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Ye Chen saw Mu Lanyin who was sleeping, he removed the veil that Mu Lanyin was wearing.

Mu Lanyin who was sleeping looked very beautiful, her face now looked very peaceful, this was better than Mu Lanyin's always cold face

When Ye Chen wanted to do something, he felt that the Four Frozen Fairies came back here.

Ye Chen put back the veil that was used by Mu Lanyin, "You're very lucky, next time if you still behave like this again, I might punish you more than this".

Ye Chen quite enjoyed punis.h.i.+ng the cold Fairy Mu Lanyin, he went to a faraway place.

After Ye Chen left, a few minutes later the Four Frozen Fairy returned, when they returned they saw Mu Lanyin sleeping on the gra.s.s.

it was not usual for them to see sect leaders sleeping in a place like this.

Among the Four Frozen Fairy Mu Zhue and Feng Xi were the closest to Mu Lanyin, both of them often called Mu Lanyin as a sister if there were no other people around them.

the two approached Mu Lanyin and tried to wake Mu Lanyin "Sect Leader" Mu Zhue tried to wake Mu Lanyin.

When her body was shaken by Mu Zhue, Mu Lanyin opened her eyelids slightly.

" Where am I ? "With her head still a little dizzy, Mu Lanyin asked Mu Zhue and Feng Xi.

"Sect leader, we are currently at the edge of the lake, actually what just happened when we left" Feng Xi asked what had just happened to Mu Lanyin

Mu Lanyin herself felt like she had dreamed something very strange, in that dream she was being hara.s.sed by Ye Chen, even the man dared to touch her private parts.

Mu Lanyin began to be confused about whether it was just a dream or reality, certainly the back of Mu Lanyin was still a bit sick because of the slap done by Ye Chen.

"I do not remember, let's go back" Mu Lanyin no longer wanted to discuss such a shameful thing as before, she now only wanted to try to calm her mind which was very chaotic.

Mu Lanyin's mind was very chaotic, if it hadn't been a dream how that person was in this lake, it was impossible that Ye Chen in the city would go to a small place like this.

Mu Lanyin found it difficult to distinguish whether it was reality or a dream.

Mu Lanyin and Four Frozen Fairy flew to the inn where they lived

From a distance, Ye Chen saw the departure of the Frozen Ice Sect, after the Frozen Ice Sect left Ye Chen out of hiding.

Tonight Ye Chen felt very happy because he could enjoy the two beauties from the Frozen Ice Sect u0026 Cherry Blossom Sect, moreover these two women were sect leaders who were role models of everyone in the sect.

staying in this place is very boring, it's better that Ye Chen cultivate inside the fairy gate while waiting for tomorrow to come.

When the sunlight had just appeared, everyone immediately left the inn, they all went towards the mountain which was about 15 Km from the village.

Cultivators in the Sky Realm realm very quickly headed to the ancient heritage site, followed by cultivators in the Earth Realm realm who were still unable to fly, they had to jump from the tree to reach the mountain.

Ye Chen joined the cave, he had to go deeper to go to the place where the seal was.

there are already more than 50 cultivators here, some of these newcomers who have just joined the crowd.

The Seventh Sword Sect group, Cherry Blossom Sect, Fire Valley Sect, Frozen Ice Sect are at the forefront, they have all made formations to destroy this barrier.

"Let us unite our strength to break this barrier" Jian Yan commanded everyone to unite their strengths.

The Seventh Sword Sect group, the Cherry Blossom Sect, the Fire Valley Sect, the Frozen Ice Sect and some of the cultivators who were at the peak stage of the Sky Realm united their strength to destroy this barrier.

"Bammm. . . . . . , bammm. . . . . . , bammm. . . . . . , bammm. . . . . . , bammm. . . . . . , "The collision effect between the combined attacks of dozens of cultivators on the Sky Realm stage and the barrier sounded very loud.

With this many cultivator's combined attacks the barrier didn't budge in the slightest.

This barrier is still very st.u.r.dy standing in front of everyone.

"It's impossible how the barrier can be this strong" Some people including the four large sects did not believe that the combined attack they had just launched could not destroy this barrier.

"Why do you all conserve your strength, use the full power you have to destroy this barrier" Feng Tu who is the leader of the Fire Valley Sect told everyone to use their full power to destroy this barrier.

Feng Tu saw that all the cultivators who were here were holding back the power they had.

All of these people intentionally withstand the strength to be used to explore ancient heritage.

"Feng Tu, do you not see that we have used our strength, isn't the sect too weak so you don't know we are serious" Jian Jin denounced the weak Fire Valley Sect.

"What are you saying, aren't you the Seventh Sword Sect who have the strongest power, but what I see you are releasing the lowest power, are you guys doing that in order to monopolize the treasure in there?" Feng Tu began to blame the Seventh Sword Sect. which is too holding back strength.

with the current Seventh Sword Sect's power, they should have unleashed the most incredible power.

But after seeing the attack earlier, it can be chosen that everything in the Seventh Sword Sect is holding back the power they have.

Ye Chen who was in the crowd chuckled, the people of the four big sects instead blamed each other, they should have put out all the power they had to break this barrier.

Actually Ye Chen could have broken this barrier with one finger, but he wanted to let the four big sects do this for him.

"I think what the Feng master's sect is saying is true, you all clearly have the tenth level of the Sky Realm but the attack you produced just now is the weakest among the four sects." Qing Cheng defended Feng Tu, Qing Cheng felt the Seventh Sword Sect want to do something cheating, even the attacks previously launched by the Seventh Sword Sect group are weaker than the Fire Valley Sect u0026 Frozen Ice Sect.

The Seventh Sword Sect had members that possessed far greater strength than the other 3 big sects.

"If you guys from the Seventh Sword Sect don't want to seriously we just cancel this cooperation" Mu Lanyin also denounced the Seventh Sword Sect, he felt that the Seventh Sword Sect was not sincere in this collaboration.

"All of you" in front of the insistence of the three big sect leaders, Jian Jin couldn't say anything more.

"Alright, let's try one more time, this time we won't hold back strength" because urged by the three great sect leaders, Jian Yan must be serious.

This time everyone once again joined forces to break down this barrier.

"Bammm. . . . . . , Bammm. . . . . . . , Bammm. . . . . . , Bammm. . . . . . , Bammm. . . . . . " a combined attack with full force makes the barrier crack.

Little by little the barrier starts to crack, "cracked. . . . . "The barrier was finally broken.

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