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Chapter 448: Second Watch

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After some bargaining, the Orc Captain paid 10 weapons and 10 pieces of armor to the gamers of Eternal Kingdom in exchange for meeting their Dungeon Lord.

The Orc Captain regretted his action. When he followed the gamers to the depths of Specter College, he discovered other gamers carrying items in the cla.s.srooms and laboratories. It was like spring cleaning, with them searching every corner of the college.

Even a bandit wouldn’t do such a thing.

The Orc Captain didn’t treat the gamers as bandits as they were following the orders of the Dungeon Lord to decontaminate the college. That was what the gamers claimed.

When the Orc Captain saw Lord Sherlock, the legendary superior Devil was sitting at the center of the courtyard.

Sherlock looked very exhausted, as though he was spiritually drained.

It was something that made him hopeless and depressed.

The Orc Captain thought that perhaps he was sad over the loss of his citizens.

He was full of respect for the superior Devil. Only a leader who was extremely caring would have such an expression.

Surrounding Sherlock was a battleground full of crimson and grotesque flesh. It belonged to the body of Frangipani, who was exploded by the self-destructing Gundam.

In front of Sherlock were Gundam fragments and half a Longsword, the only intact object left by the Gundam.

The Orc Captain walked to Sherlock and said respectfully, “The Central Garrison Guards of the Merchant Alliance would like to convey our grat.i.tude. We learned from your citizens that Eternal Kingdom has contributed to world peace. You have once again rescued the world. Can you tell us what happened? Please forgive me for imposing on you at such a depressing time, but we have to report the situation to the Merchant Alliance.”

“You have to properly report everything. To defeat Frangipani, Eternal Kingdom paid a heavy price. The Merchant Alliance has to pay compensation for our casualties and incurred damages. I hope that you’ll report my losses to your superior.”

Sherlock’s eyes lit up when he looked at the Orc Captain, looking like a drowning man that had grasped onto a life-saving straw.

“Of course, Lord Sherlock. You have done your part for the world. The Merchant Alliance won’t forget about your contribution. The Specter Committee will compensate you for your sacrifices,” the Orc Captain said while surveying the pathetic state of Specter College. From the ruins, it was easy to imagine the tenacity and viciousness of the battle.

If he had led his team into such a battle, it was questionable whether they would have survived. The warriors of Eternal Kingdom were merry, not displaying any tension or depression after the battle. It was as though they had won a battle without any loss.

Eternal Kingdom was terrifying!

In the morning, as simulated sunlight shone through a window, a Skeleton with bandages all over his body was sitting on a bed.

Professor Bacon looked outside the window. It was serene and peaceful.

Who could have imagined that two days ago, he was on the verge of death?

When he thought about it, Professor Bacon felt like it was a nightmare.

He was in the Patient Ward of Winterfell’s Fatality Hospital.

It was hard to imagine that there was n.o.body around in such a huge hospital. There were only patients resting on their beds while awaiting their operations.

Most of the patients were directly admitted to the operating theater. After the operation, they could complete the discharge procedures for a funeral.

Professor Bacon was in the patient ward because he refused the expensive operation.

When the physician requested that he undergo the bone disintegration operation to heal his body, Professor Bacon declined. He wasn’t afraid of the dangers of operation. He simply felt that instead of spending so much money, he could spend the money on those who needed it more.

Like those poor students.

The physician nodded and said, “You will be rewarded for your kind deeds, Professor Bacon.”

While Professor Bacon was enjoying the scenery outside the window and recalling the events of the past few days, he heard knocks at the door.

“Professor Bacon, someone’s here to visit you.”

The voice of a Gnome nurse was heard.

The door to the room opened. The Gnome nurse was leading a superior Devil, a Dragon, a parrot, a black kitten, and a tortoise.

The superior Devil was Lord Sherlock.

Professor Bacon noticed that Lord Sherlock was extremely exhausted, seeming as though he hadn’t had any rest at all.

Professor Bacon stood up from his bed and walked to Sherlock as he said, “Lord Sherlock, how are you? You don’t look good. How can I help you? Come, take a seat over here.”

Professor Bacon didn’t look like he was sick. He pulled Sherlock to the side of the bed to let Sherlock sit, but Sherlock waved his hand and said, “It’s not necessary. You’re the patient, not me.”

Sherlock spoke sincerely and sat in a chair by the side, letting Professor Bacon lie on the bed.

“How is Specter College now? Brainiac came to visit me once. He told me that Specter College is a mess. I’d like to be discharged so that I can help. I’m responsible for what happened.”

Professor Bacon sighed. He sounded guilt-stricken.

“It had nothing to do with you. n.o.body expected Professor Cabbage to be the perpetrator. I thought it was the,” Sherlock said while waving his hand in exhaustion.

“But I think Lord Sherlock guessed it. When I was imprisoned by Professor Cabbage, I thought that only Lord Sherlock could save Specter College.”

Professor Bacon looked at Sherlock and smiled contentedly as he said, “Thanks to you, Specter College was saved. Otherwise, Specter College could have become Frangipani’s Spirit Legion.”

“I was only doing my part as an Underworld citizen. I have to congratulate you. Aren’t you the now?” Sherlock said while he peeled an orange.

“Lord Sherlock, you’ve heard the news?” Professor Bacon said with worry.

He then looked at the ceiling and sighed as he said, “To be honest, I don’t wish to be the I misunderstood the previous, thinking he was the perpetrator behind Frangipani. In fact, he was innocent. I implicated him.”

