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1839 Chapter 2100 he was carefully accompanying another woman

Gu Mian looked like she was malnourished. The longing for so many days surged in her chest, and Tang Zui really wanted to come over and hug her.

“I want to hear it too, Tang Zui!”Gu Mian looked at him indifferently.

She didn’t want to believe this fact, but reality was always so cruel. When she was locked up and tortured by Lu Ming, he was carefully accompanying another woman!

And that woman was the main culprit that caused her to leave her hometown!

Back then, in order to avenge that woman, he dragged her to the hospital to forcibly draw blood against her will and lost his first child.

Later on, he repeatedly asked her to draw blood, and she almost lost her life..

Although he wasn’t the one who hit her brother, it was also because of this incident that he almost died!

“Gu Mian, things aren’t what you think they are. Tang Zui didn’t stop looking for you either. It’s just that Tang Ning has returned in the past few days…”

“So, he felt that there was no need to look for me anymore… because the woman he loved has returned, right?”

Gu Mian felt her heart bleeding. She felt that the world was so cold.

“Sis, don’t listen to this Sc.u.mbag’s excuses. You didn’t see how good he was to the woman who harmed our family!”Gu Yan said.

“I saw it!”

She saw it all. Because of Lu Ming, he would broadcast it live to her every day.

She didn’t even want to come back. She wanted to escape, but Lu Ming pushed her back.

Gu Mian finally got the freedom she had dreamed of, but… she would rather not have this freedom now.

She suddenly felt that being locked up was pretty good.

“Mian Mian, let me explain…”

“I’m not not listening, tell me… I really want to know why the dead can be resurrected. This way, we can also console the spirit of our first child in heaven.”Gu Mian looked at him coldly.

“What first child? What’s Going On!”Mother Gu frowned and asked her daughter.

“Mom… Listen to him.”Gu Mian’s gaze had been fixed on Tang Zui, as if she wanted to see through him!

“Tang Zui, explain everything clearly!”Si Mancheng hurriedly urged him.

Tang zui actually didn’t want to say anything, but he also knew that if he didn’t say anything, it would indeed be too unfair to the Gu family.

He could only speak in a hoa.r.s.e voice and explain everything clearly.

The Gu family’s eyes were red from listening. They finally understood how unjustly they had lived all these years!

“I told you at that time that it was that woman who b.u.mped into me, but no one believed me!”Gu Ling shook his head.

So it was not his misconception. Although it was not that Tang Ning who b.u.mped into him, she was pushed up by someone.

“Tang Zui, all of this has nothing to do with the Gu family. We are also victims, but you have harmed my son and daughter to this extent. What do you plan to do?”Mother Gu questioned.

“I’ll make it up to you. I’ll return the Gu family’s business to you. I Won’t interfere anymore. Also… I’ll do my best to make it up to you, financially.”Tang Zui’s gaze was fixed on Gu Mian.

“You’re thinking too well. You’ve caused our family…”

“Alright! It’s settled then! Tang Zui, return the company. We won’t take a single cent of your money! You owe the GU family this! What about what you owe my sister?”Gu Ling glared at him and questioned, trying to calm himself down.

“I’ll make it up to her, with the rest of my life!”Tang zui said.

“We don’t need it. You Didn’t marry my sister because you loved her. Now that you two are divorced, Mian Mian has nothing to do with you anymore!”Gu Ling said.

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