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Chapter 837: Oh Well, You Rely on Your Body to Win Over a Lady, You Should Eat More.

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Nian Junting laughed cruelly. “Look at your build, if your sister pushed you, you would fly out into the street.”

“Don't blame others for your weak physique,” Mo Liuxi teased him.

 “You tell him.” Nian Junting was glaring at Luosang expressionlessly.

 Luosang rubbed her nose. To save her boyfriend from embarra.s.sment, she had to tell the truth. “I am pretty strong, I think I could carry your brother-in-law around for about ten metres.”

 Mo Liuxi was stunned. “I don't think I need to worry about you bullying my sister then.”

 Luosang lowered her head awkwardly.

 Nian Junting patted her hand and smiled. “I like that you are as strong as a bull.”


 As strong as a bull? Couldn't he phrase it in a more flattering way?

 Mo Liuxi was holding back his laughter as he chewed his toast.

 Nian Junting was peeling an egg for Luosang and Luosang was about to take it from his hands when he insisted on feeding her. Mo Liuxi had a headache watching them exchange sweet gestures like this in front of him. “Aren't you two adults sick of this?”

 Luosang blushed but Nian Junting was aloof. “Boy, you will know when you get into a relations.h.i.+p, you will wish for no one to be around except for your partner. No one else matters.”

 “Are you hinting at me to leave?” Mo Liuxi raised his eyebrows and turned to Luosang. “Sister, he doesn't like me.”

 “Don't listen to him, let me peel an egg for you.” Luosang smiled and peeled a hard-boiled egg. Nian Junting quickly intercepted it as she handed the egg over to Mo Liuxi.

 “Luo's eggs are the best,” Nian Junting's expression was bright.


 They were both speechless. This brother-in-law was like a fool in love and very childish.

 The police had no news and Nian Junting took leave from work. They didn't have any plans in the afternoon so they stayed in the villa together. Luosang was keen on getting to know her brother better so she was following Mo Liuxi earnestly.

 “Liuxi, what are you playing, let's play together.”

 “Rules of Survivor.”

 “Great, I downloaded that game too, which server are you on?”


 Nian Junting looked at the two of them in the shade of the tree and he felt neglected. “I'll play with you guys too.”

 “I thought you didn't play games,” Luosang said.

 Nian Junting looked at her lovingly, “You want to get to know Mo Liuxi better and I want to know him better too.”

 Luosang was touched and invited him along. She regretted it after five minutes.

 Nian Junting was throwing a tantrum. “Where on earth am I? I've been running for a long time now… where is everyone? This game is so boring, I've found a supply bag again but it's practically useless. Forget it… I'm out, it's too boring. Luo, shall we go and take a walk in the garden?”

 He switched off the game and pulled Luosang up.


 She wanted to hit him, she was still in the middle of the game and he had interrupted her.

 Mo Liuxi rubbed his ear and looked at them coldly. “Please take him away.”

 His brother-in-law was too noisy.

 After about an hour, Mo Liuxi was tired of playing the game. He changed into swimming trunks to take a swim. Five minutes later, Luosang walked over to the poolside. Although the boy was not as agile as Nian Junting in the water, it was still rather peaceful watching him.

 “Liuxi, do you want some fruit?” Luosang asked.

 Mo Liuxi stopped in the water and looked up at her, his short hair was stuck to the sides of his face and he looked even prettier than a woman.

 “What about him?”

 “He's doing some work upstairs.” Luosang smiled gently.

 Mo Liuxi's expression softened and he nodded his head. Luosang wanted to take care of him well so she cut up all sorts of fruit like honeydew and watermelon.

 When she brought the fruit out, she waved happily at Mo Liuxi. Mo Liuxi started swimming towards her. She was neatly placing toothpicks on the cut fruit when a hand reached out from behind.

 “Luo, you're so sweet, you cut fruit for me when you know I had to work hard.”

 Nian Junting picked up a piece of watermelon, he was purposely picking out the big slices.

 Luosang was stunned. “This is for Liuxi.”

 “What do you mean? Have you forgotten about me now that you have a brother?” Nian Junting looked at her grumpily.

 Luosang shut her eyes. “Fine, you can have some too.”

 She had completely underestimated the man's appet.i.te. By the time Liuxi sat down, there was less than half of the bowl left. There was only one sad piece of watermelon in the bowl.

 “Don't say that I mistreat you, I left a piece for you.” Nian Junting picked up another piece of honeydew. “It's so hot today, feels good to have some fruit.”


 Mo Liuxi frowned before s.n.a.t.c.hing the bowl away.

 Nian Junting frowned but Luosang glared at him. “You've already had so much, leave some for him.”

 “…Alright,” Nian Junting put his toothpick down, “Are you swimming? I haven't swum in so long, let's have a friendly compet.i.tion.”

 He undressed himself quickly and revealed his strong body. He looked at Mo Liuxi and said, “If you want to win over a woman, you need to get bigger, your body looks too weak and frail.”

 Mo Liuxi had a few bites of the honeydew and handed the rest over to Luosang. “Have some too, it's difficult to cut up so much fruit.”

 Luo was pleased and she stroked his hair. “Liuxi, you are so nice.”

 She turned to glare at the man beside her. “Not like someone else, who only cares about himself.”

 NIan Junting cleared his throat awkwardly, Mo Liuxi made him look like a thoughtless man.

 “Luo, I was planning to save some for you too, but he s.n.a.t.c.hed the bowl away,” Nian Junting tried to defend himself.

 Mo Liuxi said coldly, “You had half a bowl to yourself. If I had come any later, you would have finished the entire bowl. Oh well, you rely on your body to win over a lady, you should eat more.”

 Nian Junting jumped into the water and said coolly, “Let's do two laps before I go cut up some fruit for your sister.”

 “Why should I compete with you?” Mo Liuxi's expression was proud.

 “Are you scared?' Nian Junting raised his eyebrows.

 “Fine.” Mo Liuxi jumped into the water.

 Luosang had a headache. “Be careful boys.”

 “Don't worry, I just want to get to know your brother better through swimming,” Nian Junting smiled at her.

 When the compet.i.tion started, the two of them launched from the end of the pool like arrows.

 Luosang knew that Nian Junting was a good swimmer, but Mo Liuxi wasn't half-bad too. His stamina got the better of him at the end as he slowed down and the distance between the two of them lengthened.

 Nian Junting jumped out of the water using his hands as support. He climbed onto the ledge agilely.

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