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Bei Tian jumped out of his seat. As he turned around, his eyes instantly grew as wide as they possibly could, his mouth wide open as he stared at the alluring woman in front of him. Lily's amber eyes slowly s.h.i.+fted from Zhuo Jingren to Bei Tian and then back to Zhuo Jingren. "Am I disturbing you?" she asked before she slowly lifted her foot and took a step from the dining room into the kitchen to join them.

Bei Tian wanted to say something as he unconsciously took a step towards the doorway. He wanted to ask who she was, however, his mouth refused to cooperate. His eyes slowly travelled from the woman's pinkish lips down to her pale neck. Unknowingly, Bei Tian swallowed the gulp of saliva that was threatening to flow out of his mouth. To his dismay, his view was quickly blocked by someone's wide back.

Bei Tian instantly wanted to complain but Zhuo Jingren's gentle voice interrupted him, "Of course not. Why did you come down? Do you need some water?"

'What is happening?' Bei Tian stood as still as a statue behind Zhuo Jingren, unable to comprehend what was going on. His mind seemed to have short circuited while scrambling to make sense of everything that happened in the last few minutes. He felt as if he'd been temporarily incapacitated, his brain removed from his body.

"Yeah… water will do," Lily said softly.

"Alright… come, let's get some water," Zhuo Jingren said as he put his hands around Lily shoulders and pulled her into the kitchen, his tall stature completely covering her small frame, nudging Bei Tian into the dining room as he did so.

But Bei Tian immediately woke up from his daze and followed the duo. He then saw Zhuo Jingren pouring a gla.s.s of water for the woman who was lazily leaning against the fridge, her arms crossed over her chest as she stared at Zhuo Jingren with a little smile plastered on her face.

"Um… excuse me," Bei Tian cleared his throat awkwardly. "I… Ummm… who are you?" He instantly s.h.i.+fted his gaze towards Zhuo Jingren when he saw Lily turned her head to look at him, but to his surprise, Lily ignored him. Instead she accepted a gla.s.s of water from Zhuo Jingren and took a little sip.

Meanwhile, Zhuo Jingren was staring at her, the coldness that he'd shown Bei Tian earlier was nowhere to be found. Instead, a small smile was even visible on his face. This seemed to shake Bei Tian to the core. Who is this man?! Is this Zhuo Jingren?

Then slowly, Zhuo Jingren leaned in to kiss the side of Lily's mouth, removing the small trace of condensation left behind from the gla.s.s. And just like that, the gla.s.s in Bei Tian's hand slipped from his fingers and fell to the floor. The sound of splintering gla.s.s resonated through the room, finally drawing the couple's attention to him.

Bei Tian did not move. He was so engrossed in his own thoughts that he didn't even notice the shattered gla.s.s near his feet. How could these two kiss each other in front of him? Bei Tian wanted to fume and curse at them before he remembered that it was Zhuo Jingren and his wife who were shoving dog food down his throat.

'Hold on. There is something seriously wrong with this scenario!'

Once again his eyes widened as he patted his chest. He had suffered so many shocking events in this single night that he was afraid he'd have a heart attack.  That's right… Zhuo Jingren and the word dog food would never be found in the same sentence. That would never happen. Bei Tian shook his head and smiled to himself. He must be hallucinating. Right… the flight from Hawaii was rather long and he did not sleep at all during the flight. He must be too tired right now. This isn't real, it's just exhaustion.

"Don't leave my place without cleaning up the broken gla.s.s." When he heard Zhuo Jingren's voice, Bei Tian immediately lifted his head and give him a brilliant smile, only to freeze once again when he saw him carrying a woman in his arms.

"You- Who are you?" he asked. If he wasn't hallucinating, then did this mean that Zhuo Jingren actually married someone? He married someone other than Qin Jinghua? How was that possible?

"Hey Bei Tian… You can call me Lily… Lily Zhuo," Lily said with a smirk. Seeing that Bei Tian was incapable of speech at the moment, Zhuo Jingren just sailed past him.

Lily… Lily Zhuo? And she even took his surname?

Bei Tian's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets when he saw Lily flashed him a mocking smile behind Zhuo Jingren's back!

A white lotus!

Zhuo Jingren's wife is a white lotus pretending to be kind and sweet! This was the conclusion that Bei Tian reached instantly as a single bead of sweat trickled down his back. He recalled Lily's face which seemed to be so familiar, and  yet he was sure that he'd never met her before. Was she an actress? Was she with Zhuo Jingren for his money?

Bei Tian immediately took his phone from his pocket and typed in Lily's new name.

Just as he expected, the name Lily Zhou instantly listed hundreds of search results. Bei Tian was expecting to see a starlet or someone from the film industry. After all, Lily was undeniably beautiful. However, the result that he was expecting was not the one he received.

Instead, all of the articles regarding Lily were about the Facci Group, specifically its latest launch in Hong Kong. Following those were  a few gossip websites that talked about her marriage to Zhuo Jingren. Some articles were also showed Lily's involvement in humanitarian works and her ties to female empowerment organizations and charities.


Bei Tian slowly backed away from the kitchen as he used the wall to support himself. Lily Facci Zhuo? A tyc.o.o.n from Europe just married his best friend Zhuo Jingren? Ah… did Zhuo Jingren agreed to marry her because he was after her money and influence?

Bei Tian's face instantly turned ugly as he thought about Zhuo Jingren's scheme. How could his friend fall down to this degree? How could he sell his body just for money? Bei Tian felt his eyes getting hot. His friend must have married this woman because he wanted to use her influence to look for Qin Jinghua in Europe!

This realization almost made Bei Tian cry. How could Zhuo Jingren sacrifice his marriage for Qin Jinghua? Just what kind of affection did Zhuo Jingren feel for Qin Jinghua? He was even willing to sacrifice himself in marriage just to find her?

This must be the 'one of a kind love' that those fairytales are portraying ah.

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The Villain's Wife Chapter 216 - 'One Of A Kind Love' summary

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