“Don’t blame yourself, it has nothing to do with you. We also suspected the”

Sherlock patted Professor Bacon’s shoulder. However, Sherlock knew that it didn’t have much effect.

“After you become the of Specter College, aren’t you able to serve the college better? I believe Specter College will be more successful under your leaders.h.i.+p,” Sherlock said and placed a doc.u.ment in Professor Bacon’s hand.

“I’m here to discuss our collaboration. We can’t become stagnant because of this incident. We have to look forward and work hard for a bright future. Take a look at this contract.”

Professor Bacon took the collaboration contract and examined it. He then seemed to have recalled something. He said to Sherlock, “Yes, in regards to the compensation issue, I have discussed it with the Specter Committee. Don’t worry, Lord Sherlock, we’ll compensate you for your losses and reward you for your heroic contributions.”

Sherlock was relieved.

“Do you like pets a lot, Lord Sherlock? I didn’t know you had so many pets.” Professor Bacon looked at Sherlock’s Black Dragon, parrot, black kitten, and tortoise.

“Lord Black Dragon, don’t be mistaken, I’m not talking about you.” Professor Bacon felt that his words were inappropriate, so he quickly explained things to Eggface.

“Ha, what do you mean? Did you say I’m a pet?” Polio stood up, akimbo, and questioned Professor Bacon.

Professor Bacon didn’t expect the black kitten to speak. From his appearance, the black kitten didn’t look like an intelligent creature.

“I feel that Professor Bacon is correct. You’re a pet, and I’m Lord Sherlock’s capable a.s.sistant. You have to remember that, you Lich,” the parrot on Sherlock’s shoulder spoke loudly.

Only the tortoise didn’t respond. It stood in a daze at Sherlock’s feet.

“Let’s not talk about this. Professor Bacon, have a good rest. I have other matters to attend to. I hope that you read through the collaboration contract. I also hope that you can give me a reply as soon as possible. There are many areas for collaboration, and we can’t afford to lose time. Don’t you think so?” Sherlock said as he stood up and placed the peeled orange into his mouth.

“That’s for sure, Lord Sherlock. I’ll examine the contract in detail and give you a reply as soon as possible,” Professor Bacon nodded and said to Sherlock.

Sherlock waved his hand at Professor Bacon and bade him farewell before beginning to leave. Professor Bacon suddenly said, “Lord Sherlock, please wait a moment.”

Sherlock turned and looked at Professor Bacon.

“What is it, Professor Bacon?”

“Thank you, Lord Sherlock. Thank you for taking care of Brainiac all this while. He progressed a lot, thanks to you.” Professor Bacon showed his grat.i.tude.

Sherlock smiled and waved to Bacon as he said, “It’s nothing. He worked hard himself.”

“Yes, Lord Sherlock, what’s the name of your tortoise? Where did you buy it? I feel that it’s pretty good, and I’d like to get one too. I’ll be staying in the hospital for a long time and don’t know when I’ll be discharged. If I have a tortoise as a companion, I’ll feel better.”

Professor Bacon looked like he was a tortoise lover. Sherlock turned his head and said, “This isn’t a tortoise, it’s an old turtle. I found it in an underground river. His name is Frangipani.”

The Plot of Eternal Kingdom ended. The gamers defeated Frangipani and received generous Reputation Points and game currency. Though they didn’t get Magic Stones or equipment as rewards, they salvaged many items better than Magic Stones and equipment.

Like the tables, chairs, and beds that the gamers lacked. Even the windows, cabinets, and were salvaged. The gamers placed the furniture in their Guild Strongholds. Many powerful Guilds changed their windows to the windows produced by Specter College, and the new windows looked better and had better functionality. Their houses were much better than those without windows.

Besides furniture, the gamers also found many Alchemy and Mana materials. They hadn’t seen some of the materials before, and they could be sold in Winterfell for Magic Stones. The gamers made a huge profit from selling the materials.

The gamers’ happiness was short-lived, as they had to pay back whatever profits they had earned.

This was because the gamers, who activated the self-destruct sequence of the Gundam, received a new mission.

[Mission t.i.tle: Gundam Repair

Mission Description: The Gundam, which was fully sponsored by Lord Sherlock, was destroyed during the battle with Frangipani. Eternal Kingdom cannot do without the Gundam. Warriors, we have to gather our resources and rebuild our legendary weapon.

Mission Objective: Submit 0/1000000 Magic Stones (full service)

Mission Penalty: You will not have a Gundam.

Mission Reward: The top 10 gamers who submit the most Magic Stones will have priority in obtaining the piloting rights. The other contributing gamers will receive corresponding Reputation Points and a lucky draw for Gundam piloting rights.]

The gamers were tempted by this mission because they could gain the chance to pilot the Gundam. The top 10 contributing gamers would have piloting rights. The rich gamers would strive to be the top 10 contributors.

But the Magic Stones amount was too much. Ten million Magic Stones were required. A normal gamer had to work for three days to earn one Magic Stone.

Though it was difficult, the gamers were still enthusiastic. Many gamers went to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall to contribute their Magic Stones.

While the gamers of Eternal Kingdom were striving to obtain Gundam piloting rights, the gamers of Victoria City were preparing to hunt for the Wyvern to earn the gold reward from Golds.h.i.+re Town.

They had to track the Wyvern. Most of the gamers were daunted because they were unable to find traces of the Wyvern.

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