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Chapter 2967: Whereabouts of Carefree

The Grotto-heaven phantom behind him gradually dissipated. Su Zimo heaved a sigh of relief and opened his eyes, a divine light flas.h.i.+ng.

Although he was still at the Paradise Void realm, he had already comprehended the power of a Grotto-heaven first!

Back when the Martial Dao Prime Body was at the True Martial realm, he comprehended a similar method and it became the Avici Gate later on.

“Peak Master Su?”

Mu Lian was a little worried and called out tentatively.

Su Zimo stood up and turned to look at the two of them, nodding slightly.

When Mu Lian saw Su Zimo’s calm expression, she was relieved. “That was close. Peak Master Su, if you had broken through to the Grotto-heaven realm, something bad might have happened.”

Su Zimo smiled and did not explain.

He had the Illumination and Nether Glow Divine Stones. Even if he really entered the Grotto-heaven realm, it would not cause much of a reaction in the Land of Day and Night.

The power of light and darkness in the Land of Day and Night could not harm him at all!


With Su Zimo’s help, the three of them found some water from the h.e.l.l Serene Springs nearby the day after.

However, there was very little of it and could not even fill a single medicinal bottle.

Despite that, Mu Lian was rather delighted and satisfied.

In her opinion, it was already extremely fortunate that she could find such ancient spring water after countless eras.

Because Su Zimo was escorting them into the Land of Day and Night this time round, although there were some trouble along the way, it was already very smooth.

After obtaining the water of the h.e.l.l Serene Springs, the three of them did not linger in the Land of Day and Night.

Many clansmen of the Flower World were tainted by the Nether Calamity Poison. The earlier they received the water of the h.e.l.l Serene Springs, the sooner they could escape danger.

Furthermore, many cultivators of the Blood, Poison and Tomb Worlds escaped.

If they returned to their respective worlds, there was a high chance that they would make a comeback. If Grotto-heaven Kings were alarmed, many variables might happen.

The three of them left the Land of Day and Night and saw Immortal Queen You Lan waiting outside.

When Immortal Queen You Lan learned that the three of them were safe and obtained the ancient spring water, she was overjoyed.

“Fellow Daoist Su, thank you for this.”

Immortal Queen You Lan said, “Fellow Daoist, if you have nothing on, why don’t you head to the Flower World with us? I’ll do my part as a host and the Flower World will definitely reward you handsomely.”

“It was nothing much.”

Su Zimo smiled gently.

Right then, Su Zimo seemed to have sensed something and glanced sideways, taking a deep look in the other direction and frowning slightly.

A vague power fluctuation came from the starry skies over there and vaguely affected the entire Land of Day and Night.

It was as though someone was using the power of light and darkness of the Land of Day and Night to cultivate!

Su Zimo did not think too much about it and did not intend to complicate matters. He turned around and was about to reply to Immortal Queen You Lan when Beiming Xue, who was beside him, suddenly said, “Master, over there…”

Beiming Xue pointed to the starry skies over there in the direction that Su Zimo had just sensed. She frowned and wanted to say something but hesitated. “What’s wrong?”

Su Zimo asked.

Beiming Xue sensed it carefully again and said hesitantly, “The bloodline aura coming from there feels familiar. It should be…”

Pausing for a moment, Beiming Xue said slowly, “The bloodline of a Kun Peng!”


Su Zimo’s expression changed slightly.

Although Immortal Queen You Lan and Mu Lian were surprised when they heard about the Kun Peng bloodline, they did not think much of it.

The Kun Peng was a Taboo bloodline and was extremely rare.

However, there was a high chance that either the Kun World or the Peng World had nurtured a Kun Peng bloodline in this generation.

The two of them did not understand why Su Zimo and Beiming Xue would have such expressions.

Su Zimo asked, “Carefree?”

He had two disciples in Tianhuang Mainland.

The eldest disciple was Beiming Xue.

The second disciple was a Taboo Kun Peng whom he gave the name Carefree.

Beiming Xue hesitated for a moment before nodding. “My lineage has protected the Kun Peng egg for generations. Therefore, there will be a faint connection between my bloodline and Junior Brother. As long as I’m not too far away, I’ll be able to sense it.”

Beiming Xue’s Bloodline Phenomenon was a Giant Kun!

Back then, Carefree was born in the divine spring deep underground of the Beiming family and was naturally inextricably related to the bloodline of the Beiming family.

After his ascension, Su Zimo did not receive any news of Carefree.

He speculated that Carefree should be in the Kun or Peng Worlds.

However, he did not have the chance to head to the two super large worlds to gather information.

Now that there was news of Carefree, it should have been a good thing.

However, Su Zimo noticed that Beiming Xue did not look too good.

“Something happened to Carefree?”

Su Zimo’s expression darkened.

Beiming Xue shook her head gently. “I’m not sure. However, in my senses, he doesn’t seem to be in a good state.”

“Let’s go take a look.”

Without hesitation, Su Zimo turned and headed towards the starry skies.

Immortal Queen You Lan and Mu Lian followed closely behind.

Beiming Xue explained briefly to Immortal Queen You Lan and Su Zimo. The two of them came to a realization and understood why Su Zimo was so anxious.

Su Zimo’s group of four advanced in the direction of the power fluctuation.

Before long, they gradually approached their destination.

As though he had thought of something, Su Zimo did not advance rashly. Instead, he released a few Dharmic arts of the Yin Yang Talisman Sutra to block the auras of the four of them.

There was the aura of a Grotto-heaven expert ahead. Su Zimo had no choice but to be careful.

The four of them gradually disappeared into the void and approached slowly without a sound.

Not far away from the Land of Day and Night, an ancient star floated.

The power fluctuation that affected the Land of Day and Night came from this star!

Su Zimo looked at Beiming Xue.

Beiming Xue nodded as well, indicating that Carefree should be on this star!

The four of them continued advancing towards the star and got closer.

Finally, the star entered the vision of the four of them.

They could clearly see everything that was happening on the star as well!

Two figures floated above the star.

One of them was a young man with a skinny body and his limbs were wrapped by chains that shone with green runes. His lute bones were pierced by two gigantic hooks and fresh blood flowed!

The chains sank into the ground of the star.

On the ground, formation patterns flickered continuously, revealing a black and white Yin Yang Fishes Diagram. They circled and bit continuously, absorbing and drawing the power of light and darkness from the Land of Day and Night.

The power was injected into the body of that young man’s body continuously.

The young man’s hair was disheveled and his face was pale. He was enduring immense pain and his body twitched continuously.

That was because the power did not stop in his body at all!

Opposite the young man was an extremely n.o.ble man in black armor. His black hair danced and his gaze was deep and spirited.

At that moment, the phantom of a Giant Kun appeared behind the black-armored man. It blotted out the skies and shone with countless light spots, forming strange trajectories.

The Giant Kun opened its mouth and was like a bottomless black hole, absorbing and devouring the power in the young man’s body crazily!

Through the Yin Yang Formation on the star, the power of the Land of Day and Night surged into the young man’s body and transformed into threads that were extracted from his body.

Between the powers were blood-colored threads.

The Giant Kun behind the black-armored man devoured not only the Yin Yang power in the young man’s body, but also his bloodline!

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