circular stone on the top.

At that moment, the voice of the spirit of the Mysterious Realm sounded again.

“Su Jiuzhou from Ni Sect has reached the summit, ranking the first on Tianjiao List!”

Su Li chuckled and asked, “Am I the only one who can hear the words?”

After a while, the spirit of the Mysterious Realm replied, “Yes.”

Su Li blinked and continued slowly, “Could you please announce it to everyone?”

The spirit of the Mysterious Realm, “…”

“Could you do that?” Su Li’s tone was gentler. She waited patiently.

The spirit of the Mysterious Realm was shaken, “Let me consider it for a moment.”

The spirit of the Mysterious Realm revealed its sanity, but Su Li was not surprised because she had already guessed it. She only nodded and said, “Thank you.”

When the spirit of the Mysterious Realm was considering, Su Li concentrated on the central altar on the circular stone. The altar occupied 60% area of the circular stone. Su Li only took a few steps to approach it. There was a jade slip on the altar like a matrix plate.

When her fingers touched the jade slip, a few thoughts immediately entered her awareness sea.

“The first place will get pneuma fortune and drive the evil spirit away! You will be the future pillar of Qingshui Circle!”

“Put your palm on the plate and think of the thing you want. As long as it is in Qingshui Circle, I’ll meet your requirement.”

Su Li moved her fingers away. She muttered with light in her eyes, “Are these thoughts from Ling Qingshui?”

Except for the Master of Qingshui Circle, no one dared to make such an arrogant promise. Unfortunately, even if Ling Qingshui was so powerful, he could be defeated as well.


The air was vibrating as if the spirit of the Mysterious Realm was making a response after hearing “Ling Qingshui”.

Without hesitation, Su Li put her hand gently on the jade slip. Several thoughts flashed in her mind, but only one finally got into the matrix plate of jade slip.

“I want the perceptions of practicing Suiyu Tactics of Kuiyu Palace! No matter whose perceptions are!”


White lightburst from the matrix plate of jade slip during the vibration and then penetrated into the altar.

Su Li waited there quietly.

If it was searching through the whole Qingshui Circle, it must need a lot of time.

Shortly after, the spirit of the Mysterious Realm said, “Your request has been accepted. It is indeed in Qingshui Circle, otherwise the b.u.t.terfly of the altar would not get in there.”

Su Li was a little joyed, “Great! Well, have you decided yet?”

The spirit of the Mysterious Realm was silent for a moment and then said, “You have the Buddha’s relics of Yuanfo Ancient Temple, so I am willing to do you the favor.”

Su Li smiled, “Thank you very much. Announcing several times will be better.”

The spirit of the Mysterious Realm, “…”

“Su Jiuzhou from Ni Sect has reached the summit, ranking the first on Tianjiao List!”

“Su Jiuzhou from Ni Sect has reached the summit, ranking the first on Tianjiao List!”

“Su Jiuzhou from Ni Sect has reached the summit, ranking the first on Tianjiao List!”

It had just pa.s.sed high noon. Many talents were not far away from the summit. However, at this moment, everyone heard the same sound told by the spirit of the Mysterious Realm personally.

It even repeated twice!

The originally lively Shengxian Mountain was silent for a second and then became noisy.

“After two days and a half, someone won the first place?!”

“How is it possible? Not Lord of Evil but Su Jiuzhou, that dark horse?”

“Who is that woman? I have never heard Ni Sect.”

“Where are the people from the top holy sects?”

“Don’t worry, the ranking now does not explain anything. When those people from the top holy sects got there, they will certainly have a b.l.o.o.d.y battle!”

“That’s right. Speed up!”

In a rugged and winding mountain path, Ling Xian took a leisurely walk.

She chose the right fork of the road and had just reached 80% of the whole mountain. Ling Li was fighting at the front ahead, so she did not need to work hard, and she just needed to reach the summit in time.

By that time, Ling Li would fight one of the top ten places of Tianjiao List for her, making a show of Fate Palace’s power.

Two people from one sect ranked in the top ten. None of the holy sects had achieved this, and now she was going to be the first one.

“Su Jiuzhou from Ni Sect has reached the summit, ranking the first on Tianjiao List!”

The sound of the spirit of the Mysterious Realm was cold and merciless.

Ling Xian’s smile froze on her face. Then she became angry and lost her former calm, “What the h.e.l.l Ling Li is doing? A n.o.body has reached the summit?”

Such an emergency made her speed up to the summit.

Almost at the same time, all talents accelerated the process, and the whole Shengxian Mountain instantly became livelier than before.

In the outside world, Tianjiao List was still blank. The rankings would not show only until the end of the third day. Thus, the whole Shengxian City seemed to be peaceful.

“It’s like the peace before the storm…”

Xie Wei was holding a teacup and stood at the window. His eyes were deep and full of quiet with a little puzzle, “Great-grandfather gave me that order unexpectedly. What did he see?”

On the summit, Su Li couldn’t see what happened in the mountain, but she was in a good mood.

Since the matrix plate of jade slip hadn’t come back for a long time, she did not continue to wait. She opened Cang Lei’s Cave and let out all the partic.i.p.ants.

The spirit of the Mysterious Realm watched this scene.


The spirit of the Mysterious Realm had never seen such an unruly fighter. However, he chose to keep silent because of the Buddha’s relics of Yuanfo Ancient Temple and the words “Ling Qingshui”.

Ban Qian and the others were a little confused because of the sudden switch, but they soon realized the situation.

“We…are at the summit!”

“It’s true!”

Yin Xuetong’s pupils contracted. She saw Su Li who was leaning against the altar without any surprise.

As early as the puppet test, Yin Xuetong knew this woman was stronger than Ling Li. It was not a surprise that she could be the first one to the top.

Fang Mu scratched his head. He felt a little sorry for those talents who were hard climbing now.

Qu Qingning took out a new outfit from the universe ring and put it on to cover the blood on his clothes. Su Bai had washed away all the negative emotions of the second test of Qiyu Xuangong.

After Qu Qingning woke up, he remembered all the previous actions. He could not do anything except keeping silent.

Apart from that, he looked at Su Li with grat.i.tude. If she hadn’t helped him, he would have gotten stuck in the second test forever and become a madman who only did evil things!

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