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Chapter 1879  Where Are The Horses?

Warden Mitchen? Yaya felt that Mitchen was a gigantic towering structure that would terrify any who stood in his way. This was good, she thought, still feeling that escaping from Morgany as a whole was still somewhat impossible to do. A part of her still saw Morgany as all powerful, feeling that she might never be truly able to escape or outrun them in this lifetime. "Lady Yaya, I'll be taking this for you." Mitchen reached for her luggage with ease, while his female secretary reached to a.s.sist Yaya down.

Again, everyone couldn't help but Marvel at his majesty Landon's ingenuity. Looking at the jagged edges underneath the insanely high speed waterfall, seeing a path that leads you downwards was like finding a needle in a haystack. In short, there was no way to get down using the jagged sharp edge rocks.

Clicking up was also a near impossible task, One can suffer indefinitely to find a way down. But just next door from Yaya's sweet cave home, was another secret pa.s.sageway that also used the same mechanism as Yaya's. Yaya felt a little uncomfortable when seeing the terrifying waterfall and the path below. Do you know how high up they were? Looking at the strange and stretchy rope secured around her waist and between her legs, Yaya truly hoped it could catch her if she slipped. Yaya was about to ask how they would go down, when suddenly, Mitchen wiggled and pulled out a puny but insanely long stone piece. Just looking at how hard wiggling it was, it was impossible for it to one day fall out on its own. .

Mitchen had wiggled and turned the arm-length long piece with every pull, like a thief cracking a safe that needed to turn the dial to specific combination codes. And soon… Brmmmm! A secret pathway was revealed, leaving Yaya with dropped jaws once more. Hold on, hold on… has this pa.s.sageway always been next door to her? (°-°)

Who can tell her what was going on here? And why did the secret pa.s.sageway look so well camouflaged too? It was insanely hard to tell where it was as it looked exactly like the surrounding surfaces. In she went, now sandwiched between those guiding her forward. Once in, Mitchen placed the stone back in place from the inside sealing the opening completely. Shake, shake shake~

Mitchen shook a very bright blue glow stick that illuminated their entire surroundings. Yes, they can always use flashlights, but Mitchen discovered that Flashlights focus the light in particular areas pointed to. However, glow sticks luminate everything around you. Plus, glow sticks always look cool and somewhat natural, so why not choose it when moving along cave s.p.a.ces such as this? Wow! The blue light emitted from the glow stock made the entire place look magical. Looking at the mysterious glow stock in Mitchen's hands, Yaya couldn't help staring at it as deep burning gazes. How does it work? Is that a mythical flame inside? Do they shake the stick so the mythical, sleeping flame can wake up and light up the place for them? (?∆?)

Questions, questions, questions… Yaya had a million and one questions but moved in silence. She was protected from all corners, and was reminded every few seconds about her safety. "Watch your step Lady Yaya, there's a protruding stone to your right." … The path they took down was complex and tedious. Sometimes, someone would carry Yaya to save time, and other times Yaya was on her feet, sliding down, and copying the actions of those around her. To her surprise, there were still traps laid out along this path for intruders. 2 hours later, Mitchen opened up another Path, and Yaya was stunned to now find herself in the surrounding forest regions. Looking to her upper left… 'Isn't that the waterfall we came from?' So the complex and lengthy path was put in place to lead them here? Now, with Yaya safely on the ground, they removed the rope around her body and led her deeper and deeper until they reached a ma.s.sive forest clearing filled with tulips, purple daisies and other gorgeous flowers. However the beauty of the place wasn't what drew Yaya's attention. Yaya's head tilted to the side when seeing the 4 giant baskets on the fields. Is that their camp site? Do they sleep in those baskets every night, turning the baskets upside down and using the bottom part as a roof? Yes, yes! And the large fabrics covering it's too… is that used as a blanket by them? But aren't they being too reckless by bringing Giant baskets in Morgany just to ensure they camp with luxury? (?~?)

As hard as Yaya did, she couldn't understand why such smart people would make such a low level mistake.

That is… Was having a great camping tent to sleep on so important? And where are the horses? How are they to leave from here without horses? Mitchen and the others saw through her thoughts but said nothing. All of them had smiles on their faces when leading her to the campsite, where they prepared to make a last meal before departure. The time was now 4:30 PM. Although places were getting hotter and hotter, it was important to know that Summer had not officially begun yet. That being said, dawn often came around 7:15-ish. That was 2 hours and 45 minutes from now. As planned, they have to have a last meal, relieve themselves, and make last minute preparations before departing when the darkness is fully here. Dush starts around 7:15-ish, but total darkness would come around 8 PM. Knowing they still had at least 3 hours of time ahead, no one felt the need to rush as they calmly cooked up a meal and relaxed by the campsite in wait. Of course, Mitchen's secretary and another female soldier, also chatted with Yaya, about what Baymard was currently like. Everyone kept busy in this way until darkness completely engulfed the lands. And now, it was Yaya's time to get slapped in the face. .

"Where are the horses?"

"Horses?" Mitchen chuckled. "Sorry, but horses can't fly." "Of course horses can't fly. But what do flying horses have to do with their departure?" Yaya frowned, now more confused than ever. "Warden, we are going through the forest roads, aren't we not?" "Lady Yaya, who said anything about traveling by land?" "_"

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