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Chapter 2968: Six Kings

“What a vicious method!”

immortal Queen You Lan hid in the void and sent a voice transmission.

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold and he remained silent.

The young man trapped by the chains above the formation was Carefree! Immortal Queen You Lan said, “The black-armored man released a secret skill of the Kun race, the Beiming Diagram. It has an extremely strong devouring power and is said to be able to devour everything when cultivated to its limits.” The so-called Beiming Diagram was the Giant Kun that appeared behind the black-armored man. Its body shone with countless light spots, forming mysterious rays of light that were the trajectory of the secret skill.

Only the bloodline of the Kun race could cultivate this Beiming Diagram.

The body of the Kun race was way too ma.s.sive and could extend a few thousand kilometers. They could be ranked number one among the ten thousand races in terms of body size.

Only the gigantic body of the Kun race could accommodate so many light spots and form a complete diagram that released a tremendous devouring power!

“He’s devouring Carefree’s Kun Peng bloodline!”

Beiming Xue said with a cold expression as she clenched her fists.

“It’s not just his bloodline.”


Su Zimo shook his head gently.

If he was just devouring Carefree’s bloodline, he could do it anywhere. There was no need for them to travel thousands of kilometers to the vicinity of the Land of Day and Night.

The formation on the ground could draw in the power of light and darkness of the Land of Day and Night.

The black-armored man possessed the bloodline of the Kun race. However, he only controlled the power of Yin and could not absorb the power of light and darkness directly or balance the two powers.

However, Carefree was a Taboo Kun Peng. Not only did he control the power of

Yin, he also controlled the power of Yang.

Locking Carefree in the formation meant that the power of light and darkness gathered from the Land of Day and Night was poured into his body!

Only Carefree’s Kun Peng bloodline could absorb and digest such a pure and immense power of light and darkness and transform it into the power of Yin and Yang in his body.

The black-armored man made use of the secret skill of the Beiming Diagram to devour the power of Yin and Yang together with Carefree’s Kun Peng bloodline.

In other words, the black-armored man was using Carefree to cultivate and even complete a bloodline transfusion!

After cultivating to the Perfected One realm and condensing a Dao Fruit, it was difficult for things such as a.s.similation to happen.

The Dao Fruit, physique, bloodline and Essence Spirit had long fused into one and were inextricably connected.

Even if Carefree’s Essence Spirit was killed and the black-armored man’s Essence Spirit presided over Carefree’s consciousness, it would be difficult for him to match Carefree’s Kun Peng bloodline.

That was the reason why the black-armored man thought of such a vicious method to give himself a complete transformation and a new life!

His new life meant the death of Carefree.

Furthermore, this person was extremely ambitious!

It was clear that he had already cultivated to the peak of the Paradise Void realm and could advance to the Grotto-heaven realm at any moment!

Not only did he want Carefree’s Kun Peng bloodline, he also wanted to make use of this cultivation to break through in one go and condense a Grotto-heaven to become a King!

“King Earth Kun?”

Immortal Queen You Lan’s gaze landed on an old man not far away from the black-armored man and she murmured, “He’s actually still alive!”

The old man had white hair and looked extremely old.

The old man’s eyes were as deep as the sea and his hands were behind his back.

Just by standing there motionlessly, he exuded a majestic might!

“Is this person very strong?”

Su Zimo asked.

The four of them were hidden in the void. If he rashly released his spirit consciousness to check the other party’s cultivation, there was a high chance that his tracks would be exposed.

“Very strong!” Immortal Queen You Lan had a grim expression. “King Earth Kun has long been a peak King and has been famous for a long time. He dominated the Grotto-heaven realm hundreds of thousands of years ago.

“Although he’s in his twilight years, the Kun race has a lot of lifeforce and a majestic bloodline. Even if I go against him now, I don’t stand much chance o winning.”

