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"What are you doing? I spent so much.. "

"For the courtyard, not for the women."

Finis.h.i.+ng Jian Shen's sentence for him, Xifeng began walking around and exploring the courtyard from the inside out. And honestly, by the end of it she had no choice but to admit that there weren't many places inside the Winter Jade Empire which could compare with this.

"It truly feels that all the money you spent on this courtyard was worth it."

"Sigh... If only I could enjoy the entire package... "

"Someone looks like he's missing the women we sent out."

Sitting beside Jian Shen whose expression couldn't be seen through, Meirong said, "It wasn't as if you would've done anything with them when we are here anyway, honey."

Sighing once again as he turned and let his head fall in her lap, Jian Shen couldn't help but think back to all those beautiful and talented women whom these two had kicked out.

If the two of them weren't travelling with him and rather were inside the World Crest, Jian Shen felt that he definitely would've done something with all of them.

What he didn't know however was that seeing all of this, the women inside the World Crest had made up their mind to have at least two of them stay with Jian Shen at all times to reduce the women he slept around with.

"Awwww.... Don't look so sad, honey. I'm here with you, am I not?"

Turning and tussling while resigning himself to his fate, Jian Shen ended up breathing onto Meirong's crotch through her clothes which caused her to blush and tremble endlessly.

Dragging his body up reluctantly, even though Jian Shen wanted to continue staying in the same position remembered that he had set himself a goal to fulfil for the day.

"I'm going to visit the Cui Clan. Do the two of you want to come with me or enter the World Crest?"

"We'll just stay here. So come back soon."

Nodding his head to Xifeng, Jian Shen didn't feel much worried leaving her and Meirong here because her cultivation level of the Eternal Palace Realm wasn't just for show.

But before he could leave, Xinya suddenly spoke to him from inside the World Crest.

"Let us all out, brat. It's boring to stay in here all the time."

Shaking his head at how she still called him brat from time to time, Jian Shen asked the others if that was what they wanted before bringing all of them outside the World Crest.

Once he did so, Jian Shen couldn't help take a step back and enjoyed the view with so many beautiful women inside the room.

This was when he suddenly began thinking that maybe he should just stay here and spend time with all of these women.

"Come back soon, darling. It's been a long time since we spent some time together."

Nodding his head towards Xiulan with an expression that showed that he was sorry, Jian Shen forced himself to turn around and walk away before he started thinking too much.


"Let me out, husband."

Suddenly stopping as if he was frozen in s.p.a.ce, Jian Shen immediately figured out who this person that was calling him husband after Juew.a.n.g and Zheng Niu was.

"Really, Lifen?"


Turning around to go back to the courtyard, Jian Shen once again stopped because the fox lady told him that he misunderstood her words.

"Since there's no one else with you, I want to go with you, husband."

Smiling a little since there was never any time that he didn't want to spend with Lifen, Jian Shen immediately brought her outside the World Crest only to find himself surprised from what appeared in front of him.
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Floating in the air before him was a white coloured fox with nine tails that was the same length his arm from the elbow to the wrist was.

"Lifen... You... "

Before he could finish his words, the Snow Tailed Fox flew closer to him and descended on his shoulder where it wrapped its tail around his neck.

"I... I just don't want you to feel cold."

Not saying anything about how he never felt cold due to his Heavenly Dragon Bloodline, Jian Shen began patting the Lifen's soft fur and increased his speed.

After all, he could only start flying after he left the city's boundary.

Once he exited the city, Jian Shen immediately began flying and took the long route around the Lee City before finally travelling towards the only mountain range near him.

Looking at the lush green coloured mountains he was flying towards which were overflowing with Qi, Soul Essence, and various Intents of Heaven and Earth, Jian Shen could tell that it shouldn't have been easy for the Cui Clan to capture and take possession of these few mountains.

One should know that the place they cultivated at was very important to every cultivator.

While wealth, techniques, and the remaining all of them were also important, a proper place to cultivate was necessary to out all of the others to good use.

And these mountains were without a doubt one of the best places anyone could cultivate at inside the entire Divine Realm.

With such thoughts, Jian Shen who was now flying above the mountains to see on which mountain the Cui Clan was established suddenly stopped as two men flew up with their weapons pointing towards him.

"Only members of the Cui Clan are allowed to enter these mountains. Please turn around and leave right now."

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