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"Lie still." Zhuo Jingren's voice interrupted all of the protests that Lily wanted to utter when he stood in front of her after laying her on the bed. The man was kissing her non-stop as he strode towards their bedroom, but he suddenly stopped after laying her down the bed. How could she NOT protest?

However, Lily chose to lie still, even though her body was craving his touch. Every one of her muscles seemed to quiver under his intense gaze. Lily slowly licked her lips as she watched him standing there. Then she bit her lip in absolute hunger as she watched Zhuo Jingren remove his pants. He leaned over to untie her robe with a flick of his fingers before slowly pulling the robe away from  Lily's, exposing her alluringly nude body.

"You dared to walk out of the room with nothing on under your robe?" he asked as his palm lightly grazed her arm, making her tremble. "You showed another man your flesh, and you even seemed to like the attention he gave you..."

"That was not the…"

"Shhh…" Zhuo Jingren put a finger over Lily's mouth, silencing her. "No talking."

Zhuo Jingren's hands traced her a path from behind her ears and swiftly down to her collarbone where he s-l-o-w-l-y traced outwards to her shoulders, lightly caressing them with his thumbs as she arched her neck and looked at him with eyes glazed with pa.s.sion. Slowly and erotically his hands skimmed her eager body, skillfully teasing patterns over her ribcage and on to her waist where he traced small circles which instantly earned a giggle from Lily. Suddenly his hands moved up, cupping her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and flicking her already taut nipples.

Lily instantly felt s.h.i.+vers of pure delight race through her body from her b.r.e.a.s.t.s down past her stomach. He could keep doing this for an hour or so and Lily would not mind in the least...She shut her eyes and bit her lip as the sensations overwhelmed her before she felt his hot tongue against her areola. Her arms unknowingly clung to his neck, however, Zhuo Jingren suddenly stopped touching her. He slowly removed Lily's arms from around his neck as he repeated his instructions: "No talking. No touching."

Lily's heavy lidded eyes cleared instantly before she furrowed her brows and blinked at him in confusion. She was so accustomed to having control over everything that she seemed to be having a hard time comprehending his words.

No talking. No touching.

She stared at him, her amber eyes staring straight into his brown orbs that seemed to turn even darker from pure l.u.s.t. She wanted him. She really, really wanted him. In fact, Lily had never wanted anyone or anything as much as she wanted this man in front of her. The undeniable attraction that she felt for him seemed to make all logical thoughts fly out of her head. She knew what he wanted. Zhuo Jingren was asking for control. And Lily was having second thoughts about giving him complete control over her. 'Do you trust him?' A small voice echoed inside her head. Lily tried to disengage from her thoughts. Why overthink things? This is nothing but s.e.x. However, she immediately knew that she'd failed.

This was more than s.e.x. This was more than two bodies satisfying each other. She was aware of this fact and unknowingly had been silently accepting it. She trusted him. As Lily was lost in thought, Zhuo Jingren was silent and still. Waiting. Patiently waiting - and then she felt his hand making small circles on her hip. Lily bit her lips as she slowly nodded, giving him the permission that he desired.

Antic.i.p.ation instantly swirled in Zhuo Jingren's eyes as he leaned in to kiss her. His kiss was gentle as they both took their time savoring the moment, then he deepened the kiss as he started to lose control again.

"Thank you," he said in a raspy voice while trailing kisses down her collarbone, the warmth of his words against her skin thrilling her even more. Lily held her breath when Zhuo Jingren's hand ma.s.saged her left breast as his other hand to skimmed her yearning body, savouring the light contact as his hand came to rest between her thighs. His warm mouth slowly made its way to her belly b.u.t.ton, teasing her, lapping at her warmly with his tongue before exhaling cooly against her skin,making her hiss under her breath...

