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Chapter 414: Does it Matter if I Love Her to the Point Where No One Can Compare

The staff member nodded with a panicked expression and ran out in a fl.u.s.ter to dial the number.

Mo Jingshen lifted the dripping wet Ji Nuan up, and, as he carried her out of the bathroom, he reached one hand over to turn off the air-conditioner. He then brought her over to the bed. He touched her face and felt that it was burning hot.

If Ji Nuan had been sitting inside the tub since two days ago, that meant that she had already soaked in the freezing water for two full days. The woman’s frozen stiff body did not seem to carry any life in it. Her burning hot temple was the only proof that she was still alive. Aside from that, she was abnormally peaceful.

Mo Jingshen pressed his hand against her neck as he watched her pale face. For a moment, as he stiffly embraced Ji Nuan, it felt as though her life had already left her. He could only feel a faint pulse from her neck, but it was far too weak, as though it could stop at any moment.

He held her mechanically and wrapped her up in the sheets. His palms rubbed against hers tirelessly in an attempt to warm up her ice-cold body even a little.

He did not dare to approach her nose, fearing that aside from her weak pulse, he would not be able to feel any breath from her.

The ambulance rushed over and the medical personnel charged in along with the hotel staff. After the doctor gave Ji Nuan a quick check, his expression immediately turned apprehensive. He frantically called for everyone else to bring her onto the car for an emergency rescue; they could not waste even a second longer.

Inside the ambulance, all of the medical personnel were busy. Mo Jingshen sat by the side of the stretcher.

In his impression, Ji Nuan always loved to take baths. She often liked to fall asleep in the tub, and he would always worry about her. He always feared that she would catch a cold or even drown in the bathtub.

When she was young, a traumatic illness had left her weak against the cold. Even to this day, she had yet to recover from it fully. As a result, she feared cold the most. During the winter, she always loved to bury herself inside his coat to be in his embrace and steal his warmth. When they slept, she liked to lean against him and wriggle her way into his arms to look for the warmest sleeping position.

His greatest worry had suddenly become a reality. At this moment, Ji Nuan was silent and unmoving. Her hands were placed by her side without any movements, and her entire body did not carry any warmth.

As the doctor performed all sorts of emergency measures, he kept urging the driver to go faster.

The ambulance rushed from the hotel to the hospital, and she was directly sent into the emergency room.

After receiving the news, Qin Siting rushed over. The first person he saw was Mo Jingshen.

At the time, Ji Nuan was still in the emergency room, and the light above the door was still bright red.

Qin Siting took a glance at the time and knitted his brows: “How long has she been in there?”

When the nurse by the side saw that Doctor Qin had actually come down personally, her expression was poor and fearful as she replied: “It’s already been more than twenty minutes. The patient soaked in cold water for a long period in a room with low temperature. This has led to a high fever of forty-one degrees. When she was brought in, her body had already begun to go into serious shock. Both her breathing and heartbeat were weak. As of now, I’m not sure how the situation is. As you were still occupied in another surgery, the hospital director sent Doctor Chen and Doctor Xu in…”

Qin Siting did not say more. He took one glance at Mo Jingshen and immediately understood how serious the situation was. He turned and called to make a request to the director of the emergency ward before stepping directly into the room.

Finally, when the lights turned green, and the emergency room doors were opened, Qin Siting stepped out with the other two doctors. He did not say much and only nodded his head when Mo Jingshen looked at him. He then headed off to change out of his clothes.

Doctor Xu explained: “Mr. Mo, we have records of Mrs. Mo’s medical history in our hospital. Earlier, during the emergency treatment, we took the time to check through it and saw that Mrs. Mo has a weak disposition against the cold. She also had a miscarriage a few months ago. Her body has always been very weak, and it seems that she hasn’t been properly nursed back to health. A high fever is already very dangerous for her body, and the long period she stayed soaking in the cold water even led her body to go into shock. Thankfully, Doctor Qin has a good understanding of her condition, and with his partic.i.p.ation, our emergency treatment went very smoothly. As of now, her fever has reduced, and her muscle cramps have been treated. Someone should stay with her in her ward tonight, in case her fever suddenly spikes or…”

At this time, Ji Nuan was being pushed out. Mo Jingshen’s gaze landed on Ji Nuan, who was deeply asleep on the hospital bed.

Doctor Xu did not continue speaking. He turned back and chatted briefly with Qin Siting, who had just stepped out. The two of them exchanged nods before letting the nurses send Ji Nuan to a hospital room.

Auntie Chen had rushed to the hospital the moment she received the news. She took care of Ji Nuan until midnight before leaving for the caretaker’s breakroom for some rest.

Mo Jingshen stood before the windows, back-facing everything in the room. His figure was tall and ice-cold, and he appeared as though he had left behind everything to stand alone in the world.

No one could tell what thoughts he had on his mind.

Qin Siting pushed the door open to see this scene. He stepped in to say: “Ji Nuan is already fine. Although she still has a fever, it didn’t develop into pneumonia. This means that her body condition isn’t that poor. It’s just that she has a weak disposition to cold; it’s an old condition that can’t be helped. Although the situation was quite critical when she was brought into the emergency room, compared to back in Los Angeles, when you were blood-soaked and pushed into the emergency room after your car accident, this isn’t much. Since you were able to push through it, she naturally will be fine as well. Don’t worry too much.”

Qin Siting’s voice broke the deathly stillness in the room. However, the man before the window remained quiet.

Seeing that Ji Nuan was still sleeping, Qin Siting picked up the thermometer and approached to test her temperature. After checking that she no longer had a fever, he returned the thermometer to his coat pocket and turned back to eye the man standing before the windows.

“Ever since you came back from America, you haven’t had a proper, normal day. We’ve been brothers for so many years, yet I still can’t understand your thoughts. You clearly love Ji Nuan to the point where no one can compare, yet you insist on pus.h.i.+ng her so far away. It wasn’t easy for you to return from death’s gate. Why can’t you just live your days happily? Why do you insist on divorce? Do you have to wreck a good relations.h.i.+p into such a state?” Qin Siting glanced at Ji Nuan from the corner of his eyes. He saw that her eyes were tightly shut and that she was truly asleep and incapable of overhearing their words; he sighed further in his heart.

“Does it matter if I love her to the point where no one else can compare?”

Mo Jingshen’s tone was mild. The apathetic curve to his lips was barely noticeable, and his gaze was indifferent. It was as though the man who had rushed onto the ambulance with Ji Nuan in his arms that day was not him. The large hospital room grew cold and still because of his voice.

He spoke lightly: “I can make everyone believe that I don’t love her.”

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