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"Dear wife, you are really too mean! But I will forgive you because I know that you don't mean those words. Come up to the dining room quickly. I will personally prepare the breakfast for you. What would my sweetheart—"

Before Minhyun could continue further, Soohyun placed her palm on top of his mouth, preventing him from speaking further. Disgust was clearly shown upon her face.

"Please stop. At least don't use that tone with me, Han Minhyun, or I might throw up for real. I did not think that you had such strange interests," Soohyun vocalised.

"Don't worry, Sweetheart; I will clean up for you after you throw up," Minhyun said, flas.h.i.+ng Soohyun a wide smile of his.

"Is this how you have felt when you met me in the beginning? I am guessing that this is the karma," Soohyun vocalized as a dramatic sigh left her mouth. 

She might really end up being sick if she had to deal with Minhyun regularly. Was he trying to mock her by mimicking how she was in the beginning?

"Can't you go back to those days, Sweetheart? They felt really great. These days, you're too cold to me, and it hurts me a lot," Minhyun said as he stared down at the ground.

That's it; that was Lee Soohyun's limit. Instantly, standing on top of the bed, she was about to run away from there when a hand gripped her wrist, preventing her from moving.

A force pulled Soohyun back, and as she sat on top of the bed, a pair of hand turned her face. Holding her face, Minhyun placed his lips on top of Soohyun.

After pulling away from the kiss, Minhyun stated, "There you go, Sweetheart; a morning kiss for you. Can't you give one back to me?"

Raising her hand, she touched Minhyun's chest and pushed him away from her in that moment. After that, she put in her utmost speed in running towards the washroom, not wanting to get caught by Minhyun again.

Hearing Soohyun slam the door behind her, a chuckle left Minhyun's mouth, and a smile that reached his eyes formed on his face.

Shaking his head, he mumbled, "She is too cute."

As the water flowed down the tap, Soohyun splashed her face with some of that, and looking up, she stared at the mirror before her with a determined gaze.

"No, Soohyun, no, you can't let yourself be played around like this by him; you can't give him that pleasure, Soohyun. Show him that you are not affected by it, Soohyun. 

Just be as if his actions bored you regardless of how disgusting it is. He is only doing all this to get a reaction from you, and you can't give him that. You are not a stress reliever for him. You can do it!" Soohyun muttered to herself.

Extending her hand towards her hair, she pushed them back with one of her hand and let out a sigh. There was no way she was going to let Minhyun win with this.

"Minhyun, I will prove to you that it takes more that that to get under Lee Soohyun's skin. After all, who do you think I am? I was just caught by surprise. That's why, I panicked then. But it would not be happening again," Soohyun stated.

Putting on a resolute expression, she walked towards the door.

As she entered into the dining room, the fragnance from the food reached her nose, and looking down, she patted her stomach softly.

What caught her eyes was that there were no maids present in the dining table, and it was Han Minhyun who was fixing the table. When Minhyun mentioned earlier on how he will be cooking the breakfast, she did not expect for him to actually do it.

Then, her eyes fell on the warm pancakes with syrup in front of her place, and her eyes widened. A sparkle appeared in her eyes as she moved closer to it, making in the scent of the pancakes.

It has been a long time since she had last seen warm food, and this was enough to brighten up her mood. Although Minhyun was acting this way, there was good things out from it.

Moving towards Soohyun, Minhyun pulled her chair and smiled at her. His courteous actions caused a chill to go down at her back, but seeing the delicious food before her, she did not put much attention to it.

'Since Han Minhyun is this adamant on being a gentleman, I guess I can allow him to be so. As long as he is not bringing any type of trouble or harm to me, I guess this side of him is alright.'

"Sweetheart, I made some pancakes for you since I have figured that you will be missing them. I wanted to make something more extravagant, but there was not enough time for that. I hope you are content with that," Minhyun stated.

Soohyun was not the one to be mannerless. Therefore, after a small 'thank you', she picked up her fork to start eating the pancake. 

As she began to eat it, Minhyun kept staring at her, and as much as that was disturbing her, she tried to not put any type of attention to that. 

'Just eat the pancakes, Soohyun. Minhyun doesn't matter to you; let him stare at you. There is nothing wrong with that. You just keep on eating the pancakes. Let him be the creep if he wants to be so. This is just a reward to him for making this pancakes for you.'

Regardless of how many times she repeated those words within her head, she found it difficult to swallow the pancake due to his intense gaze.

Raising her head, she looked at Minhyun and saw his smiling expression. That reduced her appet.i.te more.

'What's the use of cooking these delicious pancakes when you're ruining my appet.i.te like that? What type of torture is this!?'

"Han Minhyun, you will not be eating breakfast?" Soohyun asked.

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