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Is he being snubbed?

Arriving at the group headquarters, Tang You You got off the car, and when she walked past the large hall that looked like a sky, he immediately attracted everyone's attention and curiosity.

As Ji Xiao Han's true girlfriend, moreover, everyone knew that she had already given birth to two children for Ji Xiao Han. From this, it could be seen that her ident.i.ty as the young mistress of Ji Family could no longer be shaken.

In the past, when Tang Xue Rou had a affair with him, at almost every once in a while, some of them would come and find him dressed elegantly. Although they wouldn't be able to stay for more than a few minutes, Tang Xue Rou's domineering att.i.tude of claiming the t.i.tle of master was still very impressive.

Furthermore, Tang You You's appearance was very low-key every time she appeared, and she didn't even come to the company to look for Ji Xiao Han. Of course, every single time she came, she stayed here much longer than Tang Xue Rou.

This was sufficient to prove how important Tang You You's position was in Ji Xiao Han's heart.

Tang You You arrived at the elevator and saw Lu Qing already standing there with a smile on his face: "Miss Tang, please follow me to this elevator."

This was Ji Xiao Han's private elevator, so Tang You You could only look at Lu Qing gratefully before following him in.

When the elevator reached the CEO's floor, Lu Qing led her to a resting room.

"Young Master is still busy dealing with some matters right now, he will be here soon!" After Lu Qing finished reporting, he closed the door and left.

Tang You You couldn't help but walk towards the french window at the side. From this height, she could see how insignificant everyone was when looking down at them.

In the distance, there were clouds surrounding the tall buildings and in the distance, there were mountains and the ocean. The scenery was really good and Ji Xiao Han would definitely be in a very good mood working in this kind of place everyday.

Tang You You suddenly thought of his son's wish. Even until now, he had not brought his children here to have a look, his son would definitely like the scenery here.

As Tang You You sat on the sofa, an a.s.sistant came over to give her a cup of hot drinks. When they left, they couldn't help but size her up a few times.

Without realizing it, Tang You You felt like she had become a rare animal. There were always too many people who were looking at him.

Of course, she knew very well that the person who had attracted so much attention was not because of her excellence, but was because of a man called Ji Xiao Han who stood behind her.

At the very least, Tang You You did not find any traces of other women around him. Ever since he got to know him, he would usually return home on time to accompany his children. When he was very busy, he would also call Uncle Yun or her and instruct her a little.

Tang You You trusted Ji Xiao Han. Maybe, his private life, was truly so clean.

If there had been anything between him and any woman, she would be provoked by them now.

Just like the past Ji Yun Ning and Tang Xue Rou, even if she didn't come knocking on their door, they would still come looking for her due to unwillingness.

Fortunately, so far, there were only two of them. Moreover, these two women had been completely ignored by Ji Xiao Han.

Tang You You drank a few mouthfuls from the cup, it tasted good.

At that moment, the door was pushed open. The man who entered was dressed in formal attire and had an extraordinary style.

Ji Xiao Han looked at Tang You You who was sitting on the sofa. He had a cute look on his face, and his lips couldn't help but curl upwards. With a smile, he walked in front of her.

When Tang You You saw her, a smile surfaced on his face. He subconsciously stood up, and in the next second, he was in the man's arms.

The familiar aura made her want to indulge herself. Closing her eyes, she quietly felt his warmth.

"You're going to be my wife soon. It seems like you never took the initiative to look for me?" The man's resentful voice sounded in her ears, as if he was hurt that she didn't come to find him.

Tang You You couldn't help but laugh out loud. Sometimes, the words that Ji Xiao Han said really made people not know whether to laugh or to cry.

"I didn't come because I was afraid that if you were too busy with work, I would disturb you!" Tang You You comforted him nonchalantly, but in reality, she had never thought of coming to find him. In any case, there was nothing important, if there was anything that she needed to discuss with him, she could meet him at night when she returned home.

"In the end, you just don't care about me that much!" Ji Xiao Han complained.

Tang You You said innocently: "I care about you. If I didn't care about you, how would I agree to marry you?"

Ji Xiao Han listened and felt that it made sense. He took a step back and looked down at her: "You really aren't sticking to me at all, in the past, I felt that women should have this kind of personality, not sticking to people, giving men some private s.p.a.ce, but now, why do I wish that you wouldn't be so independent and strong, and come and find me occasionally. Sorry, to surprise me a little, how good would that be?"

Tang You You had a face full of astonishment. She did not expect Ji Xiao Han to actually say such words, and immediately realized that she was not being too proactive within this relations.h.i.+p. She lowered her head and said softly: "My apologies, did I leave you alone?"

"Yes sir!" Ji Xiao Han said in a very frank manner, "You have always been ignoring me, Wandering, do you know? Actually, I am afraid of being alone. I wish that you and the children would always be by my side! "

Hearing him suddenly say such sentimental words, Tang You You really did not know where he got all these emotions from. He pursed his lips and laughed: "Of course the children and I will always be by your side, unless you do not want us anymore!"

"How could I not want you? "What a fool!" Ji Xiao Han reached out and caressed her head, purposely messing up her long hair: "Come, let's go eat next door!"

Tang You You dodged his big hands, hurriedly combed her long hair with her fingers, pouted her lips, and said unhappily: "I'm not your daughter, so please don't touch my head okay?"

"I love touching!" After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he pinched her cheek a little.

Tang You You was completely speechless, but she heard that men who like to mess with you must have feelings for you.

Ji Xiao Han looked at Tang You You's angry expression.

He couldn't help but hold her hand and lead her to the next restaurant.

Once Tang You You entered, he saw delicious dishes and red wine on the table!

"You specially prepared it?" Tang You You never thought that there would be a dining room right beside his office. The blue sky was just outside the window, and the scenery was beautiful beyond compare.

"Yes, for you!" Ji Xiao Han pulled up the chair for her and sat down dumbfoundedly.

Ji Xiao Han sat across her, took the alcohol and poured her half a cup: "Don't you like it?"

Tang You You reached out his hand to receive it somewhat embarra.s.sedly: "You won't mind my habit of drinking wine, right?"

"No, drink some wine and it will be even more open-minded!" Ji Xiao Han smiled sinisterly with his thin lips.

Tang You You, "..."

When did she let him go?

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