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Chapter 1011 Domains Are Dangerous

(Kiyomi POV)

When we had fought within that tournament while surrounded by Divine energy from those G.o.ds, I felt something click itself into place within me.

As expected of Master to know exactly what we were lacking in and what we needed to improve ourselves.

To be honest, all of us had hit a wall in our cultivation after we had ascended into G.o.dhood, even myself.

Despite continuing our dual cultivation sessions, dear sister and I have not made much progress in achieving our own domains.

But after that little trip Master arranged for us, I now understood how exactly to gain control over my domain.

A G.o.d's domain is when they impose their very will upon reality itself, at least that is the understanding that most people have. But after seeing the other G.o.ds make use of their own domains, I understood that domains were basically making use of Origin Energy to influence a part of the Universe temporarily.

Once you have stopped imposing your will on it, reality will revert itself back to how Origin had intended the Universe to be.

In other words, one does not need to be a Divine being to make use of domains as long as they know how to use Origin Energy.

However, talking about it is easier than doing it of course and as a G.o.ddess now, I have much more influence in the reality of the Universe.

Before this, I could freeze things using the power of ice, but now I can even freeze time inside my domain as well.

As Master had requested of me, I concentrated and spread out my influence upon the world.

I am Kiyomi, G.o.ddess of the Darkest Depths and the destined mate of Origin. I have sought power and Master has given it to me, all those that seek to defy Master will meet their ends by my hands.

Sister Lian Li had gained the domain of manipulating concepts within her domain, mine shall be where I can enforce stagnation upon the reality of those that I choose to influence.

Manipulating the Origin energy around me, I solidified the area that I wanted to influence and brought my will upon the World. The result was the suspension of all movement within this bubble.

Even my sisters were not able to move an inch, even though they were still aware of what was going on around them.

"Oh, that's very impressive, Kiyomi. Well done~" Master praised, totally unaffected by my domain.

I released my hold and everything returned back to normal.

All of a sudden, I felt the World s.h.i.+fting towards us as if it was about to implode itself.

Without any warning, the feeling disappeared inexplicably before I could even understand what was going on.

Master chuckled, "Oops, looks like that's pretty dangerous there. Try to only stop macro movements next time, Kiyomi. Stopping even the particles within a s.p.a.ce from moving could create quite a disaster, not to mention the fact that everyone else stopped living for those few seconds too. Still, very impressive."

Oh… I wasn't sure how to respond to Master's praise but I could understand that Master prevented a great disaster from happening and saved my sisters too.

Elder sister saved me from such a dilemma by raising her hand to her chest, "Master~ I believe I have also grasped the concept of domains too~ Could I show you?"

"Oh? I knew my dear disciples were talented. Go ahead."

I took a step back and allowed sister Manami to take centre stage, her own domain spreading out from her body to envelope Master's courtyard with her own will.

Elder sister had explained to me before that her domain should be allowing her to 'start' something. Like allowing the birth or initiation of a concept or object.

All of us watched on as a spark flared itself into existence before slowly expanding into a ball of fire.

Unexpectedly, the ball of fire snuffed out of existence and sister Manami's domain was broken.

"That was marvellous, Manami. But perhaps initiating the birth of a star right in my courtyard isn't exactly a good idea. Still, I am very proud of you."

"Ara ara? I don't deserve such praise, Master!"

Oh my, sister… I knew you were strong but even I hadn't expected that.

Master then turned His attention to the others, "Now did anything happen while we were gone?"

Sister Diao Chan immediately raised her hand, "Yes, Master! I found a coven of Witches that crossed over from another Plane!!"

Oh? To think sister Diao Chan actually found another group of Witches? That is certainly an interesting development. I wonder--

Master patted her head, "That's nice. Anything else?"

Diao Chan tilted her head, "Eh? Master? Are you not surprised by the Witches?"

Master shrugged, "I guess, but I'm more interested in what you girls have been doing more than some random group of Witches."

"Ehe… Ehehe… Is this ignore play? Ahem… I mean… I decided to take them under my wing so… I thought that having more of us to research Spells would help my ascension better!"

"Haha, that's nice Diao Chan. I'm looking forward to it."

"Ahhhnnn~ Master, you spoil me too much! Could I ask for a spank to go with it?!"

No… This is weird… Was Master truly going along with Diao Chan's play? I'd think Master would definitely ask to see those Witches under normal circ.u.mstances… Was there something else going on that we are not aware about?

"Daddy… Did something happen in that Star Plane or wherever it was you went to?" Lilith asked.

Master tilted His head, "Hmm? Not really. We just went there, got bullied by some n.o.bodies, bullied them back, I got sent back in time, came back, talked to some G.o.ds then came right back here. Nothing special, really."

Ah, that sounds about… Wait…

"Master? What was this thing about being sent back in time?" Lian Li asked, verbalising the question we all had.

Master clapped His hands together, "Oh! That's right, you girls wouldn't remember this but after you guys dealt with the first stall owner, an Origin Usurper showed up and sent me back to the past… Though now that I think about it… Why did he even bother doing that?"

All of us looked at one another.

I turned back to Master, "Master… I think we're missing quite a lot of information here… What happened?"

"It really isn't a big deal. I just went back, found him and killed him before sending myself back here. I did end up meeting another version of Lian Li and Manami though, both of you were quite scary in that version. I definitely prefer the both of you here."

Lian Li and elder sister blushed but I was more concerned about something else.

If that had happened while we were dealing with the first stall owner… Doesn't that mean the reason that Master's att.i.tude changed quite a bit after that was precisely because of this time travel thing?

Master most certainly started acting weirdly after that time especially when He made that person experience rebirth, something Master had never done before.

What really happened there?

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