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Chapter 312 Kidnapping (2)

Shen Xiuqi used his phone to locate the place of transaction sent by the other party, and found that the place was actually in a remote suburb.

Upon looking at the location displayed on the phone map, Shen Xiuqi’s brows furrowed deeply. It was not that he had never encountered such a thing. Song Ming was once kidnapped when he was a child. The kidnappers also demanded a ransom of 10 million from his parents. They were not allowed to report this to the police, otherwise they would kill him, but in the end, they didn’t pay them a single cent and also rescued Song Ming.

An Yutong was kidnapped so abruptly, and instead of calling the An family, they chose to call him and asked him to pay a ransom of 100 million. Shen Xiuqi felt that the whole situation was rather strange.

If they really wanted to blackmail him, then the kidnappers should have kidnapped Su Yaya. After all, everyone knows that Su Yaya is the real Mrs. Shen, and she’s pregnant with his child, kidnapping Su Yaya, and using her to threaten him would be more effective, and he would obediently use 100 million to save her.

However, they didn’t go for Su Yaya, instead they kidnapped An Yutong. To say that because Su Yaya had bodyguards around her, and that she wouldn’t be an easy target, that’s why they went for An Yutong, still wasn’t logical. According to the current situation between him and An Yutong, he could completely ignore An Yutong. There is probably something hidden from him.

After giving it some thought, Shen Xiuqi felt that things were not so simple. This didn’t seem like a simple kidnapping case. He quickly made a decision, took out another phone of his that he seldom used, and dialed the number.

Su Yaya played a few more rounds of the game, got up to wash up when it was almost time, and went to the kitchen to make dinner. She was going to boil some chicken broth, fry some vegetables, and make shredded potatoes and beef, and that’s about it. They were all ready-made in the fridge, so it wasn’t very troublesome to make.

While she was cooking dinner, she also got a call from Zhou Peiyun. It was rare for Zhou Peiyun, such a busy person, to even call her. The two of them had a very pleasant conversation on the phone.

Zhou Peiyun said on the phone: “There are several companies who want to hire you for commercials. They contacted me to ask your opinion about this.”

Su Yaya smiled and emphasized: “Sister Zhou, I’m already retired!”

Zhou Peiyun said: “You can always come back even after you leave the industry, don’t you want to earn some money to feed the baby in your stomach?”

Su Yaya laughed, “Sister Zhou, my husband is very rich, hence my baby is not in need of the money, and I also own a farmhouse myself, and my monthly income is pretty good.”

Zhou Peiyun wasn’t satisfied when she heard her say this, and criticized her: “Have you been spoiled rotten by Shen Xiuqi. No matter how rich he is, women shouldn’t give up on their careers. If they give up on their careers, one day they will regret their decisions, just like the famous actress, s.h.i.+ Yuan. She married a wealthy husband when her career was at its peak, thinking that she would not have to worry for the rest of her life. In the end? Not even three years into their marriage, the husband cheated. The news was spread across the industry. The two of them dragged on for seven or eight years, and now they’re divorced, but she didn’t get much money from him. At this moment, she still has to work to support herself. It’s a pity that things were not the same as before, it’s no longer her era anymore, and now she can only play the role of the main lead’s mother, it’s hard for her to return to those glorious days. Don’t be as stupid as her, since there are still people that are willing to cast you, earn as much as you can, who’ll ever complain of having too much money?”

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The Male Lead's Substitute Wife Chapter 312 - Kidnapping (2) summary

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