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In the bedroom on the first floor, Lin Xiao was thrown into a wooden chair, looking dispirited.

Locking the door behind him, Lin Sheng stood in front of her.

"Don't panic. I've seen this condition many times! No worries!"

He raised his hand, the size of a hand fan, to cup the top of Lin Xiao's head. His hand engulfed her skull perfectly.

A blinding white light shone from his hand down her skull through Lin Xiao's body. She shook, eyes rolling back, foaming at the mouth. But it worked; the fuchsia patterns on her body dissipated.

"See, it works! You may not have to go to the hospital at all. We can get it done at home." It looked as if Lin Sheng had expected it.

"I-I think I'm going to-to die…" Lin Xiao managed a few words as she shook, but the holy light shower was a little noisy. It drowned out her voice.

"Don't panic. You will be all right! It happens now! Your body is filled with unexplained toxins. I'm helping you clean it up!" Seeing that Lin Xiao could still speak, he increased his strength. More powerful holy power ran through her body.

That was even after Lin Sheng used his scaled-down version of holy power so as not to hurt her so much, and the result was before his eyes. If he used his transcended Legendary-cla.s.s holy power, it could have brainwashed her, turning the Night Matriarch into Holy Mother instantly.

The purification shower lasted some thirty minutes until the dark-force pattern on Lin Xiao's body completely subsided. Did he know if there was still any pattern of the dark force inside her? He did not. It was just a desperate measure. Since other parts of her body differed from the head, Lin Sheng did not mind using holy light to give her a thorough rinse first. 

When Lin Xiao recovered, the dark side of her was purified until there was only one last drop of it remaining, it would hide back in the deepest part of her soul and would never come out again. By then, the only thing that could protect her was the good side of her.

"Are you all right?" Lin Sheng let out a long sigh. It was difficult to have precise control of his holy power to cleanse the dark force from his sister's body. 

Holy power overdose could lead to irreversible brain damage, and she would be modified into a holy mother who had no sense of fear, panic, or anger. This holy mother would sacrifice herself unconditionally for the Sanctum. In her thinking, her life from birth to the moment she was modified and purified was just a waste of time—it was the waiting she had to endure to receive her purification. 

Lin Sheng would be glad to have such beings under his fold. But this was his elder sister. He was not going to do that to her.

"How do you feel?" Lin Sheng asked. Lin Xiao was half-leaning on the bed, eyes gazing into the air. She then looked up, looking at her young brother, eyes still hollow.

"I think I have had a dream just now."

"It's all right. You are awake now. It will not happen again. I promise."

"Oh, yeah. I think it was you who saved me." Lin Xiao just recovered the control of her body, her mind still a muddle.

"Have a good rest. But, do you still remember what happened before?" he asked.

Lin Xiao shook her head from side to side. Probably this was her reply. All she remembered was that she woke up on the bed, feeling weak. The most embarra.s.sing thing was that her younger brother was standing beside her.

"I will leave you to it. Call me if you need anything." Lin Sheng turned and left the room.

She looked on as Lin Sheng left, still puzzled, feeling as if she had forgotten many things. But no matter how hard she tried, she just could not recall. The only thing she remembered was the tempting voice of a woman, offering her power and becoming one with her.

"Are you here? You just said you wanted to give me power so I can protect everyone. Does the deal still stand?" she said in her mind. She knew the voice could hear her. Thinking for a moment and still not getting a reply, she continued, "Aren't you coming out? I'm inviting you to come out to get some fresh air. You promised that you would teach me how to control—"

"No! I don't want to get any fresh air. I'm feeling great here, not going anywhere. Don't talk to me!" Dark Lin Xiao refused.

"It's dark and quiet here. No one is disturbing me, and I won't get irritated. I'm happy here! It was my fault previously. I didn't know how great it was here. Now I know and I no longer want to go out!"

"Err… You didn't say like this just now." Lin Xiao appeared expressionless.

"People change."


"There is no 'but'! I won't go out again! Never ever!" Dark Lin Xiao went into complete silence.

After that, no matter what Lin Xiao said, the voice never responded. She leaned on the bed, questions in her head, not knowing what had happened.


Hanyu and Nisse were sitting quietly on the sofa downstairs, looking on as Lin Sheng poured each of them a gla.s.s of water.

"There is nothing to eat right now, but water is great. It's good for our body, you know. Help yourself. Please feel at home." 

Lin Sheng had a smile splashed across his face, but his dark eyes swept over them like a pair of searchlights. Hanyu was a bundle of nerves now, fearing that Lin Sheng might have found out who he was. Nisse was looking down, face blushed, not knowing what to say.

"You are so nice. Surely, water contains many minerals, and after sterilization, the protein of the dead bacteria could provide us with many micronutrients and protein. So drinking water is great." Hanyu wore a half-smile as he waffled. 

"I didn't know that water was so good." There was an unfathomable expression on Lin Sheng's face. He suddenly banged the table. "Enough!"

The force of the impact left behind a ten-centimeter-deep handprint on the hard wooden surface. 

"Tell me what ability you two used just now! Do you really think those things would only stay inside the little courtyard?" There was a smile on Lin Sheng's face. "Had I not sealed them with my power, those little black b.a.l.l.s, once escaped, could have destroyed the landscapes and buildings in the surroundings. It is very dangerous!"

Hanyu and Nisse suddenly felt embarra.s.sed. Coming to think of it, they did not really know how many of those dark forces that Lin Xiao used had escaped.

"If not for you coming just in time, I couldn't imagine what would happen." After talking through telepathy, Hanyu and Nisse decided that Hanyu would be the one to do the explanation. 

"So? Who are you two? What is going on?" Lin Sheng asked again, staring at the two kids.

Hanyu swallowed hard, feeling an enormous pressure coming down on him. He tried to calm down and collect himself.

"If I were to tell you all of this is just a coincidence, would you believe me?" Hanyu forced a smile.

"Coincidence?" Lin Sheng shook his head. "You two took such a long time to prepare for this 'coincidence'? Are you insulting my men's intelligence?"

"You men?" Hanyu and Nisse were quietly shocked, feeling that something amiss.

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Nightmare's Call 525 Meeting: Part 1 summary

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