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Chapter 1643: Eating Mermen

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The fish roes changed by the day, their ma.s.s becoming increasingly bigger. The black dot in the fish roes looked more and more obvious, gradually taking up almost the entire s.p.a.ce in the roe.

To better take care of them, Bluepool moved An’an’s bedding over here too. Whenever he had some time, he’d leave An’an by the water while he went down to check on the situation.

In just a few days, the fish roes hatched, becoming many little fishes of varying colors.

The little mermen who had just hatched looked no different from ordinary fish. It was just that they had brighter colors and their bodies were more slender and smooth. They could swim extremely fast, and when they darted around in the water, they were so fast that it was almost impossible to see with naked eyes.

Bluepool took a rough look and felt that there were 10 or 20 of them short. Some failed to hatch, and the roes that had gone bad could be seen on the seaweed while the others had gone missing.

However, with him taking care of the fish roes by himself, such a high hatching rate was considered good.

An’an sat by the sh.o.r.e and looked at the little fishes. The little mermen were probably born with a close connection with their mother, and all of them crowded over when they saw An’an coming over.

An’an put out her hand, wanting to scoop the fish. The water seeped through her fingers, and the little mermen in her hands also flowed away with it.

However, to get onto An’an’s hands, the little mermen took the initiative to against her hands. With that, An’an was able to scoop up a fish on her first attempt.

An’an held onto the little fish with both hands, putting her face close to take a look.

This was a white merman whose body was glittery and translucent, looking like a jade gla.s.s carving. His body refracted a s.h.i.+mmering glow under the sunlight, and it was almost possible to see his white spine. He was unbelievably beautiful.

However, even a beautiful creature like this was just a ball of glow in An’an’s eyes, appearing very blurry.

Although mermen could live both on land and in the sea, they were still too fragile when in their full fish form. Bluepool was about to release the mermen back into the seawater when he saw An’an opening her mouth and stuffing the little fish into it.

An’an had wanted to do this long ago. Back when they were still in her stomach, she kept thinking of wanting to do things that could reduce Bluepool’s burden. Feeding herself was one of them.

Bluepool was speechless. How hungry was An’an? It seemed that he had still failed as her mate.

Bluepool thought to himself, caught between laughter and tears.

The little fishes were only the length of one finger after hatching. With An’an biting onto the waist area, there was still a tail thras.h.i.+ng around outside.

Bluepool held onto An’an’s chin with one hand, pinched the little merman’s tail with the other, and said, “This isn’t food. Open your mouth.”

An’an understood his body language very well and immediately released her bite as if she could understand his words.

When the little merman landed on Bluepool’s palm, he jumped around crazily and then jumped into the water by himself. With a loud splash, it disappeared from sight, leaving only a few translucent scales on Bluepool’s hand.

Bluepool rubbed An’an’s head in amus.e.m.e.nt, saying, “Are you craving sas.h.i.+mi? I’ll go catch some fish right away. You can hide in the tree hole.”

As he said that, he carried An’an and entered a tree hole.

From that day onward, Bluepool would occasionally notice that An’an had an appet.i.te for their little fishes. This made him feel amused, helpless, as well as a little secret glee.

After these little fishes grew up, they’d be his love rivals too. Given An’an’s att.i.tude, his status would be a lot more stable.

When the little fishes were half a month old, they started to develop at a crazy rate. The fins on their shoulders gradually grew lower and soft arms developed. Their fish heads also started to become rounder, with their necks showing. They started to have merman forms and would climb up to the sh.o.r.e by themselves to play.

Although An’an often tormented them, they never avoided her before and would go looking for her like moths flying towards flames.

However, the little mermen’s bodies were a lot stronger now.. As long as it wasn’t too overboard, they’d be able to handle it.

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Beauty and the Beasts Chapter 1643 - Eating Mermen summary

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