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Chapter 1811  A Chaotic Abian

Barely 2 minutes after Landon was gone, backup and reinforcements came in as fast as they could. Staring at the destruction all around them, everyone's face was bad. The giant bathhouse s.p.a.ce was now covered with reddish gold blood water that spewed all across the place. The floors were west, and the blood of the dead and injured were constantly dyeing the wet floors. There were cracks in the walls, and people trembling as though about to have seizures. Eh?... A ball sac rolling in ankle-height waters? What enemy army had done this? There must have been at least 100 strong enemies here to have left hundreds and hundreds of their hidden guards like this, right? Everyone was either dead or heavily injured. But how did intruders get in? Have they always been here? Phew~

Seeing that the Holy Stone was still there, everyone felt a weight drop from their shoulders. No matter the damage provided the Holy Stone wasn't taken, then that was good. Soon, word went out, and more and more people flooded the Research center with heavy eyes. Even the Royals were alerted, sending their people to go out there and find out what the devil was going on. Bang! Bang! Bang! "Who is it? Who dares disturb my precious time with my beloved Concubine?" "Your Majesty, it's about the Holy Stone." Swis.h.!.+ He threw his 'beloved' concubine like a rug, getting to his feet and rus.h.i.+ng to his office. In another part of Abian, several ministers and important personnel also woke up like this, no matter whether they were in the process of lovemaking or asleep. All that can wait. The moment the Holy Stone was mentioned, people jumped so high you would think they were birds. They were clad in thick attires of animal skin and heavy fabric, yet they still felt an unprecedented cold gnaw at their insides after getting word of what went down. Boom!

The lead guard felt that Landon couldn't be lying about his ident.i.ty from the body gestures and even the pride in his eyes. Yes. The same pride in the intruder's eyes was similar to those d.a.m.n Adonis b.a.s.t.a.r.ds whenever they speak of their G.o.d, Adonis. Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds seem to be glowing whenever they mention Adonis's name. Their pupils, eye veins, how their eyebrows move, and everything else gave off their devotion to Adonis. Likewise, this intruder also had that awed look when talking of Horus. If this wasn't a battle site, the lead guard even thought Landon would have loved to pull him to the side and go on and on about his G.o.d, Horus. This was bad. One of the battle commanders stared at the lead guard with an expressionless face, "So they have the secret battle manual?"

"Yes," the lead guard answered with a heavy voice. "There is no mistaking it. They have the manual. Renkin is also with them, the grandson of the late inventor."

Many people were uneasy. When was the last time anyone dared to pull such a bold stunt in the heart of Abian, Morgany? Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds must have b.a.l.l.s and a lot of confidence. The manual must have given them such confidence. "And from what he said last, the intruder hadn't expected the Holy Stone to be so heavy?" The lead guard coughed black blood, feeling pressure in his throat. "Yes," Another nearby injured guard replied. "The b.a.s.t.a.r.d even spoke of returning once he and his people made enough plans to secure their taking of the Holy Stone." 

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