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Although it was just 10p.m., all sorts of wishes were endless through the phone. When Su Tao turned on his phone, he casually tapped on the red packet and sent three red packets. At this moment, Lu s.h.i.+miao said, "We're at the hotel now!"

When Su Tao followed Lu s.h.i.+miao out of the cab, he saw that the hotel was extremely quiet. It wasn't unusual, since who would come to a hotel on Chinese New Year instead of having a reunion meal with their family? Thus, the attendant gave a weird look at Su Tao and Lu s.h.i.+miao when they checked in.

Despite the fact that Su Tao wanted to get only one room, Lu s.h.i.+miao was extremely insistent. Thus, Su Tao could only follow her wishes. They could combine the two rooms into one when they're close enough, It's just that it was somewhat a waste of money. However, he might be frugal, but he wouldn't make a fuss over the cost of another room.

The temperature in Baihe City was four to five degrees lower than Hanzhou City, and Lu s.h.i.+miao seemed to have caught a slight cold, which gave Su Tao a perfect excuse.

Thus, he followed Lu s.h.i.+miro into her room and smiled. "You seem to have a little cold, and the air conditioner in this room is a little weak. Won't it feel cold to sleep alone?"

It was a blatant hint, which Lu s.h.i.+miao rolled her eyes. "I can use two quilts if I'm cold!"

Shaking his head, Su Tao came to the bed and touched the quilt, then commented, "The quilt is too thin, and it still feels a little moist. It must not have been completely dried."

Opening her luggage, Lu s.h.i.+miao took out her clothes, and as she half-heartedly replied, "What do you think I should do then?"

"Well, we're in an unfamiliar place by ourselves. So isn't it more appropriate for us to celebrate our festivities together?" Su Tao replied, revealing his shameless side.

Waving the grey tight-fit pants in her hand, Lu s.h.i.+miao responded, "Dream on, get lost to your room."

However, Su Tao would naturally not be bothered with Lu s.h.i.+miao's expelling order. He sat on the bed and started to distribute red packets. w.a.n.g Peng and Zhao Jian were having the time of their lives s.n.a.t.c.hing for them, while Xiao Jingjing also sent a voice message in the group chat.

When Lu s.h.i.+miao heard a woman's voice, she berated, "I'm going to shower now. I don't want to see you around when I'm done!"

"Shall we shower together?" Su Tao swiftly threw his phone away and walked towards the bathroom.

However, the door was locked and splas.h.i.+ng sounds rang out from inside. Thus, Su Tao could only helplessly sigh. If he knew about this, he wouldn't have gone to play with red packets. Who knows? He might have even been able to be a pair of mandarin ducks with Lu s.h.i.+miao.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and Su Tao knitted his brows. It's so late at night, so who's visiting them?

It's Chinese New Year's Eve, so not even police would be bothered to catch vice today, right?

Peeking through the peephole, Su Tao saw Kang Zidong, so sighed and opened a small gap, then asked, "Hi, is there anything?"

Kang Zidong was briefly stunned before he asked, "I'm looking for Little Miao, is she next door?" Just a moment ago, he had found out from the reception counter that Lu s.h.i.+miao was staying in this room.

"Nope, she's in this room. But she's currently showering." Su Tao opened the door a little more, and splas.h.i.+ng sounds could be heard. The bathroom was just beside the door.

At this moment, Lu s.h.i.+miao's voice also coincidentally resounded, "Who's here?"

With a smile on his face, Su Tao replied, "The attendant, they're asking if we require any food!"

Seeing that Su Tao casually waved off his existence, Kang Zidong's face turned pale, before he asked, "Can we talk privately?"

After a brief pondering, Su Tao walked out, closed the door behind him and replied, "Let's do it here, then!"

"Are you and Little Miao putting on a show to bluff me?" Kang Zidong took out a cigarette to light up before taking a deep puff.

"Do you think that I'm that lame?" Su Tao shrugged.

Hearing his words, Kang Zidong's face sank, before he questioned, "Then, why do the two of you need two rooms?"

"Although we're in a relations.h.i.+p, staying in two separate rooms shows respect for each other. Is there a rule stating that a couple can only stay in one room?" Su Tao responded with a smile.

Kang Zidong was instantly left speechless from Su Tao's counter, and the latter was incredibly eloquent. Although the reasons were somewhat implausible, Kang Zidong couldn't find any words to refute. 

With a cold flash in his eyes, Kang Zidong said, "Little Miao is a woman that I like, so even if she has rejected me, I will not give up so easily."

A bitter smile appeared on Su Tao's face as he replied, "You're stupid. She obviously doesn't like you, and yet, you insist on pestering her. Don't you know that it will only make you seem more hateful?"

His words had successfully angered Kang Zidong. The latter suddenly reached towards Su Tao's neck.

Although Kang Zidong had climbed up to the executive position of Qinbei Cooperation in recent years, he's not a pushover. After all, anyone that could grow up in the environment of an orphanage was usually a ferocious one.

Thus, Kang Zidong had shown his ferocity. He wants to let Su Tao know what kind of person he was.