Lily felt intoxicated when Zhuo Jingren sat back on his haunches before curling his arms around her thighs to position her exactly as he liked, feasting on the sight of the woman before him as if she were every gift he'd ever wanted. He held her gaze as he lazily started to lick her core, his tongue slowly drifting into her warmth. Lily's eyes fluttered shut as the intense pleasure and his knowing gaze made her slowly arch her back as her breathing grew shallow. The aching that she felt earlier seemed to intensify. She wanted to touch him. She wanted to run her fingers through his hair.

She wanted to lock her fingers in his hair and pull the pleasure even closer. She wanted to touch him in a million ways to make sure he knew how much she liked it. However, his fair warning came into her mind. Lily threw an arm over her eyes as a wave of bliss. .h.i.t her. When she felt the feathery strokes of his tongue on her c.l.i.toris her arms fell to either side in surrender, palms up, completely open and accepting of everything he had to give..

Zhuo Jingren ran a finger over her mound, pausing at her c.l.i.t before he gently teased her lips, making sure that she was moist and ready before her held her gaze as he slowly sank his finger deep inside of her. A loud moan instantly escaped Lily's lips as she shut her eyes and bit her lip, trying her best not to make any noise. Zhuo Jingren slowly began to thrust and swirl his finger deep inside her, sending small electrical pulses into her stomach. Lily's hands slowly balled into fists, her pulse racing as she listened to the sound of her own heart beating faster. The pleasure from his finger was soon multiplied by the addition of his talented tongue and both only served to intensify her uncontrollable desire to touch him.

Lily slowly lifted her waist, rocking into his thrust. She could feel the waves of pleasure building inside her, begging for a release.

Then he stopped.

Lily's eyes flew open but before she could say anything, he thrust a finger inside her again. His mouth once again reigned at the heart of her core, licking, tasting, sucking her. Once again, her breath grew shallow and rapid as she let out low, sultry, incoherent mews of pleasure. 

Immediately, Zhuo Jingren withdrew his finger, earning another irritated hiss from Lily.

What is this man doing?

Lily's eyes went straight to Zhuo Jingren's smirk as the realization hit her.

He was punis.h.i.+ng her.

He wanted to punish her for her behavior a while ago.

"Oh... G.o.d!" she said in exasperation. "You are killing me."

"Will you do it again?"

"No," she answered instantly while shaking her head. Would she let Zhuo Jingren tease her to death, again? Of course not!

In response, Zhuo Jingren grinned at her flushed face. His dark eyes darted over Lily's body, before he slowly reached out and slid his hand under her, lifting her up and over him. Then he stilled as Lily straddled him, silently giving the control back to her. Ripples of pleasure started to cloud Lily's eyes when she felt his tip at her opening. Without any hesitation she lowered her body onto his as he placed his hands on her waist, supporting her.

Lily instantly moaned in pleasure when she felt him filling and stretching her core. She held her breath for a second, enjoying the quivers of pleasure that pulsed in her stomach. She opened her eyes and stared at Zhuo Jingren, the searing need inside her was clearly visible in her eyes. Then slowly, ever so slowly, she started moving, rocking her body against his.

Not a minute pa.s.sed before he matched her rhythm, his hands gripping her hips, barely hanging on to control himself. Both of them felt the pressure building up inside of them. As the pleasure that each felt become even more intensely erotic, Zhuo Jingren thrust deeper and faster, matching Lily's frantic pace.

She braced her hands on his chest as her body started to quiver. Lily moved faster, circling her hips and riding him until she could feel Zhuo Jingren grow still beneath her, his o.r.g.a.s.m threatening to burst at any time as he lifted his head and tugged one of her nipples, her teeth grazed his collarbone before Lily let out a loud moan of satisfaction. Feeling her grip him tightly as shockwaves of pleasure rocked her body, he immediately followed as he pulled her even closer, calling her name, his eyes shut as he reached his peak.

The couple's harsh breathing echoed inside the room as Lily fell on top of him, completely blissed out. After a moment she felt his arms slowly caressing her back, stroking her lovingly before Zhuo Jingren gently kissed her forehead.

Lily lifted her head. She stared at him. His face was gentle as he stared back at her. His lips lifted into a smile as his hands touched her cheeks. "I love you," he whispered.

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