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Chapter 1818 1818: Get Ready

The man heard this and could not help to curse. "d.a.m.n it. She gone."

The girl realized that these men were not brothers to the girl whom they had been waiting for. Luckily the woman they wanted to catch was not inside the toilet anymore.

She did not want to get involved with these men. She quickly escaped when the men were still angry losing the girl that they wanted to catch.

Yu Qi had arrived home. She already planned to stay at Tang Residence. "Sister Qi..." A toddler came running toward her and hugged her leg. Yu Qi picked the toddler. "Our Bo Lin come over to welcome me? Thank you." She kissed Bo Lin's cheek. "Have you eaten dinner?" It was Tang Han Lee who asked the question.

"Not yet." Yu Qi shook her head. "I will inform Mom." Tang Han Lee said.

"No night call for today?" Yu Qi asked.

"Hmm... It has been 3 nights straight. I will pa.s.s tonight." Tang Han Lee said.

It was true that he had been on night call duty for 3 nights straight. If he continued, he might collapse. "You will give you some medicine wine to boost your energy later." Yu Qi stated.

"That will be great." Tang Han Lee nodded.


The day for the Farak award ceremony had arrived. Long Hui returned a day before that. Once Long Hui appeared in front of her, she pulled Long Hui and gave him a check-up. After knowing that he was fine and did not suffer any injury, she was relieved. She asked Long Hui whether he could be her partner for the night. Of course, Long Hui said yes. There was no way that he would let his beloved Qi Qi be someone else's partner.

Lei Yingtai reminded Yu Qi that the award ceremony would be held at the Capital City, Art of Palace. A lot of people from the entertainment industry would come. Not only that, the citizens who came the ticket also would come. Yu Qi made the decision to fly over to the Capital City using the private jet. She did so that Long Hui could get some rest. They stayed at the same hotel that they used to stay when visiting the Capital City. Since they bought two pieces of clothes that had different colours, Yu Qi did not know which one they should wear for the night. So, she asked for Long Hui's opinion. "Hmm... choose dark purple." Long Hui gave his opinion. "Why?" Yu Qi asked for the reason.

"Less attractive." Long Hui said.

"Huh?" Yu Qi was stunned.

"If you wear that red dress, I wonder how many eyes would be looking at you." Long Hui had already started to make the vinegar.

Yu Qi laughed. "Okay... okay... We are going to wear dark purple. Are you satisfied?" Long Hui nodded. "Let's change." Yu Qi said.

So, both of them changed into their clothes.

"Brother Hui, please help me zip the dress." Yu Qi called for Long Hui's help.

Long Hui came over and helped his beloved Qi Qi zipping her dress.

"Thank you, Brother Hui." Yu Qi thanked Long Hui. As for the makeup, Yu Qi would do it by herself. A natural and simple make-up was enough. No need to overdid. The focus would be on the actors and actresses. There was no reason for her to do make-up heavily. She chose the jade set that she had taken from the HuiQi Jade Store before. And she had done. Long Hui swallowed his saliva when he saw Yu Qi in that dress. It was not like he never saw her in that dress but still he was still stunned by his beloved Qi Qi's beauty. 

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