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Chapter 654: They Had Succeeded

With a forceful wave of his hand, all the cups and vases on the tea table were swung onto the carpet. Then he rushed to the big wardrobe, pushed open its door, pulled all the clothes that belonged to her, and smashed them onto the ground.

His whole person collapsed emotionally like madness.


At the same time, in a luxury suite of a hotel, there was another scene.

A pair of young man and woman stood in front of the large landing window, with a gla.s.s of red wine in their hands. The red wine, which price was more than one hundred thousand per bottle, gave off a strong aroma of wine, making people intoxicated by the smell only.

The woman was beautiful and pale, with long brown hair scattering around her waist like algae. Her slender and graceful figure projected almost perfect proportion under the light. She now only wore a wine-red silk sling skirt too short to cover her hips, revealing her long legs and snow white skin.

One had to admit that this was a woman who would make most men secrete hormones fast at a glance.

The man simply wore a pair of shorts, revealing most parts of his body. Although not tall and handsome enough, he indeed had strong muscles, who was young and powerful at first glance.

On the bed, there were overcoat, trousers and belts which the man just took off together with the woman's skirt, underwear, stockings and so on, even with two pieces of little things that had been thrown after being used.

The air was filled with an extremely ambiguous smell.

With a simple inhalation of the air in the room, one could know what they had just done.

The man walked behind the woman, gently grasping her narrow shoulders, exhaling in the woman's ear, and said.

“Miss Han, I have done my best to help you. Do remember our appointment.” Saying that, he gently bit the woman's white neck, leaving a bright red lip print on it.

Han Xue shrank her neck instinctively, as if feeling a little awkward. But immediately she turned around and looked at the man's rippling eyes.

“Lu Ming…” She smiled, her slender fingers gently touching the man's strong chin and scratching his faint beard. “You can be rest a.s.sured that if I can live in the castle, you will get more than you want.”

“But…” Han Xue suddenly squinted, then pushed aside the man. She went to the bedside, picked up the cell phone, and clicked on the photo she had just received today.

She gave the photo for the man to have a look and then cast the mobile phone aside, saying somewhat unhappily, “You see, he still can't forget that woman. If she continues to stay in Ye City, it will be difficult for me to get a chance.”

Lu Ming frowned, but he didn't feel that it was a big deal. He walked up to the woman, reaching out for her slender waist and taking her into his arms. There was a certain affirmation in his voice. “Don't worry. That woman will not badger Ye Hao any longer. Besides, there is Mo Yixuan, isn't it?”

After that, Lu Ming pursed his lips slightly and put on an insidious smile. Such a smile was totally different from his usual amiability in the castle.

The woman also smiled, but there was some excitement and complacency in her smile. She had waited for a long time, and now she finally had the chance to regain what was supposed to belong to her.

This time she would never let go.

Once again in the suite came the sound of man and woman making love, full of thrill and excitement, which lasted for a long time without stopping. There was no love but desire. Both unmarried, the man and the woman, in their thirties, were like dry firewood, once set fire, would burn fiercely.

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