Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian Chapter 1321 - Don't Worry, a Mean Guy like You Won't Drown

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Chapter 1321: Don’t Worry, a Mean Guy like You Won’t Drown

Yan Su glanced at him and felt her heart melt. Then she remembered that he wasn’t always so hot.

He seemed to have been working out these past six months.

He wasn’t an entirely awful person, though. After all, he wrapped her legs with his s.h.i.+rt before pulling her out of the water to protect her modesty.

“Woww!” Ji Nuanyi blurted out, her eyes aglow seeing upon Mo Liuxi’s great body. “Director Mo, you’re as hot as some top models. Your future girlfriend is one lucky girl.”

“But Mr. Xiao has a great body, too, doesn’t he?” Cheng Sheng said with a smile.

“Not as good as this,” Ji Nuanyi gestured with her hand.

s.h.i.+ Xiang furrowed his brows. He unwrapped Mo Liuxi’s wet and black s.h.i.+rt from Yan Su’s legs, then quickly started to take off his own s.h.i.+rt.

Seeing that, Mo Liuxi said lazily, “Don’t bother. If you take off your s.h.i.+rt, the three of us will become tabloid fodder by tomorrow.”

“What if she catches a cold?” asked s.h.i.+ Xiang.

“All right, stop it. You guys don’t even have coats,” Li Ming took off his coat and tossed it to Yan Su.

“Thank you, Director Li.” Yan Su quickly draped the coat over her shoulders.

The weather was humid but not super hot. After falling into the water, she even felt a bit chilly.

“Go back to the hotel. You don’t want to catch a cold,” said Li Ming.

After what happened, the other crew members had mostly figured out the story among the three of them. n.o.body dared to talk about it. Instead, they acted as if. Silence was golden.

Mo Liuxi didn’t put his wet s.h.i.+rt back on but returned to the hotel in his wet pants and waterlogged shoes that squished with every step he took. On the way back, his gorgeous face turned sulky.

Yan Su wasn’t a happy camper either.

In the lobby, Li Ming said to them, “You two, go and get changed. We’ll meet in the conference room on the third floor. Don’t make us wait too long.”

Li Ming and the others went straight to the conference room, while Yan Su and Mo Liuxi returned to their rooms to freshen up. The two of them were moving in the same direction.

Realizing this, Yan Su quickened her steps.

“Yan Su, stop.” Mo Liuxi’s frosty voice was heard from behind. “I saved you just now, but why did you push me into the water?”

Yan Su stopped, turned, and b.u.mped into the chest of Mo Liuxi, who walking toward her in big strides.

In pain, she limped and nearly fell.

She didn’t fall, though, because a strong arm held her waist.

Yan Su raised her head and saw his s.e.xy Adam’s apple. She felt a little annoyed, but before she could say another word, he let her go. Raising his eyebrows, he said, “You b.u.mped into me.”

“Would I have b.u.mped into you if you hadn’t come so close to me?” Yan Su snapped.

“Don’t change the subject,” Mo Liuxi retorted. “Do you know what that place was? It’s not a lake. That ca.n.a.l’s more than 10 meters deep and full of gunk. If I didn’t know how to swim, I might have drowned. You are such an evil woman.”

Yan Su sneered with anger and said, “Don’t worry, a mean guy like you won’t drown.”

Mo Liuxi narrowed his eyes. A fire was raging inside.

Yan Su was a little scared and a little guilty. So with a dry voice, she said, “I admit I shouldn’t have done that. I drank some beer earlier and wasn’t thinking straight. You were giving me a hard time tonight, and I was angry. I wasn’t trying to kill you. I just wanted revenge. We were close to the water’s edge. A lot of people were there. You know how to swim. Nothing would have happened to you, so don’t exaggerate.”

“You say I gave you a hard time tonight?” Mo Liuxi wiped the water on his face. Then he continued, “In the game? I’m sorry, then. It was because you look like a bad person now.”

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