However, Kang Zidong didn't manage to reach for Su Tao's neck. The latter's reaction was swift. Su Tao first grabbed onto Kang Zidong's wrist, which the latter instantly felt that he had lost control of his wrist. With a shove, Kang Zidong felt pain in his wrist, and he could only take a step back with the momentum. After that, Su Tao lashed out another kick towards the joint of his knees, instantly causing him to kneel on the ground.

He never expected that he would fail to deal with Su Tao, and he was dealt with instead. He instantly flared up, "You have guts!"

With a smile, Su Tao kicked Kang Zidong's b.u.t.t and caused the latter to fall flat on the ground before he said, "For Lu s.h.i.+miao's sake, consider this a small lesson that I'm teaching you. If you continue to provoke me, I won't go easy on you anymore."

After Kang Zidong got up with great effort, he held onto his wrist and threw out a threat, "This is Baihe City, and you dared to touch me! You better watch out!"

Finis.h.i.+ng his words, he left with his tail between his legs.

Despite the formal wear, some people wouldn't be able to conceal their ruthless temperament.

Kang Zidong wasn't as simple as he looked. Although he made himself look upright before his friends of the orphanage, even looking like a successful person, that didn't mean that he was actually an upright person.

For some reason, Su Tao could feel that something was wrong with Kang Zidong, which made him feel uncomfortable. However, it had nothing to do with his feelings for Lu s.h.i.+miao.

Although Su Tao had never gone into physiognomy, he had seen all sorts of patients. Therefore, he could roughly determine the character of a person from their speech and actions.

Kang Zidong had thick brows, sharp eyes, and a pointed nose. Although he tried his best, he couldn't cover up the foul on him. In the earlier fight, there was a wave of foul blowing in Su Tao's direction. If the latter wasn't skilful enough, he would've been the one suffering.

When Su Tao returned to the room, Lu s.h.i.+miao was wiping her hair with a towel and asked, "Who was it?"

She wasn't stupid. She could hear Kang Zidong's voice, despite a distance.

"Your pursuer, Kang Zidong!" Su Tao said sourly.

A bitter smile appeared on Lu s.h.i.+miao's lips as she sighed, "I'm terrified of seeing him."

"You feel that his mind is distorted?" Su Tao probed.

Nodding her head, Lu s.h.i.+miao explained, "When I married Qiao Bo, I could feel that someone's following me, which I found out that it was him. This is also the reason why I wasn't too willing to return to Baihe City."

"Well, what can you do? You're too charming." Su Tao faintly smiled.

"So, how did you make him leave?" Lu s.h.i.+miao asked as she furrowed her brows.

"Have you seen how males deal with their rivals in the animal kingdom? They fight, and whoever wins gets the opportunity." Su Tao gave out an example.

"You fought with him?" Lu s.h.i.+miao bitterly smiled as she continued, "He is a vindictive person, and he will definitely come after you."

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied, "For you, I will even dare to offend the Emperor."

Looking at Su Tao with a complicated gaze, Lu s.h.i.+miao lowered her head and sighed, "Cheesy!"

Seeing that Su Tao wasn't willing to leave, there was nothing she could do, especially when Kang Zidong had just come over, which made her feel fearful. What should she do if he comes back?

"I'll go take a shower. I'll be done in ten minutes!" Su Tao smiled and ran into the bathroom.

As explosions echoed, Lu s.h.i.+miao came to the window in her loose pyjamas and looked at the fireworks that coloured the night. The starry sky was like a colourful painting on a black screen, giving an impactful impression.

She was enjoying the peace at this moment. Returning to the city that she grew up in, meeting her friends, and even a male companion that touched her heart, the feeling was indescribable. Was this the smell of happiness?

It was a satisfaction that she never felt, despite being married to Qiao Bo for so many years.

Suddenly, she felt a surge of warmth on her waist. A powerful arm was over her waist and she subconsciously turned back, meeting Su Tao's gentle gaze.

"Thanks for accompanying me back!" Lu s.h.i.+miao smiled. She placed her hands on his arm to sense the warmth from the skins.h.i.+p.

"Who asked you to be so pitiful?" Su Tao sighed with his face against Lu s.h.i.+miao's.

When Lu s.h.i.+miao slowly turned over to hug Su Tao, the latter felt his emotions blanked. As fireworks blew up in the sky, the relations.h.i.+p between them had also blossomed.

He suddenly realised that his relations.h.i.+p with Lu s.h.i.+miao had genuinely reached a new height at this moment.

Silence was the catalyst for mood and atmosphere.

"Remember, you will always be a little lover of mine, and you have to show up whenever I need you." Lu s.h.i.+miao gently said as she looked at Su Tao.

"You're not only my lover, but you're also an inseparable part of my life." Su Tao whispered in Lu s.h.i.+miao's ears as he continued, "There's nowhere for you to run, even if you want to!"

At this moment, he knew that this Bella of the Jianghuai Hospital had been engraved deep in his heart.

Lu s.h.i.+miao did not encounter Su Tao in her best years, but savouring that, she was both tattered and beautiful.

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