Only those with perfected Grotto-heavens could be called peak Kings! immortal Queen You Lan continued, “To be able to get King Earth Kun to accompany and protect him personally, the ident.i.ty of this black-armored man must be extremely n.o.ble!”

Immortal Queen You Lan’s gaze s.h.i.+fted and she looked around the black-armored man. “Furthermore, King Earth Kun isn’t the only King around this black-armored man. There are four other Kings hiding in the dark!”

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes slightly.

just as immortal Queen You Lan had said, the ident.i.ty of this black-armored man was definitely extraordinary to be protected by five Kings!

“What realm are the other four Kings at?”

Su Zimo asked.

immortal Queen You Lan said, “The auras of those four are much weaker than King Earth Kun. They should be lesser mastery Grotto-heaven realm experts and ordinary Kings.”

Su Zimo’s eyes flickered with killing intent.

No matter what the ident.i.ty of the black-armored man was, he had to save Carefree!

As though she sensed something, Immortal Queen You Lan glanced sideways with a grim expression and sent a voice transmission, “Fellow Daoist Su, I know you care about your disciple, but don’t be ras.h.!.+” immortal Queen You Lan could tell Su Zimo’s intentions and was afraid that his a.n.a.lysis of the situation would be clouded due to emotions.

“It’s not that I don’t want to help.”

Immortal Queen You Lan was rather calm as she a.n.a.lyzed, “If I attack, I’ll definitely be stopped by King Earth Kun. It’s impossible for the three of you to save him under the encirclement of the four Kings as well.

Mu Lian nodded.

Beiming Xue pursed her lips in silence. Although she was worried about Carefree, she knew that Immortal Queen You Lan was not lying.

An ordinary King was enough to take their lives, let alone four!

If they attacked rashly, not only would they implicate Immortal Queen You Lan, the three of them would also die!

immortal Queen You Lan said, “Inform the Sword World immediately and ask a few Peak Masters to appear so that we can save Carefree.

“It’ll be too late.”

Su Zimo shook his head.

Even if he sent a message now, there would be some delays. Furthermore, it would take a month for the Peak Masters to arrive. Given Carefree’s current state, he might not even be able to last half a day! It was too late for Su Zimo to summon the Martial Dao Prime Body now. Right then, a fluctuation sounded from the void of the star and a middle-aged man walked out of the spatial tunnel with a sinister expression and dark green eyes.

“The Witch race!”

Su Zimo recognized this person’s background at a glance.

“King Moon Witch!”

immortal Queen You Lan was secretly shocked and sent a voice transmission, “This is also a peak King!”

More importantly, King Moon Witch seemed to know King Earth Kun. After he appeared, King Earth Kun and the others were not surprised.

Instead, the two of them gathered and chatted casually.

As though he had thought of something, Su Zimo looked at the chains wrapped around Carefree.

Green runes were imprinted on the chains, like secret skills of the Witch race. From the looks of it, there was a high chance that the green runes were done by King Moon Witch!

Two peak Kings and four ordinary Immortal Kings… This was indeed a little troublesome.

After a moment of silence, Su Zimo suddenly asked, “Fellow Daoist You Lan, can you hold back King Earth Kun and King Moon Witch?” Immortal Queen You Lan’s heart skipped a beat as she asked, “You still want to save him?”

Su Zimo was silent.

As Carefree’s master, there was no way he could watch his disciple die in front of him.

Furthermore, according to his calculations, there might be a chance if he tried his best!

Immortal Queen You Lan sighed gently.

In her opinion, Su Zimo’s idea was way too crazy and irrational-he would simply be committing suicide.

If the rescue failed, Su Zimo and the other two would definitely die and she might not be able to escape the pursuit of King Earth Kun and King Moon Witch as well.

Even if there was an impossibly small chance that Carefree could be saved, would this matter be over just like that?

How should the four of them escape?

Even if they managed to escape, what sort of status did the black-armored man possess? How could he give up so easily?

There would definitely be endless trouble in the future!

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