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Chapter 2363 Free For All (3)

"Let's end this quickly" the two said to Ning Yi, they both seemed to want to end the battle against Ning Yi quickly.

The two began to launch an attack towards Ning Yi.

One used a lightning kick and the other used a super strong wind punch.

Ning Yi realized that the two attacks were coming towards her, she immediately used her sword, she swing her sword wrapped in a strong whirl of flames.

"Ahhh. . " Ning Yi's sword swept over the two beauties of the Xu Clan, both of them were blown away and some parts of their clothes were burnt by the flames, showing off their beautiful skin.

"Ohhhhh. . ." everyone seemed excited when they saw this, they looked very happy when they saw the Xu Clan women.

The intention of everyone in this place was simple, they wanted to see the beauty of the Xu Clan.

"This sucks" both of them grumbled, both of them had lost and tried to cover their bodies using their hands.

"Looks like they need help" Ye Chen threw a blanket and covered the two.

No one knew what Ye Chen was doing, he did it so quickly that no one realized what Ye Chen was doing.

Among all the people in this place, there was only one person who saw what Ye Chen was doing, and that was Xu Leiya.

Xu Leiya clearly saw what Ye Chen was doing, she could easily see that Ye Chen was helping her Clan members.

"ohhhh, how interesting. . ." Xu Leiya became more and more interested, she became more and more interested in Ye Chen, she felt that Ye Chen became much more radiant than what Xu Leiya had ever seen.

"Let's beat them all" Ning Clan members who didn't partic.i.p.ate gave their support to Ning Yi, they wanted Ning Yi to be the winner.

Ning Yi couldn't possibly disappoint everyone, she did her best to come first.

Using her strength, she swept through all of them, she became one of the cultivators who managed to survive in the center of the arena.

"That's ?, the Ning Clan family produces terrible talent" Everyone was amazed when they saw the Ning Clan produce such terrible talent, they were speechless when they saw the talent from Ning Yi.

Ning Clan was flooded with praise, and it was because of Ning Yi, she showed strength that surpa.s.sed the expectations of everyone present in this place.

The number of partic.i.p.ants on the arena became smaller and smaller, the only ones left were the strong people who possessed strength.

Ning Yi knew that his opponents were becoming fewer and fewer, leaving only strong people.

After some time there were only 3 people, one was her, and two were from Cao Clan.

"Looks like I'm alone" Ning Yi saw that she was left alone to fight the enemy.

"Let's have a decent battle" the members of Cao Clan told Ning Yi, they wanted to have a decent battle.

"I understand." Ning Yi could feel how everyone was feeling, she finally went forward and fought the two strongest enemies in Cao Clan.

As Cao Cao watched the battle, he could see their strength as they exchanged attacks and tried to take each other down.

There was no such thing as partners, they all just wanted to be the last one standing on the arena.

"clank, bang. . ." they all showed their strength, they exchanged attacks and their weapons danced in the air.

The power of fire enveloped the three of them, the arena began to heat up with their power.

The audience was watching quite excitedly, they could feel how the three of them were using all their efforts to become the winner with no one wanting to give up.

"Don't lose, let's show your talent" the old people said to the young talent like Cao Clan, they all wanted to see the talent grow and surpa.s.s everyone's expectations.

"It seems quite difficult for a young talent from Ning Clan against two talents from Cao clan" they all pitied when they saw Ning Yi.

fighting with two strong talents from Cao Clan, she looked to have problems in battle.

The peak of the battle was about to arrive and they were already preparing their strongest attacks.

"Moon Flame Sword"

"Earth Flame Slash"

"Vermilion Wave"

"Boom" The three of them used their attacks, the three powerful attacks clashed and made a huge and majestic fire explosion.

"ohhh. . ., who will win" They all wanted to know who would win, who would win this battle, they all wanted to know about it.

The result that everyone was waiting for would appear soon, they just needed to wait for the result.


The fire lasted for some time, before it went out, who would stand in the arena until the end, they saw three indistinct figures and they didn't know how each side was doing, whether they were okay or not.

Moments later they saw two figures fall and left one who could still stand, and the one who could stand was Ning Yi.

A woman wearing Immortal Flame Soul Jewelry stood up and it could be seen that she was fine.

"Did the girl from Ning Clan manage to survive, how did she do it?" This result was within the reach of everyone in this place, they could not believe that Ning Yi could win.

"I won" Ning Yi was very happy that she could win, she finally got the first place, this was the longing that Ning Yi had been waiting for.

"Oh this is it, the result that no one could have imagined. Hahahahaha" Wu Dongni said in a loud voice.

"Congratulations to Ning Yi from Ning Clan, you did a great thing, you will get a well-deserved reward" Wu Dongni said to Ning Yi.

"This is impossible" Cao Cao could not believe it, how could Ning Yi of Ning Clan who was a low level Clan win in this battle.

Cao Cao wanted to express his displeasure over this matter, but unfortunately the match was fair, so there was no reason to oppose Ning Yi's victory.

"Applause. . .,applause. . .,applause. . .," several people clapped, they were applauding Ning Yi's achievements, they all recognized that the fight was fair and everyone fought without any cheating.

"Are you all getting hot when you see young talents showing their strength, do you also want to fight?" Wu Dongni said to the Clan Heads and Elders in this place.

"Oh d.a.m.n, I'm excited, it's been a long time since my bones have felt a fight, let alone a Free For All battle" Everyone was impatient, they all wanted to fight.

"I'm back" Ning Yi returned, she had gotten some resources like crystals and also pills.

"Congratulations" Ye Chen said to Ning Yi.

Other than Ye Chen, Ning Hazu and Ning Clan congratulated Ning Yi, they were all happy with Ning Yi's results.

"Are you coming?" Ning Yi asked Ye Chen.

"Of course, I want to take part in the battle too" Ye Chen said to Ning Yi.

"Be careful, there are many strong old monsters there, even if you are strong, they also have many tricks up their sleeves" Ning Hazu told Ye Chen.

Ning Hazu himself will not be going along, it can be said that his condition is still not fully recovered.

"I will remember this advice" Ye Chen will remember the advice given by Ning Hazu.

"So he's coming in this part, alright, I'll come too" Xu Leiya decided to come too, she wouldn't let Ye Chen loose.

"Let's see if you can get out" Xu Leiya said with a smile that was exquisite and full of intoxicating charm.

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