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While one of his hand was on Soohyun's back, Minhyun raised his other hand to trace it against Soohyun's face. 

Staring at his eyes, Soohyun found herself being drawn into them, and in that very moment, her mind went completely blank. She did not know what to say, and her throat felt dry.

When her eyes fell on Minhyun's red lips, she found them looking white seductive and delicious. An urge to take a bite out of them came upon her, but before she could do that, the look in his eyes changed.

It was noticed by Soohyun and made her be aware of how he was up to something mischievous. Guessing his purpose for his actions was not possible for her.

"Don't you think it is quite a loss for me to fall for you? That's why, I am determined to make you love me. Although that would not compensate completely for the loss, at least it will be making up some part of it," Minhyun stated.

Those words of his caused her eyes to widen, and she instantly was about to get away from him. She was baffled it. However, Minhyun's secured hand around her back prevented her from doing that.

Under that gaze of Minhyun, she completely felt like a prey, and a shudder went through her back.

'What not pressuring me about this? Lee Soohyun, you are really naive to have taken light of this! This is Han Minhyun after all. No, this is Han Minhyun, and this seems like to be something he wouldn't do. Something must have been wrong with that confession."

"Minhyun, you are frightening! Are you playing as sort of pranks for me?" Soohyun questioned while her lips were forced out to form a wide smile.

"What makes you a.s.sume that, My Dear?" Minhyun asked.

He then added, "I am serious about each of the words I have said. Sooner or later, you will be falling for me, harder than I have."

Once again, Soohyun tried to get away from Minhyun, finding him dangerous in that moment. But Minhyun did not let her go this time around as well.

"Minhyun, is your brain fried after getting a fever or could it be that all this hard work is causing you to act so crazy? I can call a doctor for you if you want," Soohyun stated while worry showed in her eyes.

'Maybe all this pressure was causing Minhyun's mental age to decrease daily.'

She then continued, "Minhyun, you need to either decrease your workload or get yourself checked by a doctor; I am afraid that after few days, you will be acting like a newborn baby. We can't—"

 Before Soohyun could further continue, a pair of lips was placed on top of hers, quietening her down and taking her by surprise. Soohyun's eyes widened.

The kiss was short, and Soohyun found herself craving for more. Nonetheless, she made no such move towards it and glared at him.

"Shut up, and I am being serious here, Lee Soohyun," Minhyun said as he extended his hand towards Soohyun.

Holding one strand of Soohyun's hair he stroked it while his eyes stared at Soohyun with a glint present within them. Desperately, she wanted to escape from his grip but knew that it was not possible.

"Soohyun, you will fall for me; I a.s.sure you. So, brace yourself," Minhyun vocalised.

"Are you drunk? No, your breath doesn't smell like alcohol," Soohyun stated, "Listen, Han Minhyun, if you are going to continue with this, I will be running away with someone else. I a.s.sure you that."

Pointing her finger towards Minhyun, she hoped for her threat to work although even in her mind, the possiblity of that happening was extremely low.

Minhyun chuckled and said, "Ah! I would like to see that happen. Do you think that anyone will want to run away with you? After all, you bring loads of trouble."

"Not everyone is the same. There is such a person out there, and I am determined to find him, Han Minhyun, if you keep pestering me this way. Can't you go back to your normal self. I swear you are so creepy now," Soohyun honestly vocalised.

"Creepy, hmm? Well, I am going to be creepier in the future, so deal with it," Minhyun stated.

"If you keep acting this rudely, I would not definitely fall for—"

Placing his index finger against her lips, he prevented her from talking further, and his finger felt hot to her lips. A blush instantly formed on Soohyun's face.

A gasp left Soohyun's mouth as he stood up carrying her in a bridal style. Since it felt good to her, she did not protesy against it and wrapped her hands around his neck.

Leaning her head against his chest, she closed her eyes and let herself sleep, hoping that once she wakes up, everything will be going back to its normal state.

Finding it impossible to breath through her nose, Soohyun opened her eyes to see the reason behind it; it felt as if someone was pinching her nose.

Seeing that it was Minhyun behind it, she gave him a bored stare, and he moved his hold from her nose. Then, he gave her a wide smile— something Soohyun took to be blinding this early in the morning.

"Good morning, Sweetheart. Now, get up quickly, and let's have breakfast. My Sweetheart must be hungry," Minhyun stated sweetly.

Hearing that tone from Minhyun so early in the morning caused a chill to go down Soohyun's back, and she instantly moved away from him while her face reflected the horror she felt at this very moment. 

It seemed that Minhyun was determined to stay in that way, and as much as Soohyun repeated in her head to stay nonchalant against it, it was not possible for her to do so. She found it being too scary and bone-chilling.

"Can you stop being so gross this early in the morning, Minhyun? I am afraid that I will be cursed with bad luck throughout the day if this is continued."

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