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Chapter 655: The Woman On The 15th Floor Was Mad

Soon, another week had pa.s.sed.

An apartment in the north of the city.

Unlike the previous peace, there were more than a dozen people gathering on the 15th floor of the apartment today, the young and the old. A group of them stood there in the aisle, whispering and discussing something.

They were all households living on the 15th floor, some of whom rented the houses there and others were owners.

“You've all found that the new tenant in Room 1507 is very abnormal, haven't you?” A woman in her early fifties expressed her ideas first, and then pointed to the closed door of Room 1507, her eyes full of doubts.

“Yes, I live next door to her in 1506. Almost every night these days, I can hear the jingling sound of things being smashed in the next room, as well as the woman's cry from time to time. It has lasted for several days. As you know, the sound insulation effect of this house is not good. She has even bothered my baby. Who could it possibly be?” A woman who was still during sucking period was quite annoyed. She had called the property management several times, but n.o.body came to deal with it. If things went on like this, she would call the police.

At this time, an old man stood up and said.

“Well, the landlord of Room 1507 hasn't lived here since a few years ago. The house has been rented for several years. Strangely, a woman died three years ago in that house, who, I remember, committed suicide by drinking poison due to depression. Now why does another abnormal woman live in again?”

“That house is just haunted.”

After the old man finished speaking, all the people on the spot looked serious, and some tenants, just hearing about this, shrank their necks in fear.

“Let's turn to the property management together and let them contact the landlord of 1507. I've seen that woman several times. She's depressed and didn't greet others, just like a ghost. Don't let her live here any longer in case she commits suicide or goes mad. No one knows what may happen.”

The woman spoke again, and when she finished, everyone nodded in approval.

Although they had no right to decide whom to rent the house to, if it was really rented to a woman with a mental disorder, what if their rights and interests were really violated then? For their own safety, they had to let the landlord of 1507 drive the tenant away this time.

With the tinkle sound of the elevator, soon more than a dozen people rushed in, all entering the elevator.


He Xiyan just came out of a supermarket, with some things she had just bought in her hands, including daily necessities, noodles, cakes and other foods. Now she didn't have to go to work. Every day, besides eating, she would sleep, or at most, go out to buy something she needed.

She was still in a bad state of mentality. Her face was pale without a trace of blood and her whole person looked very skinny, just like a terminally sick patient.

Recently, she seemed to be getting worse and worse. She often had nightmares at night, and sometimes she couldn't control her fury.

Already with a dead heart, she did not notice that her physical and mental state was deteriorating gradually. Besides, she spent most of the time staring blankly, her brain empty without working.

She walked aimlessly forward until she reached the gate of the apartment. A young woman reached out her hand and stopped her. There was a sign on the woman's chest, which showed that she was from a property management company.

“h.e.l.lo, Miss He, could you please come with me to the property management office?”

The woman made a gesture of invitation.

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