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Zhuo Jingren's face was dark. His eyes were narrowed, rigid and cold as he stared at the person across him.

Meanwhile, Lily was staring at Zhuo Jingren, observing him. She waited a few minutes and then walked out of the room to see why Zhuo Jingren had not come back. Lily was a little surprised to see him in the living room staring daggers at someone who was wearing brown chinos with a colorful Hawaiian s.h.i.+rt. Even though Lily didn't recognize the guy, she knows that this person is acquainted with Zhuo Jingren, otherwise why would he dare to smile at Zhuo Jingren when he was giving him a murderous glare?

The man arched an eyebrow and asked with mirth apparent in his eyes,  "Aren't you going to give me a hug?" 

"Why are you here, Bei?" Zhuo Jingren asked Bei Tian, his tone cold.

"First, I am your best friend. Is this how you treat your best friend after not seeing him for like two months? How could you treat me this way? I bought you gifts and souvenirs from every country that I visited, including some matching Hawaiian s.h.i.+rts for you and me, ah! How could a person like you be so cruel towards your kind, sweet, caring and loving best friend?"

"Noisy," Zhuo Jingren said as he rose from his seat and walked towards the kitchen.

"Oi, Jingren! Why are you acting like a cold young master huh? I heard that you got married? Jichen kept me up to date regularly while I was abroad. He said you've been acting like a teenager lately? He said it's like you are menstruating every day ah. Come on man. You didn't even bother to call me and inform me that you were going to marry someone," Bei Tian complained as he followed Zhuo Jingren to the kitchen, unaware that Lily was watching them from the stairs. Seeing the two men walk off, Lily slowly followed them into the kitchen.

"Hmmm… now that I think about it, Jichen must have lied to me. Aha! Did you ask him to lie to me? You must have missed me and wanted me to come home? Aiyo… Jingren, it is so easy to call me and yet you refuse to do so… Instead, you have to scheme and make your poor secretary lie to me, ah." Zhuo Jingren got himself a gla.s.s of water as Bei Tian tagged along and continued to chatter.d.

"Ah… You are indeed very cruel Jingren ah. I told Little Lin about your marriage and for the first time I saw her cry ah. You know that she's liked you since we were kids and yet you still insisted on waiting for Qin Jinghua. Little Lin was waiting for you to move on, man. And yet, you just married someone else without even informing us. How do you think Little Lin feels?"

"She knows that I don't like her," Zhuo Jingren said coldly, instantly making Lily raise her brows. Lily was just outside of the kitchen leaning against the wall as she listened to their conversation. After all, 'gathering information' is something that she takes very seriously. Still, Zhuo Jingren's words surprised her a little. To be honest, she had never seen Zhuo Jingren treat someone so coldly before.

She couldn't help but wonder if this was really his nature when Lily was out of the picture. Lily heard a loud sigh before Bei Tian continue, "Jingren, even now I still can't understand why you don't like Little Lin. She has adored you ever since we were little. When her real parents finally found her, Xiao Lin never stopped visiting the orphanage even though she had become a rich heiress. She is still the same kind and pure-hearted Little Lin that everyone liked."

"You are extremely lucky that our fairy likes you when many men out there like her!" Bei Tian added.

"Men like you," Zhuo Jingren said before he stared at his friend as he eyed the wine rack. "I've repeatedly told Jichen to tell you not to come here anymore."

"And why is that? We have been friends since we were born. A simple text message wouldn't stop me from visiting into your house!" Bei Tian grinned as he opted instead for a gla.s.s of whiskey.

Zhuo Jingren did not answer him. Instead, he approached Bei Tian and grabbed the whiskey bottle out of his hot little hands.

"Hey! What's wrong with you?"

"You cannot visit my place anymore," Zhuo Jingren answered as he poured two fingers of whiskey into a gla.s.s. "My wife does not like seeing ugly people."

"What the…! You are sacrificing our friends.h.i.+p because of a woman? Ah! Where is this woman? I will tell her how obsessed you are with Qin Jinghua! Let's see if she doesn't leave you after hearing that you have a special room filled with Qin Jinghua's paintings!" Bei Tian grabbed the gla.s.s from Zhuo Jingren's hands and downed the alcohol, his face instantly turning red. "Come…. Show me your wife! No woman will put up with the fact that their husband is borderline crazy for another woman! Let's see if she will still stay after knowing the truth about your disgusting habit of masturbating while watching… Hey! What was that for!"

"Shut up!" Zhuo Jingren glared at him. "And go home now! You can't sleep here anymore! My wife is already asleep and you are too noisy. She doesn't like noise, nor does she like people like you!"

Lily wanted to laugh out loud as she continued to listen to the men bickering like children. Bei Tian was still the same Bei Tian that she remembered, noisy, tactless and childish. According to her research, this man had become a successful sculptor. In fact, he was just returning from a two month worldwide gallery tour. As sophisticated as it sounded on paper, it seemed that his noisy nature hasn't changed much since childhood.

Lily then remembered how Bei Tian always used to stick with Zhuo Jingren when they were kids. He was even the one who asked her if she would marry Zhuo Jingren once they grew up. Back then, Bei Tian was pretty supportive of Zhuo Jingren's feelings towards her. However, after listening to him just now, it seems that Bei Tian has left Qin Jinghua in the past and is  in favour of some other woman becoming Zhuo Jingren's wife. Lily's gaze narrowed in dissatisfaction.

Xiao Lin… Little Lin.

For some reason she could not remember who this woman was. Bei Tian had mentioned that she was with them at the orphanage and that she had been found by her real parents. This lead Lily to believe that this Little Lin must have changed her surname to Lin. She instantly made a mental note to check this out later. After all, being prepared has been Lily's motto for a long time now.

"Come on. Tell be about this woman! How dare she corrupt you to the point of abandoning the only person who could stand your horrible nature, hmmm?" Lily listened as Bei Tian continue to rant. She instantly wondered if the man was just drunk or is it that he just never gets tired of speaking? "Jingren… tell me if she is prettier than Little Lin. Ah… Little Lin is even more beautiful than Qin Jinghua, but you still chose to ignore Little Lin. This made me wonder if the truth is that you actually have really bad taste in women."

"Don't compare Qin Jinghua to anyone," Zhuo Jingren said as he took the gla.s.s from Bei Tian and poured one for himself.

"I am telling the truth ah. Why did you suddenly get married? Are you dying or something? I can see that you still like Jinghua, so why are you forcing yourself to be with a woman that you don't like? Little Lin is more beautiful than Qin Jinghua and more talented too… Why didn't you chose to marry her instead?" Bei Tian asked, his face full of confusion. In Bei Tian's opinion, it would be impossible for Zhuo Jingren to find Qin Jinghua as she had disappeared for a long time already. Who knows? The woman might already be dead.

An evil glint instantly flashed in Lily's eyes when she heard those words. Lily immediately used her hand to sloppily comb her hair, making it a little messy. She then bit her lips, making them look a little redder as she loosened her robe, revealing her bare left shoulder and a little cleavage. She then walked into the dining room while slowly running her fingers through her hair, making it look like she just woke up.

She stifled a yawn, informing the two men of her presence. "Jingren… I thought you said you wouldn't stop until my legs are shaking… why are… eh? You have a visitor?"

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