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Chapter 1977 Alchemy battle against Gu Wungsa

"okay, the two of you are over, you are just the two of you, willing to give up now or not" Ye Chen gave a warning to Gu Wungsa and Peng Cong.

Gu Wungsa and Peng Cong looked towards Ye Chen, neither of them expected that Ye Chen would be enough of a ha.s.sle.

Yu Ting bit her lip, she was really made difficult by what Ye Chen did, the two best people he had were unable to fight Ye Chen, this was very troublesome at all.

" then I will go forward, I can't believe that he also has the ability of an alchemist " Gu Wungsa decided to go forward and fight Ye Chen.

" don't lose, do your best " Yu Ting encouraged Gu Wungsa, Yu Ting hoped that Gu Wungsa could defeat Ye Chen.

" I'll do my best, I won't let that person insult my G.o.ddess" Gu Wungsa said to Yu Ting.

Before leaving, Gu Wungsa kissed Yu Ting's hand, he would do his best to defeat Ye Chen.

Gu Wungsa took advantage of this opportunity to seek sympathy from Yu Ting, he was really very good at taking chances.

Gu Wungsa came forward, this time he was the one who was going to fight Ye Chen.

" so you don't want to give up, it's a pity " Ye Chen said to Gu Wungsa.

Ye Chen was quite disappointed when he saw this, even though Gu Wungsa had the opportunity to relent.

" I'm not a coward " Gu Wungsa said that he was not a coward.

He was a wealthy young master, there was no way he would yield to Ye Chen.

His pride was so strong, he couldn't possibly accept when someone like Ye Chen underestimated what he thought was good.

Yu Ting was something for Gu Wungsa, when Ye Chen said a no-no, that's when Gu Wungsa didn't accept what happened.

" that's great, what do you want, you have the right to decide the match this time " Ye Chen invited Gu Wungsa to determine what they would play, Ye Chen couldn't wait to play with Gu Wungsa.

"you seem to have brought enough preparation, how about we just compete alchemy, it will be more fair" Gu Wungsa said to Ye Chen.

Gu Wungsa invited Ye Chen to compete and compare their abilities in concocting a pill.

" how can it be called fair, it's obvious that you're trying to make a profit" said Chang Er to Gu Wungsa.

Chang Er did not agree with what Gu Wungsa said, she felt that this would not be fair to Ye Chen.

" if you're afraid you can say " Gu Wungsa said to Chang Er, if Chang Er was afraid then she told Ye Chen to say it.

" I'm not afraid, I'll follow your game " Ye Chen would still follow the game wanted by Gu Wungsa.

"the stakes are still the same, are you willing or not?" ask Ye Chen to Gu Wungsa.

" Of course, I can afford the bet " Gu Wungsa said that she could afford the bet that Ye Chen wanted.

" Very good, I really like what you're doing " Ye Chen really liked what Gu Wungsa said.

Gu Wungsa wouldn't be able to run away from the responsibility of hers, she would have to agree to what their bet was.

"okay, if it's like this, then I'll start over" Gu Wungsa said to Ye Chen.

" you can start first " Ye Chen allowed Gu Wungsa to advance first.

Gu Wungsa started taking out his own furnace, himself started taking out his own furnace to fight Ye Chen.

"Wow, see he started making a pill" the people around began to be amazed by what Gu Wungsa was doing.

It was rare that they could see something like this, so they took advantage of this opportunity very well.

Gu Wungsa started his show, himself showing off his strength in front of everyone and Yu Ting.

" look at this carefully " Gu Wungsa told Ye Chen to take a good look at this.

Ye Chen saw what Gu Wungsa was doing, Gu Wungsa was making a pill using a technique he possessed.

" the skill is not bad " Ye Chen saw that the skill possessed by Gu Wungsa was quite great.

Gu Wungsa started concocting pills, he did purification in front of everyone who was in this place.

"that's great" everyone felt shocked when they saw what Gu Wungsa was doing, all of them seemed very stunned by what Gu Wungsa was doing.

" what a great skill " Yu Ting was very confident that Gu Wungsa would win against Ye Chen.

" you will see my ability " Gu Wungsa said To Ye Chen, he would show Ye Chen his ability.

Ye Chen didn't answer Gu Wungsa, he saw what Gu Wungsa was going to do.

Making a pill would take a long time, so they had to wait for Gu Wungsa to finish concocting the pill.

" it'll be a long time, I'll just shorten the time " Ye Chen didn't want to wait long, he started making a pill as well.

Ye Chen took out some ingredients, he intended to make a pill capable of rivaling Gu Wungsa's.

" aren't you going to take your furnace?" Gu Wungsa said to Ye Chen.

" Hahahaha, I'm not like you, I don't need a furnace to face you " Ye Chen told him that he didn't need a furnace to defeat Gu Wungsa.

" have you gone mad, how can you defeat me without a furnace, you are really stupid?" said Gu Wungsa to Ye Chen.

Gu Wungsa considered Ye Chen a fool, this victory would belong to Gu Wungsa.

" it seems that he doesn't know alchemy, he will most likely lose " seeing this, everyone a.s.sumed that Ye Chen would definitely lose, this time Ye Chen would definitely lose to Gu Wungsa.

Ye Chen threw his materials upwards, Ye Chen's materials were instantly enveloped by the profound flames.

" you are crazy, what are you doing " Gu Wungsa said To Ye Chen, what Ye Chen did was crazy and absurd.

" just shut up, you don't need to talk too much " Ye Chen told Gu Wungsa to just shut up, he didn't need to talk too much.

Gu Wungsa made a dark expression, having just been insulted again by Ye Chen.

" just watch out you, I'll make you pay for what you said " Gu Wungsa would make sure that Ye Chen would pay for what he had done.

People thought that Ye Chen was burning his ingredients, but in reality, he was refining the ingredients and making a pill.

" what is it, how did he do it " everyone was shocked when they saw what Ye Chen was doing.

People who knew about alchemy naturally knew what Ye Chen was doing.

" no way, how could he do such a thing? " Gu Wungsa was surprised when he saw Ye Chen, he was quite surprised when Ye Chen could make a pill without a furnace.

"it seems like the winner has already been determined, just give up, that way you won't lose face any further" Ye Chen said to Gu Wungsa.

Ye Chen told Gu Wungsa to surrender right now, that way Gu Wungsa wouldn't lose more face.

" the match is still not over " Gu Wungsa said that if the match is still not over, the winner is still not determined.

" If it was indeed your decision" since Gu Wungsa was unwilling to give up, then Ye Chen would continue.

Gu Wungsa was getting agitated, he was getting agitated when he saw Ye Chen who could do such an absurd thing, if it was like this, then he would have no chance of winning.

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