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Chapter 1878  Finally Leaving

–Somewhere within the Empire of Abian–


The former Countess Yaya opened her eyes, rolling left and right on her soft mattress as she usually did. It was amazing that after several months of sleeping on it, she still felt it was unbelievable for such a soft bed to exist. Mattresses are either filled with straw poking you, feathers that although soft also have some ends poking out, and wool and linen fabrics rolled up, bundled and sewn into the mattress. All her life, she had never seen such a soft bed. What was in it? Fluffy clouds? (?0?)

Yaya has been curious about this matter for a long time. Even the pillow was so soft that she often slept almost immediately after her head touched it. She already realized that different pillow cases have different feelings during sleep. Sure enough, the deep pink, black, and purple satin pillow cases were her favorites. They were silky and felt very gentle on her cheeks. She checked the labels inside, and knew they were made of something called satin. She had never heard of the bizarre material called 'Cotton,' but still acknowledged it to be her 2nd best pillow type to use. Looking through the ma.s.sive cave dwelling she had come to love now, Yaya sighed with a hint of unwillingness in her eyes. How to say it? She wished she could magically take this entire place with her to her destination. Every single part of this place had touches of her in it. The small sofa, the kitchen area, the bathroom, storage rooms, you name it. She wished she could take everything away. Luckily, her savior (Landon), brought in a suitcase for her to pack her essential needs into. Wow! Yaya's eyes widened in shock when seeing the gorgeous leather print suitcase presented before her. After watching several Baymardian movies and glimpsing magazines and Pamphlets, seeing one in the flesh only gave her another wave of confirmation that everything advertised was real and not fict.i.tious! .

Pack! Pack! Pack! "Do I really need this?... What about this one?... No! I definitely need my Myriad Beauty Lotion. Just look at how glowy my skin has become after several months?" "Pride and Prejudice! I must take this one with me. I just love Darcy way too much to give this book up." "Ahh!! There's also 'The Bride' that is set in a made up world, where the Bride comes from England and the Groom from the highlands. The 2 empires are feeding underneath the table, but act friendly on the surface. An English bride is sent to the rugged highlands…. Ahhh! I just love the romance between Jamie and Alec. Alright, I've decided, you're coming with me."

"You're coming with me!" "You're coming too!" "Ahh! How can I leave my Kimberly Secrets Underwear behind?" "Take!"

"Take!" "Take!" "Take!"

…. 2 hours later, Yaya's suitcase was filled to the brim so much that it couldn't zip up anymore. What's even funnier, was that she still had more things she wanted to pack up too. Yaya felt embarra.s.sed, knowing she would have to redo everything from scratch and make wise decisions in what she truly needed vs what were necessities to her. Sigh… 'Why can't I have the power to carry this place with me?'

Alas, packing was such a hard and difficult task for people with a ton of beloved items.

Her savior has told her that she would still have a majority of things at the new home prepared for her. But Yaya still wanted to carry several personal items she had grown too attached to over the months. Like a squirrel h.o.a.rding its nuts for the winter, Yaya wished she could h.o.a.rder and carry everything away. "Focus, Yaya… Focus!!" Pah! She smacked her plump cheeks with br.i.m.m.i.n.g and determined eyes before rus.h.i.+ng in to start all over again. She even put the Lifestyle Video Landon gave her last week, that showed an elegant lady demonstrating the best way to pack for a trip. It was a video specifically for women. [Now ladies, remember to fill up the bottom half of the suitcase with items you are less likely to use during your trip… The ones you reach for, must be kept at the top.]

Yaya nodded, while diligently following all instructions. 'According to him, we will be arriving at Baymard in late July. Definitely, I will need to read my favorite books to pa.s.s the time. Those will stay on the top.' Yaya had thought it through. She didn't know how it was possible to reach Baymard in 2 and a half months from Morgany, but if her Savior seems it possible, it must be so. .

Another 4 hours pa.s.sed by, and Yaya had finally finished packing up. Looking at her watch, her body temperature rose after seeing the time. "It's 1 PM already?" Like the flash, Yaya then zoomed across all rooms, making last minute cleanups as fast as she could. Luckily, she had spent the last 3 days doing deep cleaning, so there wasn't much to do. The storage room looked spotless and void of cobwebs. The pots and pans were also neatly stored away as she first saw them, the floors were moved, the sheets were washed and folded… except for the ones on her bed.  Yes, Yaya left everything the same way she found them when she first arrived. The only things she cleaned up now were The things she used these last 2 days while waiting for departure. After which, she hurried towards the bath, brushed her teeth, took a shower and hastened her feet to dress up and await her guests. Tap, tap, tap~

3 pebbles of stone roll into a tiny hole, falling into a loud metallic basin in the furthest place of the s.p.a.ce, ensuring the sound would not travel out of the s.p.a.ce. Anyway, the gus.h.i.+ng waterfall made it hard for intruders to hear anything else. But Yaya heard the noise and rushed towards the door to give the sign.

1 minutes later, she now stood face to face with someone many Baymardian Soldiers and armed forces admired. "Pleased to make your acquaintance, Lady Yaya. You may call Mitchen… Warden Mitchen."

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